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Why Radio Rodo?

I’ve never quite understood why radio preferred dullness over non-dullness.  I cautiously welcomed the advent of the automated “iPod” stations but their claim that they “play everything” quickly got disproved.  Bobby Darin?  No.  Dinah Shore?  No.  Al Jolson?  No.  Gilbert and Sullivan?  No.  Bavarian Yodeling music?  Walt Whitman poems?  The exorcism of a demon that called in to a talk show?

You see what I mean?  Their adverts should read “we play the same shit we always played but with just fired the DJ.”

Radio Rodo is your alternative to the sameness of every day radio, both terrestrial and internetrial.  And in this case, the automation works to your advantage because it’s true, unfettered musical anarchy.

If you like it, gimme a shout at  If you can think of a genre I missed, lemme know that, too, and I’ll put some on.

Radio Rodo

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