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In Which I Explain, By Example, Why They Are Called “larrytards”

via The Mitch and Nan Show

papatard is running a probably illegal lottery to raise money for a “press conference” in DC.  B-b-b-but, WTF, says this little larrytard –

Jude Says:
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 12:35 pm
I looked at the Nat’l Press Club Calander and didn’t see Larry listed. When will the press conference be??

And THAT, ladies and germs, is why they are called “larrytards”.

UPDATE – I feel compelled to add on to this a little for those who may not understand the concept of “press conference”.  I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination so I could be spewing shit myself.  However, I have gone to a couple of them.

A “press conference” can be held anywhere – the WH briefing room, a function room at a Hojos or even outside the crack house you may call home.  The trick is to get the press there by sending out a press release.  My favorite was a “press conference” held by Randall Terry, formerly of the hardcore anti-abortion outfit, Operation Rescue and currently of Operation Rescue 2.0.  I subscribe to www.christiannewswire.com so I see a lot of what comes across.

A while ago, while Guiliani was still in the race, Terry sent out a press release telling everyone that he would be conducting a press conference at that Boston of the Republican National Committee to shame them into dropping Guiliani.  Feeling that the RNC really wouldn’t host this kind of press conference, I sent an email to the head.  He replied that this was the first he’d heard about it and thanked me for the heads-up.

The day of the press conference, I jumped in the car and drove downtown.  I was about 15 minutes early so I circled around the the building that housed the RNC.  I saw four men and a seven year old boy holding signs calling Guiliani “the devil” and “satan”.  I passed one news van from the local Fox affiliate but no cameras could be seen.   One of the things I learned is that, when going to one of these things, make sure you can visually identify who you’re going to see.  It turned out that one of the men was Terry and that the boy belong to him.  Mind you, I was fifteen minutes early.

I parked and asked the group where the RNC was.  They pointed to the building and I walked in.

“Hi,” I said to the woman in the completely empty office, “I’m here for the Randall Terry press conference.  She stared at me blankly.  “Um,” I continued, “I saw a press release that Randall Terry would be holding a press conference here to denounce Rudy Guiliani’s candidacy for president.”

“Um,” she mirrored back, “he was here but there wasn’t a press conference.  I think he’s downstairs holding a sign or something.”

And, that, was Randall Terry’s big press conference.

The End.

PS – Ok.  Here’s the only footage of the “press conference” that I’m aware of

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