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In Which The Government Is Soylent Green

February 3rd, 2012 No comments

I don’t think I’m particularly slow. I could, of course, be fooling myself. Plenty have people have told me over the years, “You’re not as clever as you think you are.” Perhaps they’re right. But as you watch this clip of Bryan Fischer (whose name is spelled a little faggy, if you ask me). At least one thing should jump out at you.

Jesus’ command to take care of the poor was not given to the government, it was give to us.

I’m going to go to and look up “government“. brb.

the governing body of persons in a state, community, etc.; administration.
Weird. “Persons”. That kinda sound like “people”. Which kinda sounds like “us”. Which kinda sounds like Jesus told us to take care of the poor. Am I missing something?

I’m a fair guy. Let’s give Bryan Fischer the benefit of the doubt and say that “government” is made up of something other than people. Like space rocks. Or fence posts. Something it would make sense for a government to be made of. Shag carpet, maybe.  In that case, then, certainly the “government” shouldn’t be taking care of the poor. As something non-sentient, it’s doubtful they can even conceptualize “the poor” let alone abstract ways to help them. If this were true, Fischer would have a pretty air tight case: Jesus did NOT tell shag carpet to take care of the poor. I’d cede that point to Fischer.

However, if you go the by the accepted dictionary definition of “government” it pretty quickly tells you that Fischer is ideological asshat. A government made up of people would, indeed, fall under Jesus’ “command” to help the poor. Because “we, the people” form a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Let’s take this another step further. Fischer and his xtian buddies love to claim that our “government” is sanctioned by God. We fall under God’s laws. Everything we do in the US MUST sync up with Jesus and his Ten Suggestions…er….Commandments.

Everything. For instance, Jesus commanded that no one be gay and that no one have an abortion. So, the laws of the US should clearly state that….wait…He didn’t really say that. But he did say, “help the poor”. And he did say a rich man wouldn’t get into Heaven.

How does Fischer support the government forcing women to have their daddy’s babies but call it “socialism” to take care of those same women when they fall below the poverty line?

Because he’s kind of slow.


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In Which Baratunde Thurston Has A New Book and I Have Some Old Baratunde Thurston

February 1st, 2012 No comments

Baratunde Thurton (one of the few people on earth that can have has a new book out called How To Be Black. If you’re not black, this book should help you be blacker. I think. I’m not quite sure. I’m irrevocably white and, as they say, you can’t teach a white dog new tricks.

Anyway, Baratunde busted his ass for years, selling his first book out of suitcase after shows. He may still be doing this. And, in all honestly, you should go to see him live and buy one directly from him. But, if you’re lazy, you can and should buy it online.

That said, in 2007, I asked Baratunde to do a series for Black History Month and he kindly rose to the challenge. Listen to it. Then buy the book. Let me put it differently – IF you listen to it, THEN you will buy the book.

Thanks again to Baratunde for letting me not only repurpose this but for allowing me whore his wonderful new book!

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