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In Which I Wish Obama Was Gay

August 19th, 2009 1 comment

No matter what you think of Barney Frank, he doesn’t fuck around.  As Obama’s pragmatism gets more and more infuriating (he continues to talk anti-DOMA while defending DOMA in the courts), Barney let’s loose 24/7.  As the Democratic majority caves, as it always does, to the rabid ‘lican loudmouths, Barney speaks like…well, like an American.

How many Democrats, the president included, have the balls to stand before their constituents and tell them they are crazy?  Why does it take a member of one of the most shit-upon minorities to tell the plain truth – wingnuts are completely fucking insane?  Where is candidate Obama full of hope and fire?  Where the HELL did “yes, we can” go?

I want to see a Democratic party with some balls.  I don’t want President Merkin Muffley blathering on about how “it’s nice to be nice”. I’m sick of watching Democrats cowering before the big, fat, drug-fueled insults of Rush Limb-tard.  Republicans disgraced themselves under the bush administration.  That’s why we have a majority. PLEASE FUCKING USE IT.  That’s why you got elected, not to waffle and simper and apologize.  Show some fucking spine.

Roy Zimmerman summed it up nicely during the DNC – “Everybody’s asking/How can we lose?/No, I’m serious/How?”

We need to stop being nice.  We need to stop leaving Democratic criticism to the pundits and insist that our representatives to stand up and tell the ‘licans very bluntly to go fuck themselves.  We won.  You lost.  Shut up and sit down.

Ohhhh, I know, it’s not very “liberal” to do that.  We need to use “facts” and really get people on board. We can change their minds. It’s soooo much more productive to work cooperatively than rudely ram things through.  That’s what the other side does.

Yup.  Now it’s our turn.  The way things are going we’ll lose the House and Senate in 2010.  It’s time for us to throw caution to the winds and rightfully demonize ‘licans with the same intensity and focus that they demonize us.  Blue dogs Democrats?  Fuck ’em.  There is NO FUCKING REASON that we cannot get 100% cooperation during votes the way ‘licans do.

It is well past time for a come-to-Jesus meeting.  If Obama doesn’t call it and preach the fire and brimstone he did on the campaign trail then he deserves to be a one-term president.

Don’t piss this away folks. Let’s learn from Barney Frank. We’re here.  We’re Democrats. Get used to it.

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Tweetin’ 2009-08-19

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Tweetin’ 2009-08-18

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Tweetin’ 2009-08-13

August 13th, 2009 No comments
  • um…"pensicola international film festival"? #
  • "Tea Party Express is shaping up 2b huge! a national television network/radio network asked to "embed" a reporter" REALLY? which one? hahah! #
  • "almost 10k in US died bcuz of illegals since 9/11" gosh! that's almost 1/2 a person a day! #nocrisis #astrotuf #
  • OMG! y-you mean isn't for real? i weep for this country sometimes #
  • @grahamenglish re: laptops and butts – um…there really should have been a "can't un-see this" disclaimer *shudder* in reply to grahamenglish #
  • @AgustinaP that's because you're civilized in reply to AgustinaP #
  • BREAKING NEWS – the GOP doesn't think democrats are doing a very good job at all! #
  • just reminded that my twitter stalker has not yet "shut me down". guess he needs some twitt-agra or something #
  • note – the best way to spring a trap is NOT to tell everyone that your planning on springing a trap #
  • last spam – i'll be at catch a rising star tonight 8/12 (318 West 53rd Street) in NYC @ 7pm. perhaps you will too? #
  • oh my! bachmann's son joins the gov't "re-education camp" she, "as a parent", would have a "very difficult time seeing" #
  • why can't wingnuts control their kids? #bachmann son rebels. #palin goes slutty? it's almost like they know their parents are full of shit #
  • pregnant teens, rebellious sons, lesbian daughters – keep pumping those kids out #tcot #
  • @jgifford9 present company excluded, of course *laffin* in reply to jgifford9 #
  • portable electronic devices all charged – audio books loaded – time to hit the pike – DM if need be (it won't but i'm pretentious that way) #
  • 🙁 stuck behind a cop #
  • Car w/ pro-recycle sticker AND one disparaging welfare #wtf #
  • Just passed a truck from florida w/ a katherine harris campaign sticker – not from around here, ah yah, yah retahd #
  • No idea where i am, but all roads seem to lead to manhattan #
  • Hello manhattan! Nice to see you again! #
  • Pedestrian just told me i have a bag stuck under my car-nice! 25th #fucktard cut me off-not so much #
  • Good set! #
  • "yaweh on yaweh violence" from the book "the evolution of god" #
  • "i am a jealous god" jealous of who? Other gods? 🙂 #
  • @seansrich wow! that's some top notch logic! there is nothing in bill about robot armies conquering humans. will that happen too? in reply to seansrich #
  • Oooh! This gonna be great! Apparently, anyone i contact should be blocked! It's almost like…umm…what's the word…OH! A JIHAD! *laffin* #
  • Xtian liars and sneaks will, of couse, will see liars and sneaks everywhere #
  • @seansrich yes. i don't always assume the worst about people, such as the democratically elected president of my country wants to destroy it in reply to seansrich #
  • @FlyingPatriot have you ever read jonathan swift? he's kind of a hero of mine in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • I am LOVING "the evolution of god"! Almost mind blowing. ie: looking at gods as operating systems borrowing features from each other. Wow! #
  • Mass. Border! Yay! #
  • @FlyingPatriot then you know that some people took it serously. When they found out it was joke, they got pissed off. in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @seansrich if Obama is socialist, why doesn't the socialist party support him? in reply to seansrich #
  • @FlyingPatriot all 1018 pages of it? by yourself? or the liberty council version with mandated sex change operations? in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @FlyingPatriot and define what's meant by "mandate" when used by the health care industry, please in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @seansrich i hope you'll answer why the socialists don't back obama. in reply to seansrich #
  • @FlyingPatriot and (before i pass out) you do realize you're not reading the final bill, right? dem pussies will water it down to nothing in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @FlyingPatriot the missing page is the page where obama can eat the patient's heart after he personally kills them 😉 in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @FlyingPatriot it has many meanings. one specific to health care and is purposefully mis-used. do you know the health care meaning? in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @FlyingPatriot if "NO ONE" read does that mean that you have read it either? 😉 in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @FlyingPatriot /hoo! wait. you didn't know that it wasn't the final bill? oh, my. you wasted all that time! in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • @FlyingPatriot it's going to go through massive changes when the debate starts, most likely, when dems will buckle to RW misinformaton in reply to FlyingPatriot #
  • 12hrs and i drove back and forth from boston to nyc – i think it's bed time #
  • @FlyingPatriot the point is that it's still fluid. that is my understanding – 'night! in reply to FlyingPatriot #

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Tweetin’ 2009-08-12

August 12th, 2009 No comments

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In Which Joseph Farrah, Jim Schneider, Vic Eliason, Brannon Howse and Ingrid Slueter May Rape Puppies

August 11th, 2009 No comments

First off, I have no idea if they do or not.  I can’t see into their souls or know what they do when no one is looking.  And if it’s true, I’m sure they wouldn’t want anyone to see the kind of shocking immorality personified by having forced sex with little tiny dogs.  One wonders how you would go about such a thing.  Would you have to tie them down?  Would you drug them first so they were docile?  I really can’t answer these questions.  No can know for certain if the founder of World Net Daily and the on-air staff of Crosstalk America, a Christian radio talk show, engage in the kind of acts that Jesus would most certainly frown on.  But no one can rule it out, either.

Can they?

After all, the halls of Christian broadcasting lie littered with the remains of the fallen – Baker, Swaggart, Haggard – you know who they are.  Circumstantial evidence would suggest that if you make your living broadcasting your love of Jesus that there’s a high probability that you hide some deep, filthy secret that at some point in time will come out.

To be clear – I’m not accusing them of sadistically and brutally violating cute, fluffy, innocent, cuddly puppy dogs for base, sick, sexual gratification.  I said up front – I don’t know if they do.

Still, I call upon them to devote a segment of Crosstalk America to address these possibly damaging allegations – to give them to proper airing and vetting that they demand of…say…the President of the United States.

You see, Crosstalk isn’t actually a Christian radio show.  I used to give them benefit of the doubt.  No longer.  They morphed into a political extremist group singularly focused on overthrowing the American government and replacing it with a theocracy similar to that of Iran.

When you allow so-called “journalist” Joseph Farrah to spout the most irresponsible lies and half truths about the President of the United States, you have left the realm of humanity.  And, as Crosstalk will tell you, once your morals go, anything is possible – even puppy fucking.

Here are few of the myriad pieces of filth that Farrah spews

  • There’s evidence that Obama’s grandmother is his mother
  • Obama may not actually know his true relationship to his family
  • Obama probably did not write either of his books
  • Maybe it’s a co-incidence that Hillary Clinton “who’s in succession for the Presidency” just happened to travel to Kenya
  • Farrah will not trust the Director Of Public Health’s confirmation of Obama birth certificate – he needs to see it himself
  • Every Kenyan believes that Obama was born there and that should be proof enough that he was

I’m trying think of another time in which a political figure was accused of not being the mother of her baby and people condemned the rumor as baseless and proof of how low the political process had sunk.

Oh yeah.  Sarah Palin. To even suggest impropriety in that case got the torches of the religious right burning and the nooses looped.  Of course, it wasn’t up them to prove that it wasn’t true.  The accusers had to prove it was true.  Sarah was too demure to get her feet dirty answering such spurious charges.

So, Crosstalk Staff, where the hell do you come off insisting that the President of the United States respond to shit that you fling at him?  Really – is this the biblical way to act?  Does Jesus condone the kinds of lies and whispering that you give voice to?  Is your faith in God so weak that you will not trust in God’s plan for us? Do you honestly believ that it is incumbent on YOU to bring down a democratically elected official?  Do  you hate America that much?

Once more, I have no proof whatsoever that Farrah and the staff of Crosstalk are anything other than garden variety hypocrites whose zeal causes them to forget the teachings of the God they profess to believe in.  Apparently, though, you don’t need proof to make conditional statements – “they may,”they might”, “it’s possible”, “evidence leads me to believe that”, “it’s within the realm of possiblity.”

Thus, I call on Joseph Farrah, Jim Schneider, Vic Eliason, Brannon Howse and Ingrid Slueter to take to the airwaves and spend the hour assuring me, personally, that, despite baseless claims to the contrary, they do not rape puppies.  Furthermore, they need to take calls from the listeners – I’m sure they’ll have some questions.

Note: I have never understood those who said they felt physically sick listening to something.  I know do.  I literally almost threw up listening to this show.