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Tweetin’ 2008-10-31

October 31st, 2008 No comments
  • @greenbacker agreed about politicians – so let’s hold all of them responsible rather than try to make it partisan. shake? 😉 #
  • “i’ll win that motley crue mirror/if it fucking kills me” #
  • oh boo hoo – now the RIGHT wing media is beating up on joe the fuckhead…err..plumber – #
  • twhirl broken? #
  • @mydesire happy holloween! #
  • @jilliancyork isn’t it a little early for barhopping *laffin* #
  • @geminigrrl *smile* #
  • @geminigrrl indeed! i’m looking forward to the weekend #
  • 8-10 hours to vote in a spot in atlanta – hmm…how does THAT work? #
  • wondering how twitter will hold up under the election day strain #
  • @dirty_snowflake yeah “dominatrix/porn star” pretty much gives the subject away #
  • @stevegarfield people are sooo judgmental of wilkerson *laffin* #
  • @zildjianpro thanks! #
  • @elizasea one piece of candy per child? #
  • #palin just…wow- think criticism of her threatens her first amendment rights – anybody else frightened? #
  • @geminigrrl “redneck criminal”? isn’t that palin’s daughter’s fiance? #
  • @GR8FL is that my *lame* holloween avatar – yes…shows you my photoshop/aritistic skillz *laffin* #
  • The guy at andreas always remembers me…even outside the store #

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In Which I’m Pretty Scared

October 31st, 2008 No comments

Political Radar has what should  be a pretty funny quote from Princess Palin but due recent rumblings in the evangelical community about ensuring she’s crowned in 2012 it comes off as frightening in a Winston Smith kind of way

“If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations,” Palin told host Chris Plante, “then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.”


This is bush with a vagina.  “Criticism of me will lead to the destruction of the country”.  What’s worse is the logic (if you can call it that) she uses to rationalize it. I feel the need to break this down.

“If the media can convince…
This implies that what she says is correct – Obama is a Muslim terrorist and hates Jews.  The media, then, does not exist to keep politicians honest or investigate claims for honesty but to get in the way of their agendas:  to lie about what the candidates, or rather Sarah Palin, is trying peddle.  The MSM is so corrupt that the word “reporting” means nothing to them.  What they call “reporting” she calls “convincing” – changing people’s mind from her truth to their lies.

“to call Barack Obama out on his associations”
It’s almost pointless to go over this again but this is not what she’s doing.  Saying she’s calling him out is like burning down a house and saying that you only stuck one match.  Why the news media continue to broadcast this insanity is beyond me.  Even calling McCain out on his own ties to Ayers and Khalidi doesn’t put the issue to bed for some reason.  And they call Obama teflon?

“then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights
Yeah.  You’d have all these people using “words” try to “convince” people that the world wasn’t 6000yrs old or that Joe McCarthy wasn’t an honest man.  You’d have people speaking up about how they don’t believe in God or how you’re a lying piece of shit that still can’t get over a snub in junior high school by the bitch whose picture you burn every night before you go to sleep.  What did bush say?  Oh yeah – sometimes there’s such a thing as too much free speech.

“and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.”
Let’s be very plain as to what this means – she gets to say whatever the fuck she wants to and no one should question her.  Ever.  And if anyone does then the only possible motive is malice.  Because, after all, she’s Princess Palin and princesses are ALWAYS kind and ALWAYS correct.  To say otherwise is upset the pre-established power structure that makes this so.

Palin – you’re a fake Christian and you’re a fucking idiot to boot.  How do I know this?  Because of the FACT that you have told me that your free speech is more important than my free speech.  It’s not.  Just because you are a soon-to-be failed VP candidate does not mean (as they say in Jersey) that your shit don’t stink.  You want to pander to your base, fine.  But don’t expect the rest of the world to bow down before your vision of “God” and “Country” and “Patriotism”.

It’s diversity of thought that created this country.  If you don’t understand it, then move back to Russia.

And, for the purpose of exercising my right of free speech – you’re a cunt.  And you’d better not attack me for simply calling you out on that.

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In Which Fox News Has Just Got To Stop Fucking With Me

October 31st, 2008 1 comment

Seriously – this bi-polar stuff has just GOT to stop.  Make up your mind, Fox News, because this duality thing is messing with my head.

Since they’re desperate, the McCain campaign now lets their surrogates say pretty much whatever they want.  Thus, Sam Joe “the fuckhead plumber” has gone from “put upon working class stiff” to…um…policy wonk.  The great/horrible thing is that as a fuckhead plumber he can say pretty much anything that pops into his head and the McCain campaign can fall back on “he’s just an ordinary American with ordinary American concerns.”

So when he agreed with a guy at a campaign stop that “President Obama” would mean the death of Israel, that’s just his opinion, right?  He doesn’t need to back up the statement because he’s a fuckhead plumber.  He just kinda knows it.  Intuitive-like.

But if you’ve got Fox News questioning the legitimacy of ANY statement that would politically sodomize Obama…I mean…DAMN.

Shepard Smith does his best to give Sam Joe enough rope to unhang himself but Joe doesn’t want to be saved.  Obama will destroy Israel – period.

Sheppard: Joe, do you know Barack Obama’s positions on Israel?

Joe: Ahhh, listen, I know you want to really get some answers on this one, I’m just not going to help you out here Sheppard. Let people go out and find it issues….

What follows is Smith trying to get answers and Sam Joe doing a bad Gary Cooper imitation – I don’t know much about much but I do know this much and I don’t much remember how I larned it.  Awwww, heck, I’m just a lowly plumber who never wanted this kind of attention.  My opinion don’t matter a hill o’ beans.

But something snapped inside of Shepard Smith.  Maybe, standing and looking into the abyss, he saw the face of the coming idiocracy and his role in ushering it in.  Maybe he realized that the faux-populism and anti-information agenda of Fox actually does hurt America.  Maybe it dawned on him that parroting innuendo and outright lies isn’t what he signed up for when he first read All The President’s Men.  And so, at the end of the interview he says

I just want to make this 100% perfectly clear. Barack Obama has said repeatedly and demonstrated repeatedly that Israel will always be a friend to the United States no matter what happens once he becomes President, his words.

That, in and of itself is damning enough.  It’s the afterthought that tumbles out of his mouth seemingly despite his better judgment that puts the nail in the coffin

The rest of it…man…it just gets frightening sometimes.

Damn.  He’ll be on MSNBC if he doesn’t watch himself.

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Tweetin’ 2008-10-30

October 30th, 2008 No comments
  • obama is pro-wheat field #
  • i gotta say – that this is a very meta thing here – i can’t watch it just to watch it – i’m looking at everything #
  • ohhhh! that old couple were studying the bible!! #
  • *snort* clean coal #
  • @blogdiva AND she’s a devout christian! #
  • i keep wonder if this was all shot specifically for this infomercial #
  • my wife guess new mexico before it flashed up #
  • i wanna see the ken burns version #
  • bringing up the 4:30 wake up line again #
  • act now and we’ll give you and EXTRA 5% off your taxes but you MUST ACT NOW #
  • @huffpost i’ve got to disagree – it’s pretty damn slick #
  • message – obama is american and doesn’t hate you #
  • awww…kids w/flags on their faces! #
  • is it me or does he physically touch a lot of white people? the JFK like plane shot was beautiful #
  • hey – did you know you can go to for more info? #
  • biden on at the end – it’s a nice touch to show them unified as palin/mccain breaks apart #
  • i’m giving it a 6.7/10 #
  • obamercial *laffin* #
  • i think it was a pretty seamless propaganda piece and i want to buy into it but it’s still propaganda #
  • i’m guessing the ‘licans will just mock the living hell out of this #
  • wow – did you guys get the mccain commercial that looked suspiciously like the infomercial? #
  • @fakejohnmccain you might wanna start practicing calling yourself a cunt now #
  • @Jane2McMahon i’ll be on a little bit later #
  • maddow “there is no “I” in “team” BUT THERE IS IN MAVERICK!” #
  • @avflox sooo…that just confirms sarkozy is a big prick? #
  • proof that obama uses hypnotism to steal the election – who thinks this shit up?? #
  • just looking at a map of london make me want to go back #
  • twitter is breaking twhirl…again #
  • @ladawn it’s really quite stunning how far they’ll sink – i’m honestly surprised they didn’t go with the larry sinclair bullshit #
  • @jilliancyork AND he thinks israel will be destroyed if obama is elected #
  • RT @huffpost: – Where Sarah Palin stayed last night. And yet she’s still not qualified to be President. -anamariecox #
  • @madartists moooom! grandpa’s calling me the wrong name again! #
  • w-w-wait – i thought that joe the plumber was off limits because his privacy was invaded #
  • STOP LYING – joe the plumber approached obama – IT’S ON FUCKING TAPE #
  • “in a radio interview”…seven years ago and taken out of context – my god – few people in that crowd will even bother to check #
  • @almightygod will you strike down mccain before 11/4? #
  • “tax relief should ONLY go to the middle class” – man, that’s a really, really bad thing to do – i HATE the middle class #
  • @billscher mooooom – grandpa’s calling me the wrong name again!! #
  • huh? mccain’s been president and has dealt with an international crisis? you mean THAT kind of tested? #
  • oh, lord – i’m losing my zen for listening to mccain #
  • i wish the msm would just play videos of the old stump speeches of both candidates #
  • when does mccain start leading the chant – “i’m mad as hell and i’m not going to take it any more” #
  • palin – “now is not the time to experiment with socialism…” actually – it’s the perfect time to do that #
  • how can your government work for you if taxes fall by the wayside? and what’s your government going to do? #
  • “if you don’t want your dreams dashed by the obama tax plan” HAHAHAHAAH! #
  • long story short – if you don’t make enough to pay your taxes you will get a tax cut under obama #
  • @RobTornoe pretty sure it’ll come up obama – ‘licans don’t generally like new things #
  • @greenbacker HA! “go back to russia”? dear lord – you realize that republicans already brought us socialism, right? #
  • @geminigrrl yea! #
  • @smuttysteff at least you don’t have to deal with kim possible *laffin* #
  • @greenbacker have you noticed that capitalism isn’t working very well? should we continue on with what doesn’t work or find another way? #
  • @smuttysteff will do! #
  • @dbfulton or call you “osama” *laffin* #
  • @madartists god bless america! 😐 #
  • @greenbacker “central planning” planning by who? the..uh..government? “free” as in price collusion between industries? it’s broken, friend #
  • i heart @TSDivaDani #
  • @RobTornoe exception proves the rule 😉 #
  • @greenbacker hahaha! too much regulation?! lack of regulation is mostly responsible for it #
  • @kyrialydia nope – you can’t affect how he acts…period #
  • Off to the ubiquitous ortho appt and so only on d #
  • @kyrialydia oh! well, if you’re talking about the ghost of christmas future, then… *laffin* #
  • @greenbacker no…that started 20 years before the crisis – you’re TOLD you could afford a 250k house you wouldn’t buy? #
  • @greenbacker think about what you’re saying – the government FORCED banks to knowingly throw money away? no. #
  • @greenbacker “Nor does the law require institutions to make high-risk loans that jeopardize their safety.” – CRA website #
  • @GR8FL unfollowed/followed #
  • @greenbacker blah blah blah – you’re one of those people that refuse to look at the whole issue – fine…whatever #
  • @greenbacker and that’s like saying that no one needs glasses because the overview doesn’t state what constitutes the need for them #
  • @greenbacker so you really believe the banks would allow themselves to be victimized and meekly go along with the govt destroying them #
  • @greenbacker so in 8yrs of the bush administration he declined to correct the problem. do i have that right? #
  • @greenbacker bush’s advisor’s knew what would happen and allowed it to happen. #
  • @greenbacker “They needed gov’t subsidies to stay competitive,” thanks for proving my point – capitalism doesn’t work if they needed that #
  • @greenbacker you’re saying the because specific details are not on the front page then you’re allowed twist what is said however you’d like #
  • @greenbacker you’re going to have to take a stand somewhere instead of constantly shifting your positions – you gonna go back to keynes? #
  • @greenbacker what i want is for you to understand the large republican role in this and stop painting it with the “dirty liberal brush” #
  • @greenbacker so when you’re telling me that you look at the whole picture – you’re lying #
  • – why american’s get fatter and fatter – “you want me to *carry* the basket?!!” #
  • @greenbacker if you’re laying this at the feet of the CRA then you’re implicitly holding dems responsible and excusing 18yrs of gop inaction #
  • @agustarz you don’t have those yet? it’s another reason to avoide that store – that and the tvs all over the place #
  • skype beta 4 doesn’t look like it imports old voice mails 🙁 #
  • @geminigrrl stay dry! #
  • @xanacreations i’m not a heavy user – the UI is almost completely changed…not sure what to think yet #
  • dinner and then writer’s meeting for @bostonnewnet election show #

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Tweetin’ 2008-10-29

October 29th, 2008 No comments
  • goldberg from fox news claims that they have a 50-50 split on conserv/lib – funny as hell -watch the billo/frank interveiw #
  • join the Objectivist Party facebook page which, oddly, does not tell you who john galt is – #
  • oh my – the christian right looks like it’s getting ready for president palin in 2012 – #
  • this anti-obama ad was supposedly produced by a “major Hollywood producer” maybe the one the produced Xanadu? #
  • sneek peek at obama commericail – he will have both ayers and wright on…and execute both of them ON CAMERA #
  • i’ll bet that actual socialists are pretty pissed off about obama as the poster boy for socialism #
  • hey – joe and meeka – getta room! #
  • @Knownhuman didn’t see it – i’ll have to check it out online #
  • obama – “i’ll be called a communist for sharing my toys in kindergarten” #
  • @geminigrrl bored at work is bad #
  • umm…yeah, no thanks @gradware #
  • here’s the thing about facebook messages – they say that “you” were sent a message instead of “the group was sent a message” – #
  • 5hr live election show @bostonnewsnet in cambridge, ma – hang and laugh! #
  • envies @hodgman and his opulent lifestyle #
  • i never liked shatner and now with his bitching about not getting i wedding invite, i like him less #
  • @TSDivaDani what’s a third party? #
  • @TSDivaDani are americans allowed to do that? #
  • man – all the verizon guy has to do now is shrug and smile – nice work if you can get it #
  • @TSDivaDani HA! i’ve refused to watch it #
  • i’m in that “everything sucks” mood which generally ends with something good #
  • matthews just used “cat ballou” as a metaphor – um…chris…do you think 30somethings will understand that? #
  • @dbfulton a friend calls the “text parroting the voice” thing “the new literacy” #
  • @ikepigott and it depresses me that it might get turned into some money-making, ad revenue generator #
  • aren’t you supposed to pump twice when you do “air quotes” #
  • thanks for the new inbox but don’t tell me to upgrade to firefox when i’m using firefox – thx #

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In Which There Are Still Other Candidates To Consider

October 29th, 2008 No comments

Article II section I of the Constitution of the United States reads, “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.” It speaks once more to the comedic genius of the founding fathers that they neglected to specifically exclude those who were batshit crazy. Here then, is a brief overview of some of the candidates and parties the elitist main stream media didn’t get around to covering.

Ted Weill/Frank McEnultyThe Reform Party

Remember H. Ross Perot? Ok. Perhaps you’re too young. Do you remember H. Ross Parrot on Sesame Street?

Same guy. In 1996, Perot and his money formed the Reformed party without forming the Form Party first. This, besides the fact that he’s a whack job, added to his defeat in that election although he garnered almost 19% of the vote. Ted Weill graciously stepped aside to allow Ralph Nader to continue to believe he mattered and run as the party’s candidate but in 2008, but now it’s Ted’s turn to shine. His running mate, Frank McEnulty has the distinction of being the only person in the 2008 race to run as a VP for the Reform Party, but also to run as the presidential candidate for the New American Independent Party…which had to change its name from the American Independent Party and before that, the New Originals.

Thomas Stevens/Alden LinkObjectivist Party

The Objectivist Party was formed to suck up to Ayn Rand, who probably would have told them to go fuck themselves and wouldn’t have given them a dime.

Unless you live in Florida or Colorado, you needed to write in the Stevens/Alden ticket. And unless you’re a fan of selfishly destroying buildings you created or shrugging, the Objectivist Party most likely never made it on to your radar made of a green, glowing miracle steel that only the cool kids got to play with.

Chuck Baldwin/Darrell CastleConstitution Party

If you like guns and Jesus and hate homosexuals and the IRS, then you missed your chance to vote for the Constitution Party. However, if you’re still spamming every digital venue with Ron Paul 08 garbarge, then you might have voted for them since Ron Paul, once medicated, chose to endorse it. If you thrill to the word “President Pat Buchanan”, then I can’t really say I’m sorry.


Bob Barr/Wayne Allyn RootLibertarian Party

No matter how much this might look like the uncle who molested you that bittersweet Christmas a few years ago, it’s really Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. The concept Libertarianism states that we are all individuals, able to make our own choices and that big-G Government exists only to take our freedoms away. To that end, Barr is anti-abortion and anti-same sex marriage. He also has a concealed weapon permit, so don’t ask about those things. Like Sarah Palin, his running mate, Wayne Allyn Root, has unimpeachable bona fides – he hosted and produced the infomercial, Wayne Allyn Root’s Winning Edge, a television show which promotes his sports handicapping operation and has his own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

Charles Jay/Thomas L. KnappBoston Tea Party

If you hate the war, hate the government spying on you and love shooting guns while stoned out of your fucking mind, then the Boston Tea Party is for you. It’s difficult to understand why this party only has 534 members, unless, of course

…wait…I was going to say something…um [laughs manically]…duuude…I forgot! [Takes bite of Twinkie]

Alan Keyes/Brian RohrboughIndependent

Our own Billy Bob Neck’s favorite candidate, some folks say Keyes is a baaaaaad mother-

Shut yer, mouth

I’m talkin’ about Keyes

Am I supposed to say something here? Is this one of yer comedy things?

Too crazy for even the Libertarians or the Constitution Party, Keyes finally found a home in America’s Independent Party. It’s rumored that in his basement, Keyes has a blue-screen and spends his days pretending that he’s actually made it inside one of the presidential debates and that he’s doing really well. His running mate, Brian Rohrbough, lost a son in the Columbine shootings and, rather than devote his life to tightening gun laws, decided to work towards the more attainable goal of eradicating the “culture of death”

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa ClementeGreen Party

2008 will go down in history as the year that almost caused the heads of liberal democrats to explode. Do I vote for the black man or the white woman? The choice was easily solved by voting for the black woman – Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party Candidate. McKinney fought tirelessly against the 2000 election voter fraud and introduced articles of impeachment against Bush in 2006. Buuut, she’s also a 9/11 truther and punched a Capitol policeman for not knowing who she was. Her running mate, Rosa Clemente is a Hip Hop Activist, which is really cool, except that…she’s a hip-hop activist.

The Socialsts

It had to sooo suck to be a socialist this year watching Obama become the poster child for a political ideology he didn’t even support. What’s worse, as McCain/Palin mangled the meaning of socialism, there were not one but THREE actual socialists running – each with their own name, platform and deep seated hatred of the other socialist in the race. Since, as Mark Twain once said, “socialism is the cancer of comedy” we’ll just flash their names on screen and leave it at that.

Brian Moore/Stewart AlexanderSocialist Party

Gloria La Riva/Eugene PuryearSocialist and Liberation Party

Róger Calero/Alyson KennedySocialist Workers Party

Frank McEnulty/ “Mad” Max Riekse/Richard Fleharty/Richard Clark/Fred Scheffler/Alan Czyzewski /Patricia Rubacky/David Mangan/Samuel Hoff/Mark GrahamThe New American Independent Party

Remember these guys?

It’s a callback to that original joke about the New American Independent Party. With the oppressive number of fringe parties we’ve covered, why, then, would we come back to talk about one that already got mentioned in passing? Because The New American Independent party is the only party to truly think outside the box: They have TEN vice presidential nominees

That’s right, if they win tonight, Max Riekse, Richard Fleharty, Richard Clark, Fred Scheffler, Alan Czyzewski , Patricia Rubacky, David Mangan, Samuel Hoff and Mark Graham will Each have the honor of become President Frank McEnulty’s vice president. Just try and stop them.

On the face of it, it’s obvious that, while Libertarian in nature, ten vice presidents would needlessly balloon the size of the government.

Gene Amondson/Leroy PlettenThe Prohibition Party

Established in 1869, It took the Prohibition Party a scant 50 years to achieve their goal of ridding the United States of the scourge of alcohol. Sure, Prohibition only lasted 14 years or a fifth of the time it took to achieve their goal, but like Communism or the electric car, it’s merely a dream deferred.

Amondson tours the country as a Billy Sunday impersonator.

Pletten was fired from his government job for blowing the whistle on people who drank and did drugs. Like VP candidate, Sarah Palin, his VP qualifications are stellar – he’s “been elected twice to the board of directors of his condominium owner’s association.

Although, the Prohibition party rarely cracks 1000 votes any given election, that’s a pretty good sized AA meeting. In 2012, take a look at the Prohibition Party. Or at least be a pal and friend them on MySpace.

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Tweetin’ 2008-10-28

October 28th, 2008 No comments
  • text of WFTV/Barbara West letter here – #
  • i think richard wolfe is a habbo – #
  • steven’s convicted – richard viguerie says “just a symptom of the corruption that has infected Republicans and Democrats alike” rubber/glue? #
  • crappy quality, but a palin impersonator made it behind mccain during a rally – who the HELL is running these things?? #
  • my old david byrne impression: “i’d like a breakfast concept…with sausage” #
  • why doesn’t howard dean get his shirts custom made so it doesn’t look like his neck is about to exploded? #
  • maddow talked about the twitter surviellance thing and santilli just came #
  • Retweeting @jessiebaade: is going to be at the Super Show at Mottley’s Comedy Club in Boston on Thursday! – yes! you should go! #
  • @jefftippett does that mean a mccain audiobook? *laffin* #
  • just an fyi………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… #
  • this is my 5000th tweet 😉 #
  • barney! “i’m barney frank and i approve this message and the chance to be on TV without interuption” #
  • @ladawn it’s a great movie! #
  • oh, man – if there’s a god i really hope he appreciates satire because otherwise i haven’t got a hope in….well…hell #
  • @geminigrrl yummy! #
  • “code monkey think/maybe manager oughta write goddamn login page himself” #
  • @geminigrrl oh that’s miserable! #
  • a guy from city of cambridge called to say my work posters were up illegallly…and could i help him *laffin* #
  • Best. Barbara. West. Comments. Ever – – “i am shocked that biden was so taken aback by a simple question” HAHAHAHAHA! #
  • @jefftippett cary, nc? i’m trying to remember what someone said “cary” stood for and i can only remember the “relocated yankees” part #
  • @jefftippett thanks! cracked me up when i went through there – felt like a new england town got rebuilt in NC #
  • dear msm – PLEASE stop this whole “bear with me while i get the hang of the “blogging” thing” shit – you’re not gomer pyle and never will be #
  • heh – “new polling shows obama/biden down 11%…two polls, one internal, one private…” #
  • @tibbon the key is the words “one internal, one private” – it’s an anti-obama wingnut PAC-they probably asked republicans who they’d vote 4 #
  • “it’s a series of TUBES” – thanks to @RobTornoe #
  • @bostonnewsnet will be doing a 5hr election night party in central sq, cambridge – – stop by and laugh! #
  • i am the nicest husband in the goddamn world because i HATE going to russo’s but i’m going anyway #
  • what’s going on with the audible NYT download?? it just came across #

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In Which Fox News Is Officially Retarded

October 28th, 2008 No comments

I don’t watch much Fox News.  Frankly, they’re just not crazy enough for me.  Once you’ve seen bill-o flip out on someone there’s no good reason to see it a second time.  Fox, though, truly and honestly believes that they are true and honest.  I listened to an interview with Brit Hume where he is absolutely dumbfounded that anyone could see Fox as a right-wing propaganda tool.  Long story short – everyone is jealous of Fox News because a) they succeeded and b) they’re more balanced than a yogi.

O’Reilly, according to Olbermann, has spent the last couple of days advancing a theory that his drop in ratings is due to a conspiracy between…well…everyone.  Billo’s show is so unbelievably fucking good that there’s no other explanation.  After all, he was very respectful to Barney Frank, right?

Ok.  Bad example.

This evening he had on Bernard Goldberg, “Fox News Analyst”, who claimed that if you picked any 5 days of Fox News programming you’d find that they had pretty much a 50-50 split between conservatives and liberals.  Wait.  Let me rephrase that: they had pretty much a 50-50 split between Godly, moral, conservatives who care only about America and a-moral, gay liberals who want America destroyed.

What Bernie and Billo (and, I suspect 90% of the Fox staff) can’t or refuse to understand is that ratio means nothing.  South Africa is predominantly black and yet run by whites for the longest time.  The minority ruled beating the ever-loving shit out of black South Africans, controlling them through fear.  So, a 50-50 split does not translate into “fair and balanced”.  It translates into more liberals to attempt to humiliate.

This clip from Outfoxed pretty much explains how Fox could book nothing but liberals from not until Murdock goes belly up and STILL be the white ruling class of the South Africa of cable news.

When Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday objects to the “Obama bashing” of your staff…you’ve got a problem.

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Tweetin’ 2008-10-27

October 27th, 2008 No comments
  • @Stranahan don’t forget gay crackhead #
  • oooh…88 from 5000 tweets #
  • wait that’s 87 #
  • wait that’s 86 #
  • wait, that’s (don’t think i won’t count all the way down, either) 85 #
  • pls RT until viral @JoeCascio-“am *so* glad to hear someone say that you can’t plan a viral video. fact if I never hear “viral” again…” #
  • @lnewcomer if i ever learn chinese, i’ll be the new mao! *laffin* #
  • @Stranahan yeah – i was pretty involved with that whole gay/crackhead bullshit – he’s still saying it’s true – *sigh* #
  • @Stranahan well, the *exposing* of the lie of it – i followed the sinclair stuff from the start and even had him threaten me a couple times #
  • @PeterSantilli well, public is public – now if they’re cracking someone’s protected tweets – that’s bad #
  • @PeterSantilli it’s difficult to create a hierarchy of “public” content – it is or it isn’t – if it is, it’s fair play to anyone #
  • @Stranahan it’s a fucked up scene – i’m glad i’m out of it – he threatened to tell my wife how he “remembered” he blew me – he’s a psycho #
  • @Stranahan “bill hicks rip” amen! i told me wife who said she wouldn’t even care #
  • @smuttysteff i remember seeing the unedited rosemary’s baby on canadian tv when i was 14 – yowza! #
  • *sigh* can’t stand folks who use twitter just to broadcast blog posts #
  • @smuttysteff tell me about it – my wife’s half-canadian and there are times we’ve thought about moving – but we’re in mass. so it’s lateral #
  • @Stranahan *fingers crossed* fav line “thinkin’ of john, jackie…thinkin’ of john” #
  • @dbfulton it’s been on cable a lot recently – not sure my wife would dig it – a little to “gaslight* for her #
  • @CurtMonash kinda pointless to do that since who’s gonna read it if they don’t really know you? #
  • @smuttysteff well, if i could drink i’d take it into account – medical: maybe – parking: don’t wanna have to pull corn stalks from my wheels #
  • @smuttysteff besides – – *laffin* #
  • @dbfulton there are folks i read because i follow and enjoy them – guess they don’t understand that part of twitter #
  • i’m pretty much giving up tomorrow’s shows to the god of “please don[‘t let it suck” #
  • @PeterSantilli *laffin* again – public is public – you can make your tweets private – outside of that, you’re allowing people to read them #
  • @hodgman my daughter was thrilled to get your autograph in brookline – thanks (not that you had much of a choice) #
  • @PeterSantilli i’m not arguing that domestic spying is good – i’m saying that public is public – spying on private lives is despicable #
  • @PeterSantilli i came in at “army reading tweets” – if anyone can read something then it doesn’t matter about the “who”………………. #
  • @PeterSantilli is the army not allowed to read books in a public library? or the new york times? or my blog? #
  • @PeterSantilli you’re not making sense – you’re trying to delineate between public-public and private-public – public=public #
  • @PeterSantilli see – that statement is, in itself, anti-democratic – you’ll silence my voice becuase it disagrees with your opinion #
  • @PeterSantilli *sigh* i don’t want the army peeking into my private affairs but you can’t stop ANYONE from looking at something public #
  • am i completely fucked up in thinking public actions are public? it seems pretty straightforward #
  • @PeterSantilli crowd control has nothing to do with survielance – you’re expanding you’re argument and confusing the topic #
  • @PeterSantilli it’s PUBLIC. do you not understand what “PUBLIC” means? it means everyone can see it. #
  • @PeterSantilli IF you leave your window shades up and dance naked in front of the window you can’t blame the person who sees you #
  • @GeekMommy and vice-versa since apparently he’d take away my voice in the democracy *laffin* i’m free speech though 😉 #
  • and now it’s an hour past when i meant to go to bed…again…actually an hour is pretty good! #
  • hey – works! bye peter! #
  • brawwk! obama gets a free pass! brawwk! obama gets a free pass! pollywannacracker! brawwk! obama gets a free pass! pollywannacracker! #
  • brawwk! socialism! pollywannacracker! brawwk! socialism! pollywannacracker! brawwk! socialism! pollywannacracker! #
  • soooo…mccain’s new strategy is to claim the whole media machine is in the tank for obama? #
  • i’d urge picking up sam seder’s book FUBAR which has a nice illustration on how the “liberal” media bends over backwards to look unbiased #
  • @Knownhuman it couldn’t be because mccain is 57% negative, could it? what am i thinking?! all coverage should be 50-50 – assholes #
  • “Much of the increased attention …from actions by [McCain], that…generated mostly negative assessments.” #
  • sooo – conservative news organization trash mccain and that gets wrapped into “media” which gets portrayed as liberal #
  • @PatrickRuffini hahaha! nice trolling! wright, rezko, muslim, birth certificate, “most liberal senator” – yeah – no one’s looked at him #
  • @MarilynM liberal media bias *laffin* #
  • when i will i learn that “organic” versions of sugar cereals (cap’n crunch, cocoa puff ect) will ALWAYS SUCK? #
  • fyi – in the PEJ report – mccain get almost almost double the amount of coverage than obama (1913 words v. 1060). who’ll finance a study? #
  • @decidedlyright you understand that ALL taxes redistribute wealth, right? they paid for the 25b we gave to bail out the auto industry #
  • Retweeting @huffpost: Genuine McCain/Palin fetus flag sign: = Beyerstein BEST. SIGN. EVER. #
  • @Stranahan amazing! what a difference a juror makes! #
  • sen. stevens – maybe you and duke cunningham can become soulmates…errr…cellmates #
  • anchorage paper has phone calls from stevens “why are the fuckers doing this to our friends?” #
  • @ladawn you may be the only one 😉 #
  • @ladawn *your* cheekys, apparently #
  • @almightygod i was pretty sure someone bought a stairway to heaven #
  • @danieljohnsonjr check for the original john hiatt version #
  • @ladawn *laffin* yes, you did! #
  • @dcagle “foreign opinion”? that cartoon makes no sense at all – looks like pure trolling #
  • @StarrGazr i dunno. Who? #
  • “i tell my staff we stay on the white side of grey” Heather Wilson R-MN – um…how about the white side of white? #
  • matthews is bitching about newsweek dissing the phillies and wondering why no one has called him cheering for the phillies *laffin* #
  • HAH! WFTV, the station who anchor biden outwardly laughed at, sent me a form email saying that she’s their best reporter and “marxist” is ok #
  • PLUS WFTV is still featuring the biden interview on their video page DESPITE an interview with mccain today #

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In Which It’s Apparent What Kind Of Station Barbara West Works For

October 27th, 2008 No comments

I left a comment for WFTV about the ridiculous interview with Joe Biden calling it just that – ridiculous.  I’ve left other such comments on other such website and got nothing in return so I never expected a response.  More later.  PS – Apparently Barbara West’s husband is..a ‘lican strategist [/shock]

Dear Viewer:

Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding Barbara West’s recent interview with democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden.

The Obama campaign contacted us last week offering Senator Biden, via satellite, for a short interview. Barbara West, one of our most experienced anchors, was asked to interview Senator Biden, just as she had been on previous occasions.

It is our goal at Eyewitness News when interviewing any political candidate or public official to ask them a direct question about an issue currently in the public debate. Last week, when much of the political discourse centered on Senator Obama’s statement to ‘Joe the Plumber’ that he thought ‘sharing the wealth’ was a good idea, Barbara decided to ask Senator Biden just how far an Obama-Biden administration would go in ‘sharing the wealth’. What followed was very pointed, provocative question. We allowed Senator Biden to answer, fully unedited.

We tell our reporters and news anchors to ask the questions that one of our viewers might ask. For example, when Senator Obama visited Lakeland recently, Barbara (knowing her time with a presidential candidate would be limited) asked Senator Obama two questions: first, about drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico; and, second, about his position on the space program. The Senator’s answers dominated the news cycle for the next day.

You can see all of Barbara’s interviews with political candidates at including one she just did Monday with Senator John McCain.

Perhaps more than any other presidential election in recent memory, this current election has stirred passions – some of them quite partisan – in many people. Through it all, we believe our mission is to address vital issues that we will face together, regardless of our own personal views with thorough, even handed reporting.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.

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