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In Which I Demonstrate Either Eternal Optimism Or Utter Futility

July 30th, 2008 3 comments

A little while ago, someone emailed me about this blog and mentioned something about “all the money you’ve got from Paypal.”  I laughed when I read that as I laugh now.  I’ve got $1.99 in my Paypal account and that’s from a refund.  It’s fairly silly to try to monetize this hodgepodge of a blog.  It’s jagged, poorly proofread and despite the fact that this thing’s been going since March of ’04, it’s still very much a cult thing…and when I say “cult” I mean, not read.  Every now and again someone diggs something or an aggregator picks up a post and I get a little bump and that’s nice but the world is certianly not beating down my door.

I’m currently thinking a lot about the concepts of luck and perseverance.  Any number of people will tell you that the key to success is to continually put yourself out there.  The theory, I think, is that if you release 1,000 thought balloons then you increase the odds that one of those balloons will land where it will do you some good.  Mabye so.  There are any number of roads more or less travelled that I need to explore and explore with more consistency than of late.  it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone and work towards doing what I love (i.e. – lying in bed writing) so that I can stop doing what’s become routine.  I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but I know it involves making more money.

And so, I put the paypal button and the Amazon button up on the off-chance that, as I metaphorically sing in the subway station someone will just as metaphorically pitch a coin into my guitar case.  Who knows?  You don’t get anything if you don’t ask.

And I still need a new iPod

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In Which I’m Sinclair-Free

July 29th, 2008 17 comments

A month or two ago, my wife asked me – “What’s all of this time and effort getting you?  What’s the payoff?  How does it advance you?”  I responded that I thought there could be a good book in it and that I was learning a lot about mob psychology and I was starting to get over my nervousness about calling strangers on the phone and asking them questions and there was the justice angle and….  I mumbled a lot of other things.  I knew what she was getting at – you’re neglecting the things that are dull and important and put food on the table for the things that are fun and exciting and do not but rather keep you up until 2:30am and leave you groggy and pre-occupied for the rest of the day.  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

And she’s right, of course.  This whole seven months has been gratis and at times even detrimental to our fiscal and household health.  There are those whose bills for Pacer must be staggering.  Long distance calls add up as does the cost of putting off work.  Some can afford it and others can’t.  That’s the way most things are.

And there’s the psychic toll.  A friend of mine spent the better part of two years doing legal work documenting all aspects of the treatment of prisoners at the US facility at Gitmo.  He went from COINTELPRO all the way up to the newest fads in torture.  At the end of it all, he was a wreck.  “How long can you read about torturing someone to the edge of death before you crack,” he said one day.  While this whole thing has nothing on Gitmo, the constant legal threats, the physical threats and mind games do wear you down – even if you don’t take them seriously.

And, as my wife said, for what?

In the beginning, the charges against Obama sounded so egregious and insane that many of us felt compelled to debunk them.  There was (or felt like there was) a possibility that these idiocies might well make it to Fox, who’s no doubt salivating for any shit they can fling at Obama.  For a great many of us, though, it had nothing to do with Obama – it was Morality 101.  Baseless accusations had no place in American politics.  We took action.  Sinclair decided to sue three random bloggers for…something.  I’d call it libel or slander but, as the defendants’ lawyer aptly pointed out, you can’t besmirch the reputation of a scumbag.  We redoubled our efforts and began debunking pretty much everything that came out of his mouth.  We had a battle mentality and the enemy was clearly drawn.

At that time, I voiced concern over whether we were helping or hurting – did debunking his claims validate them?  In any other situation, I think the answer would have been yes, but with a lawsuit and three broke, nervous and innocent people, there was no choice but move forward.

Sinclair somehow convinced the larrytards that they had to pay to exonerate him; through some sort of fairy magic he would compel Obama to testify at the trial.  This, of course, was pure bullshit but the larrytards ate it up…for a while.  Then they started to get bored.  Sinclair, who it must be admitted is a good showman, cynically and visciously used a murdered gay choirmaster from Obama’s church and accussed Obama of the murder.  The larrytards came flooding back.  It didn’t matter if it was true.  They wanted Obama crucified and would believe anyone who promised to deliver the goods.

It was after the choirmaster plot line that I felt it was over.  Sinclair had some limited success in “making some noise” (supermarket tabloids and their radio counterparts) but was incapable of not fucking up anything he touched.  The MSM, which he so desperately wanted to cover his story, refused.  So, naturally, the MSM was in on the coverup.  And from there, reality got left behind.  There is no chance that this story will ever make it past the internet – because he has no proof for anything he alleges.  Anything.  Blowing Obama?  No proof.  Obama kills the choirmaster?  No proof.  Sen. Joseph Biden actively persecuting Sinclair?  Nope.  It’s all made up.

So, here we are, seven months later.  WordPress kicked him out.  Hostmonster kicked him out.  Unless he’s using some neo-Nazi web host, they’ll probably kick him out, too.  Almost every single statement he’s made has been debunked and proved false.  There’s really nothing left to do.  It’s in the hands of the federal judge presiding over Sinclair’s case.  It’s also in the hands of the judge in Delaware where he’ll go up on theft charges in mid-August.

Sinclair is, above all else, an attention whore.  As I said previously, in the beginning there was a compelling reason to go after him even if it allowed him to sing his “why are they so afraid of lil ol’ me” song that the grandmothers and Walmart employees respond to so well.  Now is not then, though.  Now, he’s got no credibility with anyone of any importance.  Fox News won’t touch him.  When you sink to going on a racist radio show, buddy, you’ve fucked yourself.  Now, he’s running on fumes and, sad to say, every post we write about him heats up the tank a little more and creates more fumes.  We are now feeding him.  Lately he’s not even talking about his core issues – he’s fighting against us and, in doing so, expanding his conspiracy theory.  The larrytards don’t understand anything we say.  They, like the sheep in Animal Farm, can only bleat out the words they were taught to say over and over again.  They don’t want to think.  It’s too hard for them.  He has other supporters who know he’s lying but feel the lie could gain traction and destroy Obama.  Case in point: xjlib from BHDC.  When presented with a contridiction that destroys the “Obama as Murderer” plot line, xjlib tries so strenuously to avoid answering it that he shows his hand – Sinclair is lying but he doesn’t care.  Roger Friendburg (or whoever the hell the radio show host is) also pretty much admitted that Sinclair is lying but that he so anti-Sinclair that it doesn’t matter.  The ends justify the means.

So, why continue?  Why actively add new pages to his book of bullshit that do nothing but bolster his paranoia?  There have been several missed chances to let his star burnout – which was every time he got weepy and threatened to quit.  One specific instance, he seemed ready to close down the whole operation.  Sure, he may have been doing it for effect BUT – rather than stand quietly to one side as the larrytards wept and rent their flesh and cried “please don’t go!” we egged him on and actively challenged him to continue.  Our jeering and ridicule energized him and the larrytards and they redoubled their efforts.

That was stupid.

It’s my opinion that we’ve got to stop going after the death blow.  It’s never going to come, at least not by our hand.  And the thought that it will leads us to parrot the larrytards refrain of “this thing’s gonna blow any day now.”  We’re constantly proclaiming his last gasp and yet it never comes.  Even in the best case scenario where he gets thrown into a Delaware jail for decades, he’ll still conduct his sad little hobby from his jail cell.  The larrytards won’t let him stop.  Jailhouse interviews with Jeff Rense?  Why not?  He’s a vampire who will only die under the right circumstance.

That circumstance is apathy – a conscious and deliberate turning away from him, depriving him of the oxygen/blood that keeps him alive:  attention and conflict.  Why do you think they put him in solitary so often – because it drove him fucking crazy.  He’s not fighting against anyone except us.  No one else will give him the time of day.  We are all he has.  We provide platform after platform and soapbox after soapbox for him to stand and pontificate to the larrytards

LS:  Those bastards in the cesspool won’t rest until they murder me!
LT:  NO!  NO!
LS:  But we will destroy them first
LS:  Give me more money to…do things with!

Take away that platform and take away that soapbox and it sounds a little different

LS:  Those bastards in the cesspool won’t rest until they murder me!
LT:  Is the cesspool still around?
LS:  But we will destroy them first
LT:  Um…they haven’t talked about you in weeks.  Have you always been this crazy?
LS:  Give me more money to…do things with!
LT: Yeah, about all that money we’ve given you…when is something going to actually happen?

And so I’m making my own small contribution to letting Sinclair go down with a whimper rather than a bang.  I’d actually take much more satisfaction in seeing him dribble back into the pathetic nothing he was before this whole thing started.

Thanks to all the wonderful people that I’ve met along the way.  You’re truly amazing people and an inspiration!


In Which Roy Zimmerman Will Perform

July 29th, 2008 1 comment

Come by First Parish in Watertown this Friday, August 1st @ 8pm for the comedy concert of the season with Roy Zimmerman and Billy Bob Neck!  Tickets are $15 at the door.

First Parish Watertown
35 Church St.
Watertown, MA

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In Which I’ll Tell You What I Heard

July 29th, 2008 1 comment

I spent the weekend in Buffalo, NY doing my first-ever 45min set at Coffee and a Spell.  As you might gather, it’s a Wiccan cafe.  Sue, the owner, is (for lack of a better word) a witch.  So, to have BBN doing 45mins at a Wiccan cafe…well, you can imagine.  Out of the 30 or so people who were there, only two people walked out.  The odd thing is that they knew it was a goof and still walked out.

“Oh,” Sue said to me, “we’ve got a discussion group that’s gonna be in the backroom until about 15 minutes before the show.  Is that ok?”

Sure.  With the room so small, there was no need for any sound equipment.  Just walk out and get down to bidness.  The group, it turned out, was devoted to discussing the more esoteric fineries of Wicca.  Sadly, none of the participants were all that memorable.  The only one that stood out in my mind was the leader.  He was late middle-aged, with thinning mousy-brown hair with a bush moustache and brown plastic glasses.  I wonder how much he charges to do taxes, I thought to myself.  All of them looked disappointingly normal.  I’m sure there were some piercings and tattoos here and there but no one jumped out at me.  One annoying woman, passive-aggressively remarked to the leader (while Sue stood right next to her) that she could “barely hear because that fan is soooo loud”.  You’re a witch – turn it off your own damn self, I muttered under my breath.

But that’s not what I heard.

After the show (which went better than I could have hoped for) and after the socializing I jumped in the car and drove to Honeoye, NY.  Honeoye lies about two hours southwest of Buffalo and, since my sister just moved there, I wanted to visit.  It’s a low-key resort town that, as my sister pointed out, caters not to the drunken speed boaters but the more sedate kyakers.  That still doesn’t get rid of the serious redneck ethos that hangs over the place.  Just driving in the dark past the lonely neon Genesee beer signs hanging in the only window of a tiny shithole of a bar made me shudder.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time in places like that.  In fact, that’s where I preferred to drink since the point was to keep your head down and focus on the task at hand – drinking.  Conversation in those places is pretty hit or miss anyway.  It was in one such place that a patron told me that there was no separation of church and state built into the Constitution and “fuck you if you don’t like God”.  (Parenthetically, I’d come from a US Government class and had a copy of the Constitution which I wisely left in my car.)

“Ya know, people are fucking idiots sometimes,” Sue has said.  “You’d be surprised how many people think Buffalo is just down the street from New York City.”  Actually, I wouldn’t, since I grew up in Rochester, but she’s right.  More to the point, when people hear “New York” they usually don’t think of the state but NYC.  Thus, New York State manages to bask in the glow of a cosmopolitan image that it really doesn’t deserve.  The vast majority of New York State is populated by east coast rednecks.  While at my sister’s, much conversation ensued about the “518-ers”.  That refers to a specific area code a couple of towns over.

“You know,” said my niece, “the kind of place where pretty every story in the town newspaper starts with ‘police were called to break up a fight between…'”

“‘Yet another meth lab was found today at…'”, I chimed in.

Exactly,” she nodded.

So in the morning after a good breakfast in a slightly chi-chi diner/restaurant, it should have surprised me to hear two middle-aged guys talking while I pumped gas for the ride home.

“Yeah, wow, it was something today! Steve came down and sat in and a couple of others.  We were wailing!  We really rocked the roof off that church!  You gotta come by next week.”

“Sounds great!”

“Next week, Phil’s gonna be there and Mike…I think Joe’s bringing his drums.”

“Next week?”

“Yeah, next week!”

“I’ll be there!”

But that’s not what I heard, either.

What I heard took place inside the store.  I browsed through the drink case (and how odd is it that almost every single gas/convenience store carries those Starbucks drinks), grabbed a Starbucks drink and stood behind some little weasley, Ratzo Rizzo looking guy in a non-ironic trucker hat on top of his non-ironic mullet and side-chops.  He kept taking off his hat and running his fingers through his pretty much non-existent hair.

“Uh huh,” he was saying, “that’s right.  I wonder if he get elected if he’s gonna change his middle name from ‘Hussein’ to ‘Target’.”  He guffawed at himself.

I didn’t quite get it.  Somehow, I was thinking “Target” the store.  Was there some new scandal I’d missed; some new corporate malfeaseance?  He continued.

“He’s gonna be one dead nagger, I can tell you that much.  Yes, he will!  And I’ll pony up for the defense fund, too!  Hell, I’ll even buy the bullet for the guy with the balls to do it!”

THAT’S what I heard.

First off, doing what I do, I listen to a fair amount of that kind of shit.  I’m not saying that I’ve grown immune to it, but there is a certain detachment you need to have or either hate humanity and/or buy a gun.  I find a lot of it fairly funny, simply because the arguments I hear from racists are so flimsy and feeble that they’re truly laughable.  But it’s another thing to hear it live and look the person in the eye.  That’s a whole different kind of creepy.

And second off – “nagger”?

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In Which John Freeman Is A…

July 23rd, 2008 5 comments

Noooo…I’m not going to say it but he wanted a new post and since he’s one of the twelve people that read this (unless there’s some kind of Larry Sinclair bullshit posted) I feel obliged to comply.

But for the moment, I’ve got to finish off crafting a sparkling 45 minute set…so…later

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In Which I Post The Full Version Of The M&N Interview

July 8th, 2008 13 comments

The M&N Interview – The M&N Interview

Enjoy, kids!

(And to any larrytards lurking – can’t you fucking do your own work for once in your life?  I mean you came over here to grab the press conference audio press conference audio, too, a few weeks ago because we got that first, as well.)

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In Which I Can’t Sleep

July 8th, 2008 2 comments

Fucking kidney stones…should this shit be getting better.  Instead, it’s 3:30am and…well…I’m not going to go into it, but it sucks.

Having this time, though, here’s the first half of the Mitch And Nan Show on the Roger Fredinberg show.

Mitch And Nan Show

Thanks to Peter for recording it and splitting it up.  I put it back together.

I should write something witty and pithy about this but I’m listening to it right now.  All I can say is that Roger puts forth the larrytard agenda quite well – it’s doesn’t matter if it’s true, I hate Obama and I’ll believe it.  The weirdest thing is that Roger keeps saying – well, it can’t really be proven so…


Um, yes it can.  papatard keeps saying he has evidence.  So, papatard says it can be proven.  Why would Roger say it can’t?

Maybe I’ll try to get back to bed

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In Which I Challenge These Idiots To Shut Up

July 6th, 2008 6 comments

Dear sweet jesus.

We have come to a very weird place indeed when the larrytards now turn on the gods and goddesses who rule over the Hell called Fox News.  It goes to show just how far down the rabbit hole they’ve gone and what a undeserved sense of self they have to watch them DEMAND that a national news organization (and I use the term loosely) pay attention to the 56 odd defectives that post on papatard’s web-lie.

First, Wells DEMANDED that Sen. Joseph Biden come clean about his role in the conspiracy to “silence” papatard.  I’m not sure whether this pathetic plea for validity is an upgrade or downgrade from that.

TV news has hit a new low. A news reporter that I once respected, Greta Van Susteren, and a former news show, Fox News, have become major disappointments. Just a few weeks ago my lady and I were watching Greta on Fox and we both remarked at how much she had changed. Greta used to be a hard hitting, no nonsense news seeker. Now she hosts an entertainment show. Well, I have had it!

Greta recently posted the following:

“June 18th, 2008 11:00 AM Eastern
Here is why…
by Greta Van Susteren
Many of you email me asking why I don’t interview Larry Sinclair….here is why (click on the link)

click here…

I assume you now know why I have not interviewed him and no one has…his 27 year criminal record and all sorts of other matters mentioned in the above link tell you short, no credibility.

I urge all of you to look to the issues…and not to the smears. While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people. There are good reasons to be skeptical of what politicians promise you.. challenge them about those promises…question their policies…but let’s skip unsubstantiated smears.”

The click here points to this site:

So, greta is basing her decision to not interview Sinclair based on rumors, smears and one biased blog?

HA!  Uh…yeah.  One biased blog?  Kinda like the way the larrytards cream over which provides no back up for ANYTHING it says? You mean, that kind of biased blog?  It takes a certain specific type of craziness to form those thoughts in your mind and then type them out and publish them.  Just to be clear – there are other larrytard blogs but they mostly copy and paste from papatad’s blog and add something like “THIS THING’S GONNA BLOW ANY DAY NOW”.  Honestly, I haven’t looked that hard but NOBODY seems to be doing any kind of investigation into whether papatard is telling the truth.  Oh, sure, they’ll publish the names and addresses of those who dare to ask for the tiniest morsel of evidence and attempt to shred the reputations of the non-believiers but as to supporting documentation?  Nope.  Sorry.  Judge Judy is on and they can’t miss that.

Rumors and smears?  Again – where’s the proof?  It doesn’t exist.  Both The Mitch and Nan Show and Death By 1000 Paper Cuts have done solid reporting debunking pretty much everything papatard says.  The only thing the larrytards have done is repeat, zombie and cult-like, their fervent belief that papatard must be telling the truth because he’s a criminal.  papatard certianly hasn’t given any.

Even better, Wells continues

So, what is the reason Greta?

It goes to the heart of the matter that even though Greta gives the reason that she’s not reporting on it, Wells refuses to see it.  It’s as if he’s saying, “Until you admit that papatard is telling the truth, I will not trust anything you say.”

Are you drooling over Obama?

Are you more interested in doing an entertainment show?

Are you afraid of being tagged racist?

This is the classic papa/larrytard gambit – ask a bunch of stupid questions.  Why are you afraid?  What are you hiding?  Why won’t you answer these rhetorical questions?  In the larrytard world, not supporting papatard means you support Obama.  I’m not sure that Greta does, although I couldn’t really tell you.  It’s beside the point.  Not believing a career criminal means you hate America and you’re secretly afraid of black people.

Are you afraid to get your hands dirty and do some real work? Some real news reporting?

HEE HEE!  Sounds like she already did her reporting, you stupid fuck.  She dug around and found out that there’s not one shred of evidence to support papatard’s claims and a MOUNTAIN of evidence that shows that taking him at his word is a bad idea.  Seriously – how do you hold a press conference promising to bring forth evidence, NOT bring forth evidence and then still have followers left at the end of the day?  How?  You’re a con artist skilled at keeping the eyes of your marks as far away from the truth as possible.  Almost three weeks after the airlines sent his bags to France (um…no…they didn’t) he still has not produced the evidence that luggage theoretically contained.  Even more shocking – not one larrytard has asked for it.  Do some reporting on THAT, Wells.  Find out where the luggage is and what it contained.  Then you can start bitching about Greta’s lack of reporting.

Greta, and most of the rest of MSM, I and other bloggers and truth seekers have been doing your job. I actually speak to Larry Sinclair. I ask questions without assuming. I do not drink the “kool aid”. In fact, I have researched and written about Dan Shomon, Obama’s former campaign manager and co schemer in getting state grants for Robert Blackwell companies. You see, Greta, the Sinclair story did not happen in a vacuum. If you had been doing your job, you would have been aware of all the crime, curruption and drug connections that make Sinclair’s story more believeable.

OOH!  Wow!  You mean papatard tells you what to say, you believe him unconditionally and call that “reporting”?  Wells, you may ask questions without assuming but I think they sound something like this

Wells: Larry, did you blow Obama while he smoked crack?
papatard:  Yes.  I did.
Wells:  Really?
papatard:  Yes.  Really.
Wells:  Well.  It doesn’t get more definitive than THAT!
papatard:  I’m a truth teller.  That’ll be $200 for the interview.
Wells:  Best money I ever spent!

What do Blackwell and Rezko have to do with papatard?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It’s more smoke and fuel to stoke the fires of Obama-hatred.  But if you collect enough untruths and tie them up with a pretty ignorance-colored ribbon then it doesn’t matter what bullshit scandal you’re talking about – it’s all one great big fake scandal and the specifics don’t matter.  You’ve judged him guilty of one so he’s guilty of everything.  Kinda like the way the Republican primaries work.

And guess what, one of the bloggers that has tried the hardest to discredit Larry Sinclair and anyone else seeking the truth about Obama, has been found out. This person has a recent criminal record. The is the same blogger that lied and took credit for Larry’s arrest. If you had bothered to check, the blogger’s information was incorrect. If you go to my blog, you will find the facts.

HEH!  Even if this is true (and as I recall, it was a conflict with a client, not a “criminal” matter) you’ve shot yourself in foot AGAIN proving what a raging hypocrite you are.  The whole “I believe papatard” movement rests on a single notion – just because he’s a career criminal doesn’t mean he’s not telling the truth.   (Yeah.  I know.  That’s why they’re called larrytards.)  By Wells’ own logic, there is no good reason NOT to believe “one of the bloggers”.  (You’ll note that Wells is too chickenshit to even name said blogger).  If being a “criminal” does not discount papatard from being truthful then why would Wells insist that “one of the bloggers” must be lying because he’s a “criminal”?

I have studied Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair and I can assure you that Mr. Sinclair has more credibility with me.

Soooo…let’s go over this again.  A career criminal with a history of fraud, drug running, human traficking and who has two outstanding warrants, one from late 2007,  has more credibility than a US senator that worked his way up from poverty to become a presidential candidate.

HOW does that work again?

So Greta. I challenge you to do some real reporting.

I also challenge you to contact me. I have facts as the result of hard work that I can provide. That is, if you care.

I love these challenges!  Especially since they only work one way.  On 7/25, I offered my own challenge to Wells.  He has never responded to it, which means he is guilty of raping puppies and feeding them to weavils.  In my opinion, that’s worse than being a career criminal OR a presidential candidate.  Currently, I have a challenge “awaiting moderation” challenging Wells to prove that papatard is telling the truth.

He won’t respond to either, I’m sure.  Why?  Because the first charge 1) is so spurious and unbelievable that to acknowledge it would do more harm than good and 2) he doesn’t give a fuck who I am.  Which is the precise reason that neither Obama, Biden or Greta will acknowledge him or any larrytard.  It’s pointless.

As to the second charge, you’d think that he’d want to clear that up.  Not so much.  He wouldn’t know the truth if it blew him.