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In Which I Just Have To Share This

June 26th, 2008 5 comments

What does insanity sound like?  Emphasis added.

  1. Cao Says:
    My blog is not a street corner.

    You are a nuisance and making idiotic points while thinking my comments section is your soapbox.

    I don’t have time for it, and it is I who makes the rules here – just like I make the rules for who is a guest in my own house.

    If a dog craps on the carpet, you put him outside. So don’t let the door hitcha where the good lord splitcha.

    I have never said that the purpose of my blog is to debate moonbats.

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder – several psychiatrists have said so, and in fact, there are a couple of books on the subject.

    Did Obama kill anybody? Ask the Chicago PD about what’s up with their investigation, or Don Young’s family, or stop and ponder for a moment the fact that there’s only $1,000 reward for information on the killer…while Reverend Wright’s $1 million + mansion for his retirement is being paid for by TUCC.

    As I’ve said – the Dixie Chicks comparison is really dumb. If leftists are entitled to ‘buy blue’, then the other side is entitled to boycot for political reasons, too. The Dixie Chicks are not politicians – they should just shut up and sing.

    I’ve provided ample explanation and if you can’t accept it – that just proves your totalitarian ideology – that says you’re entitled to order people around.

    You’re not. Debate as you define it – is about insulting people you don’t agree with – and demanding them to print your comments so they shut up to listen to YOU and provide you a soapbox. Get your own radio show or blog if that’s what you’re looking for; that isn’t the purpose of CB.

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In Which Invoking Jesus’ Name Rarely Works As A Debate Technique

June 26th, 2008 2 comments

Citizen Wells, who at this writing has not repsonded to my questions and is, by his logic, gulity, understands the age old axiom – If you can’t win the debate, attack.  At the heart of this is a follow up question that I asked, still “in moderation”, about an overview he wrote of papatard’s arrest.  He went over the “facts” of the Sinclair allegations but conveniently left out the murder charge.  He responded (and believe me, I was more shocked than anyone)

It was an overview with events leading up to the arrest. I did not want to regurgitate all the facts and details. There is plenty of coverage of that. That post was about clarifying the events surrounding the arrest and exposing lies and hypocrisy.

I then asked

Oh. Ok. Because

2. Larry Sinclair contacted the Obama Campaign and David Axelrod in 2007. After multiple attempts, Sinclair got no response.

But he said Donald Young contacted him in 9/07 and identified himself as working for Obama. Just seems kind of odd, is all.

That question is still in moderation.  So, because I’m all about the futile, I left another comment


I figured you’d leave that one to die in moderation.

I’m just curious – how do rationalize turning a blind eye to an obvious…well…let’s call it a “contradiction”? Isn’t this all supposed to be about the truth? The fact is Larry said to separate things that cannot exist in the space – the Obama campaign either did or did not contact him. He said they did both.

If it’s not about the truth then just say so. If so, then at least the murder charges do not hold. C’mon, CW – that not a question of whether or not you buy his story. He blatantly contridicted himself. You can’t be a Christian and buy into falsehood. At least you’re not supposed to.

There is a particular art to moderating comments, if you do that sort of thing (which, because of Dee-Rob, I do not).  One of the methods entails leaving comments to die in moderation until the commenter posts something that bolsters the blogger’s view that they’re an asshole.  That’s the comment you post.  So, Wells posted that that one, leaving his own comment.

I know what you are about. I have seen your lame attempts to discredit Sinclair.
Do you have any concept of Christianity?

Notice, of course, the utter avoidance of answering a perfectly valid and fairly respectful question.  Sadly, the “attempts” (not mine, really, but those of the The Mitch and Nan Show) really count more as “successes” in many cases.  Let’s not forget that the mysterious Victor, the guy that re-wrote (or possibly even wrote) papatard’s web-lie, forsook papatard after realizing that, wow, there are a LOT of inconsistencies here.  Other larrytards have left, as well, some of them even stop by The Mitch and Nan Show and sheepishly admitted they got taken.  So “lame attempt” is just not factually accurate.  The DC cops didn’t find Mitch’s or Starbucksjunkie’s attempts “lame”.  And how, as the lawyer for the three pointlessly accused bloggers points out, do you discredit a three-time loser who spent 13yrs in prison on his last bid?  Sounds like he’s already discredited himself.
But I digress
Of course, I’m not Christian.  But Wells and a lot of the larrytards are which I find utterly baffling.  Did Jesus really support accusations without proof?  When asked if He was the son of God, did he ask for a bunch of money to hold a press conference to say he’d answer the questions later?  Did he time his crucifixion so that it had the maximum effect on the elections in Rome?  I’m no biblical scholar, but I don’t think so.
My raising of the Jesus issue might seem snotty to begin with, but let’s not forget that when papatard was enjoying his free room and board at the taxpayer’s expense (what I am I saying – papatard’s on diasability so we’ve been paying his way for some time) Wells was moderating his web-lie and allowing non-Christian sentiments such as vieled death threats

283. BevAnn Says:

Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 11:28 pm

Barack better be careful in Florida. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone popped a cap in him in that state, especially the I-4 corridor. That is Cracker Country, as is the Pan Handle. Cracker isnt an insult here

as well as the usual racist, anti-Muslim and, ironically, anti-gay crap they usually post.

Again, it’s quite possible that I missed the part in the Bible where Jesus called Pontius Pilates a nigger faggot but my understanding is that he didn’t and, more importantly, would condemn those who did.

I went through Presbyterian confirmation school and declined their offer to join at the end.  So when Wells asks me if I have any concept of Christianity, yeah, I do.  I know what I was taught and I saw how it was actually practiced.  The dichotomy shocked me.  In this aspect, you can make the comparison of Christianity to Communism – good theories but the implementations bear no resemblance to the original.  For a so-called devoted Christian like Cow to claim that Jesus would have nothing to do with welfare mothers (the majority of which, oddly, consist of white women and not a few wives of the troops she supposedly supports) is flat out wrong.  For Vic Eliason of VCY America to claim that there is a physical copy of the Homosexual Agenda is flat out wrong.

It can’t be stated too often or too strongly – Jesus does not support the perpetuating of lies. Wells and some of the inner circle claim that they have seen evidence that papatard is telling the truth and that it will be “released at the proper time”.  Those are code words for “bullshit”.  Let’s, for the moment, take them at their word – that means they are hiding the truth from the American public and, in the case of the erroneous murder charge, law enforcement.

To sum up – if they’re straight out lying, they’re scumbags and if they’re hiding the truth they’re scumbags.  What would Jesus do?

In the Christian paradigm, lying buys you a ticket to Hell.   That’s ANY kind of lying, including lying to push forward your twisted version of Christianity.  If you need to lie to get people to believe in Jesus then what kind of faith do you have?

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In Which I Couldn’t Stop Laughing

June 25th, 2008 5 comments

Ok.  It should be known that I do a lot of trolling meaning that I like stirring shit up.  There are a lot of ways to do it but the easiest way is through comments on the target’s blog.  The hardest is an out and out troll blog and, yes, I have a couple of them.  One of which got linked to as an authoritative source for information on papatard.  THAT was a score of epic proportions and thank you sooo much to the anonymous asshole in Chicago that linked to it.

You’d think that trolls should be able to spot other trolls at the drop of a hat.  It’s not so.  At heart, most trolls do it to advance their political and/or social agenda.  Unless their just psychopaths.  Thus, I’ve fallen for troll sites hook line and sinker.  One of the “whitey” videos I found particularly horrendous, turned out to be a joke.  I wrote back to the guy and congratulated him.  It’s only right.

Thus, as you wend your way through tardville (which encompasses the larrytad sites as well as papatard’s web-lie) you start to ask yourself, could all of this be one big elablorate joke?  Could this be the prank of all pranks?  Can people actually be this blindly stupid to believe this textbook case of the ultimate loser?  And just when you’ve convinced yourself that it’s a joke, you remind yourself that almost nobody can fake a prison record or an arrest warrant and the next thing you know your curled up under the covers in your bed in fetal position, rocking slowly back and forth, wondering if America can survive until at least your great-grandkids are dead.

But just in the depths of your despair, the universe gives you another gift that makes the whole thing absolutely fucking hysterical, so THANK YOU, CITIZEN WELLS!

A brief recap – papatard had his press conference at the end of which he was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Delaware.  He spent a couple of days in…well…let’s call it a hotel that the larrytards didn’t have to pay for.  Apparetnly, the…um…hotel staff didn’t get the message that papatard is in constant chronic pain and frequently can feel certain parts of his body, whatever sounds most pathetic in the moment.  (papatard, as you remember, can’t eat because of an ulcer and, instead, claims he drinks 36 pepsis a day “to keep his weight up”.)

Anywho, he finally got sprung and I’m too lazy to find out how much it set the larrytards back if, in fact, they had to pay for it.  He’s currently stay with “a host” who I pray to GOD has a Sam’s club membership because 36 Pepsis a day runs into a nice chunk of change and papatard’s broke because his Social Security benefits got cut off for BEING A FUCKING CRIMINAL.  Ooops.  Sorry about that.

To continue – we all know that the entire world is against papatard’s valiant struggle to someday present the evidence that he blew Obama while blah blah blah.  HOWEVER – Citizen Wells recently discovered the chink in the armor of papatard’s persecutors – SEN. JOSEPH BIDEN!  You heard that right.  Biden is the key to the whole thing because Biden’s SON is the Attorney General of Delaware and TWO DAYS before papatard’s press conference, guess who submitted legislation to “encourage States to enter new and outstanding felony warrants into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database”?


Game!  Set!  Match!



That’s really stupid.

Why the FUCK would a US Senator 1) even know about papatard and 2) care enough about him to push forward a bill that would have no effect on papatard’s press conference?  He introduced the bill.  No one voted on it.  Is Citizen Wells suggesting that the federal government tried to push through legislation in two days simply to arrest some three-time loser after his press conference?

Why, yes, he is!

Is that not one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen in your whole life?

Why, yes, it is!

Seriously, I’m glad that no one was home when I read Well’s blog.  I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops.

OH SHIT!  I almost forgot the punchline!  Not content with acting like a papatard wannabe, accusing Senators of malfeasance, Wells ends this post with what could be called “The papatard Credo”

Senator Biden, are you, your son, the Attorney General Of Delaware, or any member of your staff, responsible for any of these attacks and smears on Larry Sinclair?

Senator Biden Or Attorney General Biden,  I suggest that you
investigate what has happened to Larry Sinclair and respond on
this blog or with a public statement. No response will be
considered an admission of guilt.

a-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  “No response will be considered an admission of guilt”!

Ok – how’s this then

Citizen Wells – Is it true that you rape puppies and then feed them to weevils?  Is it true that you are nothing but an opportunistic hack with absolutely no sense of morality whatsoever?  Is it true that you actively ignore the blatant lies that papatard has told in order to boost your own pathetic sense of self?

No response will be considered an admission of guilt!!!


UPDATE 7pm – Wells has not yet responded.  He is guilty.

UPDATE 7:30pm – Wells has not yet responded.  He is guiltier than he was a half hour ago.

UPDATE 2:00am – Wells has not yet responded.  I have been hoping that he would because I like to think the best of people.  But he looks more and more guilty.  My stomach is tied up in knots over this.

UPDATE 8:30am – Wells has not yet responded. You really have to ask yourself – why wouldn’t he clear his name?

In Which papatard Is In Jail

June 18th, 2008 6 comments

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to type that.  Really.  Excuse me while I do a little victory dance again





Thanks.  Sorry about that.  But papatard is in jail and I’m thrilled.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, he’s not in jail because of the Obama bullshit.  His incarceration is hopefully the beginning of the karmic comeuppance due to him.  It’s known that it’s for an outstanding warrant, probably from Delaware, although there’s still a Colorado warrant outstanding, as well.

What’s lovely is that he was arrested shortly after the press conference ended.  And I mean, shortly.  From the way I understand it, he left the building and, according to “moma”, was arrested by two “U.S. Marshalls”.  This means that barely had the notion of how badly the press conference went sunk into his Augustus Gloop head when John Q. Law swooped in and slapped the cuffs around his bologna-sized wrists.  I don’t care who you are – that’s some kinda harsh.  Not as harsh as what I’d hope for, though

Cops – Are you Lawrence Wayne Sinclair?
Papatard – I’m doing a press conference.
Cops – I asked you if you Lawrence Wayne Sinclair?
Papatard – Yes.
Cops – You’re under arrest.  Please come with us.
Cops – Jesus, you really are retarded, aren’t you.
Sibley – Now see here, you can’t just arrest my client on an outstanding warrant!
Cops – You’re Sibely?
Sibley – Montgomery Blair Sibley Esq!  Yes!
Cops – Nice kilt, asshole.  You’re under arrest, too for contempt of court.  Your license to practice law is suspended.
Cops – Shut the fuck up. (to audience)  Press conference is over, folks.  Move along.

He was simply whisked away like…well, a common criminal.  No champagne.  No after party.  No all night orgy paid for with somebody else’s money.  Just a hopefully dank and depressing jail cell where papatard can have a horrible night’s sleep while he prays that, despite the definate possibility of flight risk, they’ll let him out on bail…paid for by somebody else’s money.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the whole press conference yet.  I’ve been too busy tooling around in the Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe with the trunk stuffed to the bursting point with non-sequential hundred dollar bills that Axelrod personally dropped off at my house after the arrest. (He begged me to go on roadtrip to Montreal and I told him to give me the keys and then to go fuck himself…which he did).  I did, however, get to watch an excerpt of the video on YouTube and what I saw made me giggle.

What?  Me guilty?

Now, the kind among you might say that one screenshot doesn’t mean anything, so go ahead and watch the video.  Let’s check in with someone who was there – Seth Colter Walls from the Huffington Post

It is not often that a political reporter can claim to have witnessed the single most stupefying event on any single day, what with the diversity of inanity on display from coast to coast in an election year. But today, I feel confident laying claim to that dubious distinction, for I attended Larry Sinclair’s Wednesday press conference at the National Press Club.

Low praise, indeed.  Throughout the video, papatard seems ill at ease and combative.  He’d say that it’s because of the spinal damage he incurred that left him on permanent disability makes it difficult for him to stand.  But why did he stand, then?  Take away the podium and sit at the table!  Hell, FDR did it, right?  No, no.  Not papatard.  He wants the podium, the pulpit.  He wants to preach just like his hero, crazy fucked up Pastor Manning.  See, that’s what they do on the television.  They stand behind a podium.  So, in the David Lynch movie that plays without irony in his head, he stands.  Is it going too far to ponder if he had a hard-on during the entire thing?  We conjecture – you decide.

I’m sure there will be more PC talk later, but the money shot of the video (kudos to CNN!) comes around 6:50 when in a brilliant moment of actual truth telling, papatard says, (in response to the classic, “you’ve been a scumbag for most of your life, why should we believe” you question)

Well, to be honest with you, it’s not so much as to whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.

And that’s papatard in a nutshell.  It contains every single thing you need to know about this twisted, fucked up ex-con.  He doesn’t care about what anybody thinks.  He doesn’t care that people laugh at him and heap ridicule on him.  He only cares that you acknowledge his existance.  That he is alive.  And he doesn’t care what he has to do to make that happen.  He’ll lie, cheat, steal, bilk – it doesn’t matter.  It’s like he never stopped listening to Tommy: The Who.  I once wrote a sketch about some loser child who is so desparate for attention that he claims to be autistic – “HEY!  LOOK AT ME!  I’M AUTISTIC!  CAN’T YOU HEAR ME??  I’M TALKING TO YOU!”  Little did I know I was writing about papatard

papatard LOVES to talk about personal responsibility and how he (*cough* *hack* *wheeze*) has ALWAYS accepted it.  He talks about walking into a police station and turning himself in.  But it wasn’t, I believe, that he was accepting responsibility – he was making an enterance.  He talks about it as if he were some God of Morality showing the commoners how it’s done.  But, like most things, he downplays the fact that he first committed a fucking crime.  You don’t turn yourself into the cops for no reason.  You don’t get brownie points for doing the cops’ job for them.  Wanna take responsibility?  Don’t be a fucking criminal. Free advice, I know, but pretty good advice.

If he wasn’t an attention whore, then how could he, in good conscience, spend thousands of dollars of other people’s money and say…jack shit.  I’ve skimmed (not perused) through the press statement and it says nothing that hasn’t been said anywhere else.  More importantly, there is no evidence brought forward, no relevations made, no nothing.  It ends, as did his first abortive lwa suit against, of all things, the DNC to make them stop harrassing him, by insisting that Obama address the lies that papatard tells.  It’s truly an alternate universe he lives in where the accuser simply accuses and then goes home, because, I guess, that’s what accusers do – accuse.  He literally misses a major part of the concept of justice.  Perhaps it’s because all his life people have accused him and he’s been innocent every single time but just not able to disprove it.  Hence the accusations against him puts him away for another bid in the pokey simply because he could not prove them false.  So now it’s his turn to make an accusation and gloat about how Obama can’t disprove it.

Anywho –

His arrest changes absolutely nothing.  Literally.  We are where we were this morning only with papatard in jail.  The larrytards still support him, of course, and support him with more fervor.  Their leader has been wronged!  How dare he be called to question for some silly little crime he committed?  How DARE Mitch and Nan meddle in things that have no concern to them??  How DARE they try to get a criminal off the street??

No, papatard is a emotional fiscal vampire who will continue to suck money and souls out of the larrytards and, when they complain, cut them off brutally.  He’s already done it a couple of times.  papatard has created a cult – a true, unwavering cult – that lives and breathes only for the sweaty, sausage fingered touch of papatard.  As stated before, his suspended lawyer, Sibley, said that Jesus was persecuted, too.  And moma – my god – if you have any doubt as to why papatard is as fucked up as he is – taken a gander at this

I am so proud of him. The cesspool [The Mitch and Nan Show] can giggle all they want but they can never be as good a citizen as he is. Mistakes & all.

Proud?  Forgive me the judgment, but the day that I’m proud of my kid for being a career criminal that ran drugs, trafficked in humans, defrauded companies and people and tried to bring down a presidential candidate with a poorly constructed fairy tale, please take me out to the desert, tie me down and leave me to die slowly so I can think about how badly I failed as a parent.

Still, you celebrate the victories you have.

Stop by and thank the crew for their hard work

In Which papatard Has A Press Conference

June 18th, 2008 No comments

Today is the day, kids!  papatard rented…well, let me be a little more precise about – the larrytards rented a room at the National Press Club for papatard to…um…do something.  Ostensibly, he’s supposed to put a nail in the coffin of Barack Obama, showing undeniable proof of his fairy-tale date with Obama in 1999.  What’s really going to happen?  Who knows?  papatard kept hinting that there would be a special guest and the larrytards went nuts – will he produce the driver that saw him blow Obama?  Will he?  Well, no.

It looks like it’s just crazy-assed Pastor Manning who makes Farrakhan look moderate.  I really don’t know what a “mac daddy” is but apparently Manning believes that Obama is one.  And, today Manning said, “his mamma was a trashy woman.  At 17 she tried to get as many men on her as she could”.  But that’s ok, Jesus really liked whores.  So, I guess that’s high praise from Manning.

(Speaking of Jesus, apparently we have all misjudged papatard horribly if you believe his friend (since he’s suspended for practicing lwa), Montgomery Blair Sibley.  To wit –

# Moma Says:
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 12:38 pm

I just spoke with Larry & Mr. Sibley. All is well & they are very upbeat. Mr. Sibley reminded me that they trashed Jesus also.

Yes.  The comparisons are endless, right down to the drug use, blow jobs and prison sentences.)

As stated earlier, I really wish I could say this is make or break time but it’s probably not.  larrytards, like stalkers,evangelicals and autisitcs, pick one thing and stick with it.  No matter how many restraining orders are taken out on them, no matter how many theiving, gay pastors they run through, no matter how many times they stick the fork in the electrical outlet, they will continue to do so because it is all they know.  And they will insist that it is the right thing to do.

And yet, Manning might not be the only surprise guest that shows up.  I’m sure there are plenty of people that wouldn’t mind sitting in an jamming with papatard.

I want to give a brief opposite-shoutout to xjblib over at  Times are tough for him.  He’s banged papatard’s…um…drum since almost the very beginning.  He’s having a hard time understanding that you can’t claim that the Obama campaign refused to contact you and then claim you were contacted by the Obama campaign.  That’s what called amongst us sentient bi-peds as (put nicely) a contradiction.  Others call it a lie.  Still, in the face of a lie, xjblib still insists that “the truth will come out.”  The only reason I can come up with for this is that he believes he’s in that Star Trek episode with the hot, big breasted robots and he’s Mr. Spock.  Either way, he’s delusional.

More as information trickles out.

Happy (De)Press(ed) Conference, papatard!  At least you’ll get some new clothes out of it!

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In Which It’s Possibly One Of The Coolest Things Ever

June 17th, 2008 No comments
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In Which I LOVE To Tell You What I Really Think…

June 17th, 2008 14 comments

…but my comments automatically go to spam.

The papatard saga broke out of it’s little bubble yesterday, kind of, due to papatard’s theoretical press conference tomorrow at the National Press Club.  Yeah.  You read that right.  Last night, Keith Olbermann gave the Worst Person’s bronze medal to the NPC…without once mentioning papatard.  I’m sure that drove papatard’s attention-whore psyche crazy.

Still, the story hit Kos and Talking Points (with a nice shout out to the steadfast The Mitch And Nan Show).  Firedoglake set up a petition to get the NPC to cancel the event, prompting wingunts and larrytards alike to scream that the First Amendment was actually written for people to make baseless and unfounded claims.  Whether it’s going to go any farther than an oblique reference on MSNBC has yet to be seen.  What is know is that Tim Russert’s memorial takes place at about the same time and that, who conducted the infamously failed polygraph test, plans their own press conference directly after papatard’s ends.

The punchline of this whole thing is that papatard, whether due to his natural stupidity or planned malice, doesn’t have his evidence in DC right now.  I don’t think that you can really stress the make or break quality of this press conference.  For six months he’s promoted this fetid little story about Obama, assembled a collection of winguts, homophobes, racists and other idiots who’ve given him tens of thousands of dollars predicated on their desparate belief that he can prove what he says.   He is now at the point where he must deliver.  This is the second trip to the DC well.  The first one ended, not with a bang but with a whimper.  Two YouTube videos.  That’s it.

The first was “hidden camera” footage of papatard meekly leaving the headquaters of the DNC after being told that there was no one for him to speak with.  He didn’t even make it out of the lobby.  And this after he PROMISED he would shake the DNC Rules committee to their very foundation and FORCE them to acknowledge that he blew Obama.  The second video was even lamer.  Ten second of papatard holding a sign.  That’s it.  That’s what $10,000 bought the larrytards.  Remarkably, they were ESCTATIC!  Whuh?  Esctatic?  Yes.  Now, in the real world, if I lead you along for six months promising you something, taking your money and then don’t deliver you’d either take me to court or throw up your hands in disgust and walk away.

But we’re not in the real world.  We’re in the world of rabid, ideological hatred where people have lost the ability to see beyond what they want to see.  These are the folks that believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are real.  These are the folks that believe there really is a physical copy “homosexual agenda”.  These are the people who kill abortion doctors because killing is wrong.  Show them proof and they’ll dismiss it because…well, the reason doesn’t matter.  They know what’s right and the planes that brought down the World Center were actually holograms disguising missles that were launched from a moon base run by the New World Order.

Again, under normal circumstances, you’d want to keep your “evidence” as close to you as possible.  But papatard knows that he can do pretty much anything and still have the unwavering devotion of his flock.  The ethos with them has always been – “evidence-schevidence”.  So while, papatard losing his luggage means something to the rational among us, it means nothing to larrytards.  Still, while there will be larrytard “journalists” at the press conference (and it’s pretty goddamn funny to see Jeff Gannon/Guckert’s name pop up – honestly, I would have advised papatard to start with him) actual journalists will attend, as well.  These folks will not accept “the dog ate my evidence” as a reason for not having 100% concrete proof.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying how screaming funny, pathetic and instructive papatard’s latest post is – TELL ME WHAT YOU REALLY THINK.  That’s like asking the Southern Baptist Convention what they think about God – there are no atheists, Musilms, Buddhists, Taoists, Humanists or Catholics allowed.  It’s the ultimately masturbatory question since papatard heavily moderates all comments.  I’ve left comments on different IP addresses and names there respectfully disagreeing with him.  They never see the light of day.  Nor will ANY other opinion be tolerated except that which jibes with the advancement of the message.  “moma” (theorecticallly, papatard’s momatard) goes so far as to say things like

  1. Moma Says:
    Marie, # 36, Please, do not bring those people to this site. TY. There is nothing nice about those people.
  2. Moma Says:
    Let’s stay focused on the job at hand. If bored either find a chat room or just sign off. This is very serious business being taken care of & the chit chat is very offensive to amny of us.

What do I really think?  I think you’re a fucking fascist liar that can’t allow even tiniest ray of sunshine into your vampire’s lair for fear that it’ll all turn to dust.  I think that for you to claim this has nothing to do with race and then allow a comment comparing Michelle Obama to The Planet of the Apes when you so tightly control your comments is proof positive that this has nothing to do with some bullshit claim of sex and drugs.  I think that this is actually more of a joke than people realize or even want to admit.  I think this began as straight anarchy and you’ve improv’d it up until this point.

There are two main tragedies here – that people even considered believing it and that rather than finding a cause that helped humanity and putting your effort towards that, you choose to prey upon it and make the world worse.

papatard, the time is running out.  You’ve gone to the well more times than anyone could have ever hoped for.  Your larrytards are psychoitc.  You better hope that you’ve told security not only to watch out for your detractors but for your followers, too.

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In Which I’m Not Sure How Freaked Out I Should Be

June 11th, 2008 No comments

I mean, there’s three of them all focused inward but…shit!

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Update – this has apparently been debunked but it’s still a hell of a trick

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In Which O’Reilly’s Minion Is Bitchslapped Multiple Times

June 11th, 2008 No comments

What kind of scumbag toady do you have to be to ambush Bill Moyers?  Oh, the kind that works for Bill O’Reilly.  Bill-O won’t stand to be humiliated so he sends poor, lumpen bastards like this to do his dirty work for him.  In fact, it’s widely believed that if Bill-o took Moyers up on his offer to do a live interview, that Bill-o might actually piss himself.

The best part of this video is saved for last.  Not only does the aptly named “Porter” get stomped on by Moyers, the press then turns on Porter, following him to the door of the building.

Reporter: I have never done this kind of attack journalism, but I’ll give it a shot after watching you do it.

Every single wingnut in the US should be forced to watch this and then asked – is this really what the republican party is all about?

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In Which News Is New Only For The First 1438 Times It’s Reported

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Dateline – Any Cable News Outlet

MSNBC, CNN and Fox News all reported a shortage of black people willing to talk about what a black presidential candidate means to them.  Chris Matthews, in particular, is baffled by this trend.

“A week ago,” said Matthews, “I could bring any black person in off the street and I could barely get them to shut up about it.  Now, every time I ask Eugene Robinson about what an Obama candidate means to him he sighs, rolls his eyes and says the same damn thing he said last time.  I’m not really sure that I get it.  I mean, this is historic!”

Reporting for this aritcle bears this out.  Even starting a conversation with a black person using the words, “How do you feel…” or “I’m wonder if I could talk about…” produced a fight-or-flight response.  On the rare occasion we got past this, the verdict was fairly unanimous.

“Look,” said a 30-something man who asked his name not be used, “it’s old news.  Let’s move on and win the White House, ok?  Yes, I’m thrilled,  Yes, it’s progress.  Yes, let’s stop obsessing about it.  It’s not really post-racial when you folks keep hammering away.”

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