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In Which The Debate Was Really Gay

August 9th, 2007 No comments

What an absolute waste of time.  Maybe it’s because I’m not gay.  I can understand the excitement of having your group recognized as important enough to warrant its own presidential…well, “forum” doesn’t even cover whatever that was.  Separate and segregated interviews with candidates?  Huh?  The dullest TV I’ve ever watched and that includes C-SPAN.

On top of that, the questions broke down into two formats

1) Here’s something we believe.  You agree with us right?

2) This is a big problem for us.  How will you fix it?

Subjectively, it felt like the questions leaned towards the former.

What everyone will be talking about (and it will be interesting to see what coverage it gets) will be Bill Richardson blatantly NOT giving the answer they wanted.  When asked if he thought homosexuality was a choice, he said, “yes”.  You could have heard a pin drop.  The answer stunned the panel to the point where the moderator asked in a voice of barely disguised disgust and patronage if Richardson understood the question.  For the next minute or so he tread very lightly but, in the end, seemed to indicate that he said what he meant.  It couldn’t have been fun.

It stands in sharp contrast to Kucinich and Gravel who cheerily proclaimed they stood up to power while the “power” knelt in prayer in churches across America praying for the destruction of the city of Los Angles.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m heavily leaning toward Kucinich who will NOT win the primary because he actually believes in the things that he says and, more frightening, would work to get them done.  If you are anti-war, you really have no other choice.  I’d go so far as to say that if you call yourself a liberal, you have no other choice.

Speaking of which – why the FUCK would anyone vote for Hillary?  All I could see was Delores Umbridge wheedling away.  Why haven’t gotten rid of don’t ask/don’t tell?  Wellll, I really want to do it as president, rather than having to get my hands dirty in the Senate.  The real answer – is because you’re a hypocrite and the personification of politics.  Lies are written all over her face.  She’s anti-war?!  Wow.  When did that happen?  Oh.  Right.  When the polls went anti-war and she wanted to run for president.

I truly hope that this market-differentiation of debates doesn’t continue.  The Labor Union debate, the Gay Forum, the Illegal Alien Debate, the Pedestrian debate, the permanent vegatative state forum…Hillary would win that one, since you have to be brain dead to support her.

Why must I always vote for the underdog?

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In Which I’ll Stay Somewhere Else, Thank You

August 9th, 2007 No comments


The type of parent that would let a child do this is generally the type of parent that says – “yes, that’s adorable, dear, now put those bagels back where you found them.”

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In Which CNN Should Go Fuck Itself Part 45295

August 2nd, 2007 No comments

So a bridge collapses, people die and that’s really about the only story that you’re allowed to cover.  Which is why these useless fucks wind up doing stories such as

Will people who have a fear of bridges falling down mistrust them even more?

Fuck you, CNN and everybody who works there.


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