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In Which The Wii Provides An Odd Sociological Insight

June 3rd, 2007 1 comment

Oh, I love my Wii!  I’m a Nintendo boy through and through.  Take your overpriced Xbox and PSP3 and have fun accumulating interest on your credit card to pay for them.  $250 and I happy as a clam.  Wii Sports?  Bravo!  Cooking Mama?  Difficult but amazing.  Elebits?  YOWZA.  Physically manipulating virtual space with your hands in the comfort of your own home!

So I can’t watch a DVD on it.  And I can’t play outstandingly complicated games that require massive amounts of time just to figure out how to kill some.  Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink!  Guess I’m stuck with playing fun, well constructed games.  Shit.

Yes, there are a few bells and whistles.  You can creates Mii-s that act as virtually representations of yourself.  Or others.  I made a bald Brittany Spears and Tokyo Rose.  You send your Miis to your friends via the Internets.  You can also save your Miis on the remote and offload them at a friends house.  It’s all very mark-of-the-beast, but nonetheless cool.

Internets?  Yes, there’s a web browser but I’d rather not surf on a TV.  But the Internets allow you to get news and weather, too.  This may not sound terribly sexy but when you figure out how to get to the News Globe it’s fairly fucking cool.  The News Globe (I honestly don’t know if there’s a proper name) sits quietly in space waiting for you to turn it.  As it turns, news from a specific area pops up.  Click on the icon and, viola, something happened in Uzbekistan!  There’s something remarkably satisfying about global news presented on a globe.

The kitchiest feature, though, is the Everybody Votes Channel.  It is what it sounds like.  Nintendo puts up questions and…everybody votes.  Users (aka pre-teen and teenage boys) submit the questions so you get some real penetrating ones such as “Can you see a lot of stars where you live?”  Not everyone lives in Hollywood, buddy.  You’re only given two choices.

If you could be on a realty TV show, would you want a mental or a physical challenge?
1) Mental
2) Physical

On top of voting, you have the option to predict the response. 

Once the voting closes and the results get posted, you can do some rudimentary slice and dicing of the data.  Gender breakdown, geographic breakdown and a few others.  All of this fails to explain the question

Who would you want advice from?
1) Oprah
2) Warren Buffet

HUH?  Most teenagers would react as my kids did – WHO IS WARREN BUFFET?  Hence, Oprah wins by default.  Slicing and dicing by state, Oprah took 48 of the 50 states.  Who wants advice from Warren Buffet?  Nebraska and Montana.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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