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In Which I Vomit In My Mouth

November 29th, 2006 No comments

Oh, Concerned Women For America, you’re always so…concerned!  You can’t even pay a guy a compliment without being concerned!  Take a break.  Take an extra valium before you write your next press release, ladies.

Senator Frist’s leadership aided multiple victories for American families during his tenure, a period of years marked by uniquely severe partisanship in Washington. With Senator Frist at the helm, Congress passed laws to substantially increase the fines for broadcast indecency, establish a national Cord Blood Bank, prohibit the horrific act of farming human fetuses, create a national sex offender registry, protect victims of the sex trafficking trade, and much more. We are especially grateful for his compassionate and diligent efforts, which gained unanimous support in the Senate, to try to keep a disabled woman from being cruelly starved to death.

We can only imagine how much better off America would be today if he had not faced such unforeseen partisan obstruction.

I’m sorry.  I’ve got to put aside the snarkiness for just a moment to tell CWFA that the “c” should be changed to “cunt”.  What absolute and utter bullshit.  Frist kept any legislation the Democrats wanted to push forward off the table.  He help cover bush’s ass and got fucked in the process. 

“Gained unamimous support in the Senate?”  Bitch, I watched those hearings.  They effectively shut down all Senate businees to “help” one single American.  Absolute bullshit.

And those human fetus farms made sound business sense.  I saw the plan.  It included franchises.  ALL Americans lost the day those were prohibited.

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In Which I Hope There’s More Later

November 24th, 2006 No comments

Hello!  You’re reading this on the brand new server that I (mostly) successfully migrated to.  That’s your Thanksgiving present.  Don’t ask for more.  You won’t get it.

I’d hoped that given that Wal-Mart protest scheduled today, Black Friday, I might get out and catch some hot Radical Christian on Capitalist action but no such luck.  I guess the Radical Christian agenda hasn’t rolled up to Norwalk, CT.  Despite the fact there are TWO Wal-Marts here, not a single protester showed up.

Once again, they let Jesus down.

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In Which It’s Radio Off

November 18th, 2006 No comments

If you listen or have ever wanted to listen to Hbee Inc Radio (Thursdays 8-10pm on you’d better move quickly.  It will go the way of all things some time at the beginning of the year when MFO makes up the new schedule.  It’s been fun, but the time arrived to put it to rest.

Thanks, if you listened.

Fuck off, if you didn’t.

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In Which I’d Like To Offer A Personal Message To James Dobson

November 8th, 2006 No comments

Third of White Evangelicals Voted for Democrats

Please read the above link and kindly go fuck yourself.

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