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In Which Racists Are HYSTERICAL Sometimes

October 20th, 2006 No comments

In case the title wasn’t enough, just know that the mp3 comes directly from Insurgent Radio, the radio station for the White Aryan Resistance website which I’ll let you Google yourself rather than link back to them.

Why was I on the White Aryan Resistance website?  Good question.  I was doing some wingnut research when Hal Turner jumped into my head for some reason.  The Wikipedia article doesn’t even come close to the true fucked-up-edness that is Hal Turner.  Yes, Turner had a show on WBCQ and left but they neglect to say the reason he left – because after seeing The Passion of the Christ  he realized that he could no longer give his money to Jews.  There was also an incident where, if I remember it correctly, he “committed suicide”.  On one of the newgroups, some guy lit into the members about mistreating Hal and how they should be sorry etc.  Some cyber-wiz got suspicious and trace the IP address of the poster…back to Hal!

Didn’t I tell you?  HYSTERICAL!

Anywho – Hal rents out space to other racist radio dickheads or pretty much anyone who will pay him.  He keeps archives of the shows to download and I chose a particularly promising one.  Little did I know.

As with most online archivers, the last five minutes of previous show get tacked onto the beginning of the next.  And that’s what I got.  I had to hunt for the previous show to get the full version of the ending and it was completely worth it.

Note – The clip, which is just under a minute and a half, isn’t terribly racist.  It’s actually pretty tame.  They don’t even say the N-word.  Still, I remember the first time I heard stuff like this.  It shocked me to discover that these people actually still existed.  As I listened and read more their tortured logic turned comical.  I offer this clip as a prime example.

I can’t bring myself to give away the punchline of the clip, but I will say that the format of the show appears to be callers leaving voice mail messages and the host repsonding to them.

Fuck Survivor

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In Which The Absence Is More Than Worth It

October 3rd, 2006 1 comment

Yes, things have been crazy busy in the bidness of making hate humorous, but the rewards, when they come are HUGE 

I ask you, the reader, to figure out

1)  Which one is real
2)  Which one came first

“If he is guilty of any crimes against these boys, Mr. Foley should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The fact that so many Americans are outraged and sickened by his alleged actions indicates that as a society we do understand there are limits to ‘tolerance’ of our culture’s anything-goes view of sexuality.

“The lives of real families have been devastated by the conduct Mr. Foley stands accused of — so it’s sad that so much of the dialogue today is so political in nature. Those truly interested in protecting children from online predators should spend less time calling for Speaker Hastert to step down, and more time demanding that the Justice Department enforce existing laws that would limit the proliferation of the kind of filth that leads grown men to think it’s perfectly OK to send lurid e-mails to 16-year-old boys.

“If any lasting cultural good could come out of this awful incident, it would be Americans discarding the politically correct notion fed to us by those on the left that obscenity is just another form of free speech.”


Representative Tom Foley resigned from the House of Representatives on Friday over allegations that he tried to solicit sex from underage boys.  If this is even true, it’s a tragedy when a good man succumbs to the demonic influence of the liberal media that broadcast sex twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks a year.  What’s truly hard to understand is the reaction of the Democrats.  Democrats from both sides of the aisle vocally condemned Representative Foley.  Given all that Democrats stand for you’d think they’d be throwing him a party paid for by the ACLU and NAMBLA.  We believe this points out the hypocrisy of liberals who harbors terrorists and keep sex slaves in their basements while condemning those whose only crime was to lose a battle with Satan.

Ok.  I know enough to know that no one’s actually going to make the effort to guess.

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