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In Which The Message Should Be Fairly Clear To OCDBPac

June 4th, 2009 No comments

Our Country Deserves Better PAC continues to put out some of the funniest emails ever, such as this one entitled “$2,300 in dirty liberal money”

$2,300 — that’s how much each one of Barack Obama’s friends from the corrupt Chicago Political Machine are going to be giving to Senator Harry Reid 10 days from now.  This comes just after Obama traveled to Las Vegas to raise a couple million dollars for Harry Reid’s faltering campaign.

Yesterday we asked for your help as we raise the money it will take to defeat Sen. Reid and dozens of other liberal Democrats we’ve targeted for defeat in the upcoming congressional elections.

After 16 hours, only 75 people responded, and we raised less than $2,800.
We’ve got to do better, friends – much, much better!  The fundraiser that Obama’s friends of Sen. Reid are putting on will likely raise in the millions.

A couple of points for Kelly S. Eustis.

1) Everybody fundraises.  It’s not like “dirty liberal money” is any different than “dirty conservative money” responsible for no-bid contracts to companies that install faulty electrical wiring in showers that killed our soldiers.  See, it’s not the political leaning of the cash – it’s the cash itself that corrupts.

2) If you want to defeat Harry Reid you…um…need someone to run against him.  As it stands, the message of your sad little email campaign is give us money so we can run crappy little ads on YouTube slamming Harry Reid.  It’s a good start.  BUT – it’s not like the ballot will read “Harry Reid” and “Not Harry Reid”.  It’s not like Nevada loses a Senate seat if you somehow manage to defeat him.  You made the same mistake with your NY-20 race.  You let your irrational hatred of Democrats blind you to the fact that in order to vote against someone you need to tell people who to vote FOR.  If you want to have your little binary, black and white worldview, great – but you need to include the “one” otherwise you’re just a great big zero.

3) Most importantly – 16 hours, 75 people, $2800 (avg. donation $37/pp).  Step back a second and ponder just what that might mean.  Let’s see – Harry Reid gets millions in a short time and you, righteous zealots of wingnuttery that you are, get enough to ride on a mechanical pony outside Walmart.  Think hard!  What could it mean?  Give up?  Ok, I’ll tell you – NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT YOU.  Not even your base.  I’m on your email list and I wouldn’t even give you an empty bottle to take the redemption center.  Surely, I’m not the only one.

Pack it up, folks.  You lost.  Like Mr. Bouncy-Bouncy says: “Stop whining.”

In Which Our Country Deserves Better PAC’s Services Are No Longer Needed

May 22nd, 2009 No comments

I need to channel my energy better.  I always mean to troll and end up engaging, instead.  There comes a point where distanced amusement turns to outright anger and OCDBPAC tends to find that point as easily as Deborah Jones finds the closet she keeps her strap-on hidden in so she and Joe can play Secretary.

The level of their denial rocks the brain and approaches Sinclairian standards.  Take the recent email sent by Mr. Jones (who, btw, has a thing going on).

According to the folks at YouTube, only 1,538 of you have listened to the new radio ad I recorded yesterday that takes Harry Reid to task for dishonoring our military men and women.  Friends, we have a lot more members than that so this means a lot of you have yet to listen to the ad.

Gosh, Lil’ Debbie, it’s almost like (how shall I put this) NO ONE FUCKING CARES.

I know that only a handful of people read this and I cherish every single one of you.  I might bitch about low numbers sometimes but, guess what, at the end of the day, it’s my problem.  I could write good old-fashioned earthy-crunchy “yay liberals” stuff.  I could jump on whatever band wagon Dkos hitched up for the day.  There are 12 gazillion ways to up the numbers to the point where the Google ad revenue would keep me rolling in clover.  The last thing I would do is send an email blaming you, my cherished readers, for not reading this enough.  Or not sending me money

Please take a moment to listen to the new ad below.  And if you agree with my message, then help me make sure every single voter in Nevada hears this ad next week, by making a contribution so we can purchase as much airtime as possible.

Translation, as if it were plain – “Waaaaaaah!  It’s YOUR fault if America turns into an athieistic, Socialist dictatorship because didn’t pay for my salary.”  But that’s not really the point.

Let me state that not all Republicans are wingnuts.  I know plenty of perfectly nice people who respectfully disagree me.  They don’t call me names.  They don’t besmirch my character.  As a result, we actually talk about things, which isn’t to say that things don’t get heated or that we’ll ever agree.

The classic wingnut just lies without any sense of remorse, conscience or fact.  Obama is not a socialist.  He does not hate the troops.  He is an American citizen.  He did not get blown in the back of a limo by a psychotic gay man.

The classic wingnut loves to call the left “Stalinist” implying that we insist on absolute and total fealty to the dogma laid down by the wingnut target du jour.  There are, of course, those who insist on lockstep adherence to liberal dogma.  I’ve heard plenty of conversations about how someone wasn’t “liberal enough”.  I have no use for those people.  However, they generally don’t take their dogma and go home.

Like OCDBPAC does.

I noticed a couple of days ago that the two copies of their emails that I usually got mysteriously became one copy.  Perhaps it’s because they read my responses to them and decided that I wasn’t on their list for the “right” reason. (Me so funny!)  All the more reason to subscribe with two different addresses.  It’s not the first time they’ve cut me off.  I’m kicked out of their Facebook group for pointing out that their math was heniously wrong when I came to interpreting polling data, a fact confirmed my wife who interprets data for a living.

Now, however, they’ve taken to deleting and banning comments on their idiotic YouTube radio ad.

It doesn’t seem to take much to get banned, either.  Just counter “Harry Reid hates the troops” with something true, like, say bush cut funding for veteran’s benefits.  Or that Walter Reed Hospital willfully and knowing neglected the veterans in their charge.  You’ll be banned in a heartbeat. In my case, I was banned after asking someone to read sources “outside your comfort zone if only to debunk them.”  How fucking incendiary am I?

To sum up – I was banned from Our Country Deserves Better PAC for

1) Disagreeing with them

2) Asking them to consider all sides of an issue

In short – I was banned for acting like an American.