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In Which If Belief Is Valid Then Belief Is Valid

June 19th, 2009 1 comment

Netroots Nation starts unveiling panels and such including this very poorly written one

A New Progressive Vision for Church and State
date and time TBA

The old liberal vision of a total separation of religion from politics has been discredited. Despite growing secularization, a secular progressive majority is still impossible, and a new two-part approach is needed–one that first admits that there is no political wall of separation. Voters must be allowed, without criticism, to propose policies based on religious belief. But, when government speaks and acts, messages must be universal. The burden is on religious believers, therefore, to explain public references like “under God” in universal terms. For example, the word “God” can refer to the ceaseless creativity of the universe and the objective validity of human rights. Promoting and accepting religious images as universal will help heal culture-war divisions and promote the formation of a broad-based progressive coalition.

Unless I’m mistaken, this sounds like it’s about the role of religion in liberal politics and how to meld the two.

[Hate me]

The conversation has to happen with the understanding that nothing will ever change with regards to the role of G/god in US.  Liberals will never ever convince wingnuts and zealots that we’re not actually going to Hell or that we don’t hate America.  It’s never going to happen.  What we can do is expand the center by showing the less militant Christians that, contrary to popular belief, some Christian are Democrats and showing the less militant Atheists that, contrary to popular belief, being Christian doesn’t mean you want to shoot abortion doctors.

It’s called…ohhhh, what’s the word for it – “dialogue”and “compromise”. And it’s what too many liberals right now are ripping the shit out of Obama for doing.

Seriously, folks – did you expect Obama to ride into town on a white Vespa and dismantle the core principles of America in six months?

OMG!  He chose RICK WARREN to give the inaugural invocation instead of a transgendered Wiccan?!  To the pillory with the traitor!

It’s time for liberals to realize that screaming “throw the Christians back to the lions” defines the word “counter-productive”.  America’s dominant religion is Christianity.  Sorry!  I don’t like that fact, either.  True, a lot of “Christians” don’t go to church.  True, a lot of “Christians” believe Jesus hates far more people and groups than he actually does.  I’m sure there are many “Christians” that don’t know the first thing about their professed religion.  But they do know when it’s threatened and will knee-jerk vote against any candidate that speaks against it.  Is it moral, logical or consistent?  Of course not.

Thus, it’s time to come up with some kind of plan on how to re-introduce sanity back into the discussion of religion in America because it’s not going anywhere ever.  The best we can do is de-link and de-demonize liberalism from Satanism and urge Christian social progressives to take back their religion from the Dobsons and Falwells and Eliasons of this world…and to tell the Dawkins and the Harris’ to chill the hell out.  (No pun intended)

Don’t think it can be done?  Watch The Education of Shelby Knox on Netflix and watch hardcore evangelicals as their attitudes towards gays soften to the point where Mom marches at a pro-gay rally.

Can we have (as one my least favorite songs ever says) a world with “no religion, too”.  No, we can’t.

Can we have a world where religions tolerate each other?

Yes, we can.

[/Hate me]

NOTE – If you can’t attend Netroots Nation then you can catch a lot of it in Second Life at the appropriately named Netroots Nation in Second Life

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In Which No One Cares About The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

January 23rd, 2009 No comments

But you SHOULD care about the sound of a bunch of liberal putting together and album of great music to support Netroot Nations in Second Life.  Can’t make this year’s Netroots Nation conference this year for whatever reason?  I probably can’t either – why not attend online then?  It’s a helluva a lot cheaper if not free.

Of course, nothing is free so who’s gonna pay for it?  You can help by buying The Revolution Will Be Streamed on It’s an album (or CD or whatever you want to call it) of music donated by the Thinking Liberally crowd on Second Life.  14 songs for $8 AND you get to help out a good cause?  That’s not too bad.

And outside of the brilliant talent, you can hear Billy Bob Neck…umm…rapping.