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In Which “The Newsroom” Is 24 For The Intellectual Liberals

January 2nd, 2013 No comments

I’m a bad liberal. I admit it. Sometimes I put stuff in the trash that belongs in the recycle bin. I flick my cigarette (bad liberal) out the car window. I got sick of Keith Olbermann, no matter how much I agreed with him and I despise Laurence O’Donnell. I mean, despise.  The second Rachel Maddow ends, the TV is off, hopefully before he starts speaking.

Let me put this right up front. I’ve never seen The Newsroom and, even if I had HBO (which I don’t) I wouldn’t watch it. I’ve seen clips from it and it looks great. I love the cast. The writing is top notch. The problem is – it’s not real life. It is, like all TV, a dream world. It’s a world I’d love to live in, full of the proper mix of reason and passion where you win arguments with facts (“All presidents have used stimulus and you’ve never called them socialist”) and you’re not told “SHUT THE FUCK UP!! YOURA FAGOT. GO BACK TO NOTRH KOREA!!”

(Sidenote: I love the new North Korea focus. They can’t use Iran anymore because they actually realize that they wish the US transformed into a theocratic society.)

A scant 2 months after 9/11, Fox TV came out with the show 24.  Stop and think about that. TV shows just don’t create themselves overnight. What this implies is that pretty much the day after or even of 9/11, some one saw and opportunity to turn it into cash. Not just cash, but an electronic bully pulpit preaching that all Muslims wanted to kill us and that only the US could save the day. And do it all in 24 hours. This kind of propaganda is not unprecedented but it took 20 years for a show about wacky Nazis to get to TV after WWII. Did the propaganda campaign known as 24 work?

A few years ago, One News Now, a fake news site run by the American Family Association, asked its xtian readers if they thought torture was a viable option in the war on terror. These salt-of-the-earth, turn-the-other-cheek, that-which-you-do-to-the-least-of-these xtians responded with a deafening FUCK YEAH! Just how loud was the response? 89% said they had no problem with it. Bear in mind that after WWII, the US prosecuted Japanese soldiers for waterboarding Americans.

Even liberals ate up the whole “they hate freedom” bullshit that 24 pedaled. And you can’t really blame them. Most people wanted comfort and assurance that a once in lifetime event wouldn’t happen again. So much so, that we took off our unalienable rights with the Patriot Act and put them in the bin with our shoes at the airport. In the end, though, 24 served only to increase national paranoia and hits on the job site at the CIA and FBI.

You’re going to tell me The Newsroom and 24 can’t be compared. Getting all sweaty from running around diffusing bombs isn’t the same thing as getting all sweaty because you’re living on coffee and running downstairs to not get caught smoking. True. But at the concept level, it’s the same thing: Intrepid People Intrepidly Saving The World From The Enemy. In the case of 24, the enemy wore turbans, long beards and spoke a foreign language. In The Newsroom, the enemy wears suits, flag pins and speaks a foreign language – Teabaggese.

Wingnuts don’t have a problem with blood and violence. They love seeing people get the shit literally kicked out of them. Their default action is “punch”. Liberals don’t. We’d prefer our smack downs bloodless. We’d rather eviscerate with words (raises his hands) than violence. To put it in teabagger terms: Liberals think the motherfucking SHIT out of teabaggers – HOO-ah! The pen is mightier than sword, weak limbed thinkers are told, but smugness in the safety of your facts rarely protects you from getting stabbed. Paradoxically, reason tends to incite violence.

In dream world of  The Newsroom, that hermetic seal stays unbroken. Sure, danger will happen, but in the end everything works out. The danger, though, isn’t the lulling thoughts that every works out. The danger, or at least the reason I don’t watch it, comes from the knowledge that it takes a fictional character to speak the truth to power. Put another way, very few politicians want to speak the words spoken on that show. Even fewer want to act on them. And that’s a big problem – investing energy in a show that not only mirrors reality but outdoes it.

I’m not up for watching a show that leaves me saying, “Wow. If only someone had the guts to say that in real life.”

In Which I Posted On The New Majority

March 3rd, 2009 No comments

Isn’t blogging lovely?  If I felt like it, I could post the word “ocelot” everyday until my hosting company went out of business!  Yesterday, someone said they started a new blog but couldn’t think of anything to write.  Normally, that’s not a problem for me.  It’s not the subjects I have trouble with, it’s the time and space to actually get them down.

David Frum, writing at the New Majority, has a heartwarming piece that, if he were a liberal, would be called Fuck Rush.  He finishes off, thusly

But do the rest of us understand what we are doing to ourselves by accepting this leadership? Rush is to the Republicanism of the 2000s what Jesse Jackson was to the Democratic party in the 1980s. He plays an important role in our coalition, and of course he and his supporters have to be treated with respect. But he cannot be allowed to be the public face of the enterprise – and we have to find ways of assuring the public that he is just one Republican voice among many, and very far from the most important.


Plenty of the commenters agree with him.  Plenty of the commenters effectively call him, as Rush would, a faggot.  I’ll probably be called a faggot, too, for leaving the following comment –

The fact is that Rush does nothing. Nor does Medved. Nor does Randi Rhodes. Nor do ANY talk show host. If you want to hold up Limbaugh as the savior of the right then elect him president. If you believe he’s right on every issue and that only he can save America then it is your duty as an America to do so. Not to take this action proves that you hate your country…or you don’t have the courage of your convictions. It’s a simple as that. If Limbaugh refuses to run then he is a coward. If he refuses to run then he is admitting that he is, for lack of a better phrase, “all talk and no action”. That goes for all talk show hosts. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make up insults like “Hitlery” and “Feminazi”. You cannot govern with those words, though. Governing takes intellect and tact. Limbaugh has none of those. Instead, he is the middle school football dad kicking the crap out of a referee because he knows more than the ref but is too unstable and lazy to do the job himself. You may hate Al Franken but he had the guts to get out from behind the mike and put his words (faith?) into action. Limbaugh can’t and won’t. In the real world, you can’t scream insults into the face of world leader and expect to get your way. It’s time to put away childish things and one of those things is Limbaugh.

How does Limbaugh do when he has to physically face his opposition?  Horribly.  That’s why he’s on teh radio where he can keep his little bubble in tact and not have to witness the destruction he causes first hand.  That’s why he’ll never run for office – because once you physically see him and he can see you, he turns into the chubby third grader that got his ass kicked over and over again for mouthing off.

Enjoy the sight of ordinary Americans verbally kicking the shit out of Limbaugh.  I did.

In Which Facts Are Stupid Things

February 21st, 2009 2 comments

Facts are stupid things.
Ronald Reagan

Ok, so Reagan really said it but probably not on purpose.  He was quoting (or tried to quote) John Adams.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

I could, of course, have just started this off with the quote without providing any context and we all could have had a good laugh at Reagan’s expense.  But then I would be doing what Our Country Deserves Better PAC does.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we have a new president and there are some people that believe that he will DESTROY AMERICA (emphasis NOT added).  Despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary, they believe he’s a radical communist, a soclialist, that he’ll sell us out to Africa, that he dealt drugs, that he’s on the down-low and (though I’m sure it’s a joke) that he’s a voodoo priest.  These are the same people that crow that after 30 days he’s “changed nothing” and that sneer about him not being “bi-partisan”.  This would imply that they would EVER consider working with him, period.  It’s the same as saying “I’ll stop punching you in the face when you stop asking me to stop punching you in the face.”

Before I go on, I want to acknowledge that latte-sipping liberals such a myself engage in the same disingenuous fiddling that dickheads like OCDB PAC does.  (See, that was a little meta-joke there!)  The main difference, I think, is that we generally cave in like Pelosi and Obama have over the Patriot Act.  Democrats will actually vote for what they believe in as opposed to the ‘licans who’ll skunk the stimulus bill despite the fact that it was reported they wanted it to pass.

Ok.  That’s out of the way.

Take a look at the most recent volley from the stomach of OCDB PAC.

As opposition to Barack Obama’s collectivist, big-goverment economic policies & confused and weak national defense/foreign affairs policies grows, support for Obama has taken a hit in the polls.

The Gallup polling organization has been conducting a daily tracking poll and in the past month Obama’s job approval ratings have plunged by 19%.  The drop in support has been particularly noticeable among Independents and Republicans (one month ago a narrow plurality of Republicans approved of the way Obama was handling his job, now a majority of Republicans say they disapprove).

Down 19%??  Holy shit!  If, as they say, his approval rating is down 19% he’s in pretty big trouble, isn’t he?  It sounds like the entire country has deserted him!  Buyer’s remorse, as the wingnuts’ new talking point says.

Not surprisingly, it’s not true.

I’ve been…let’s call it “monitoring” the OCDB Facebook page and chiming in occasionally.  So, I left this on their message board

Numbers are fun! Obama down 19%! He’s gotta be sunk now! 19% is a really big number! It’s a lot. But you’ll notice that the actually poll numbers aren’t used.

According the Gallup (and, please remember, if you don’t back up your statements with links, nobody will check because he’s hated SO MUCH that nobody cares if it’s true or not) Obama started off with at 67% approval rating. ( The new poll has him at….63%

It’s much more dramatic to say that his numbers fell by 19% than he dropped 4 points.

You can also just make up a number that sounds good, too. Do the math, folks. Here’s the Gallup graph –

For the sake of math-iness, let’s say Obama had a 70% approval rating and and it fell 20%. 10% of 70 equals 7 – double that to get 20% and you’ve got 14. 70-14 equals 56.

That’s not terribly close to 63.

Dissent IS patriotic and there’s much to dislike about Obama on both sides of the aisle. But, please, don’t be dishonest about it.

To which Joe responded.

Paul: We take issue with, “Dissent IS patriotic and there’s much to dislike about Obama on both sides of the aisle. But, please, don’t be dishonest about it.” Especially since we provide the graph with the number scale showing the poll results at each interval.

I’ll help you out with specific numbers on specific dates, but I’d ask in the future if you have a question about something we put out, simply ask and we’ll be happy to provide you with clarification or supporting material. But we don’t appreciate people suggesting we’re somehow dishonest. I surely think you’d want us to treat you in the same accord and fashion, yes?

OK, so here we go:

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll
1/21/2009 – 1/23/2009:
68% Approve
12% Disapprove
Net Approval Margin: 56%

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll
2/16/2009 – 2/18/2009
62% Approve
25% Disapprove
Net Approval Margin: 37%

That’s a drop in Obama’s job approval rating by 19% in less than one month.

OK – we’re good now?

HUH?  Wait.  Go and look at the link to the email they sent out.  I see “approve”.  I see ” disapprove”.  What I don’t see is 1) any numbers at all and 2) any reference to “net job approval”.  Sooooo…how, then, do you use numbers that don’t exist to make up a metric that you never defined?  Wouldn’t you call that…um…what’s the word I’m looking for…dishonest?  Isn’t this the same math that got us into the economic debacle that we’re in now?

If you’re looking for some fun, you’d could do worse than join their Facebook group.

In Which The Face Of Hate Can Look Like Your Mom

January 16th, 2009 2 comments

I’ve talked about Janet Folger’s ode to Hate Week,  The Criminalization of Christianity: Read This Book Before It Becomes Illegal!, previously and while I don’t claim to be an expert on christcon propaganda, I think you could easily use it as a template.  The most important thing about lying for jesus is to sound as if you’re not.  Keep two things in mind: 1) christcons aren’t actually Christians because if they were they’d know that 2) Jesus isn’t stupid.

I bring this up because @stacyharp started up with the “HUSSEIN” stuff again with this little mini-poem to dick-ishness:

Who else thinks calling Barack HUSSEIN Obama is insulting? I’m curious because if you do, take it up with his mom. She named him

Context means nothing to christcons.  Despite the fact that “Hussein” among Muslims is like “John” among Americans, there is only one “Hussein” and he blew up the World Trade Center for no other reason than that he hated freedom.  This means that all men named “Al” are Italian gangsters and all women name “Stacy” will, after they die, find themselves sitting next to the 9/11 hijackers in Hell sputtering, “b-b-but I was sooo moral!”  She repeatedly claimed that she wasn’t being snarky and that “I like middle names” and proceeded to spend the rest of the night calling him “Hussein”.

When I asked Stacy (who, if she doesn’t personally enjoy taking it up the ass, doesn’t mind other Christians who do as long as their married and not fags) if Jesus would be respectful and call him President Obama or be a dick and mock him, she oddly refused to answer the question.  It’s par for the course and the reason that christcons are not actually Christians but using Christ’s words as a jumping off point to rationalize their own hatred and to profit off the fear of others.  Does it really take a biblical scholar to understand that Jesus was not a sarcastic dick?

“Hey, Pilate, you must be a faggot because you keep talking about morning wood!”

(To a soldier in Gethsemane) “If you wasn’t carrying a spear then I wouldn’t call you a spear chucker.  The fact that you’re a nigger don’t have nothing to do with it.”

No – it doesn’t.  So why couldn’t she answer that question?  Because she knows somewhere in her tiny little hate-filled heart that she’s wrong.  I’ve heard Jesus described as a Libertarian.  I’ve heard him called a Repbublican.  I’ve heard him described as being against welfare.  Each of these claims takes so many leaps of logic and perversions of Scripture that you might just as well call Jesus a Nazi.

christcons love Janet Folger’s book.  I like it, too, because the lies are so blatant, the logic so loose and the hypocrisy so obvious that even christcons tend to back off when confronted with them.  Folger uses three main tactics –

1) Misdirection – A christcon judge got turned down for a federal judgeship not because of unwise, racist rulings he made but because (waaaaaait for it) he taught Sunday School.

2) Hypocritical Snark – It’s ok for Folger hack and slash at the gay community but the moment they criticize christcons it changes to “so much for ‘tolerance’ and ‘understanding’, huh?”

3) If Apples, Then Oranges – There is a whole section of the book on Nazi Germany.  Why?  Is America the new Nazi Germany?  In a word, yes.  Because if Hitler did [x] then a liberal politician will do [x], as well.  It’s the only logical outcome.  The vast majority of examples used in the book don’t actually bear relation to America.  There is so much prefacing of “In Europe…” and “In Canada…” that you wonder if you picked up the wrong book.

I guess Stacy used to write for Renew America until Folger called and said she wanted her act back.  Maybe that’s why a friend DM’d me and called her “unoriginal”.  I mean, when you resort to this kind of juvenalia

– P.S. are you a real BEE? If not, stop impersonating one here on Twitter

– is that the best insult you can do? You who hide behind a BEE

you’re drowning and, by the look of it, possibly NOT in water.

Notice, though, how she says “is that the best insult you can do?”  Not “argument” or “case” but insult.  I think, during the whole exchange, I did my best to stay away from the insults since that’s what they (and Folger) look for.  One of the scams works this way – spur the mark (in this case, me) on to a point where they call you a cunt and then rest your case because, after all, that’s proof of the evil of godless liberalism.  It’s the jesus version of “what choo say ’bout my mama?” ploy.

Because Jesus always talked shit about people’s mamas.

In Which I’m A Liberal Faggot

May 11th, 2008 3 comments

Ohhh, those neo-cons are so predictable and is so much fun!  I don’t know what’s funnier, that those that claim to defend freedom demand that you SHUT THE FUCK UP or that when you throw a fact at them, like, say, bush admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction, they call you a faggot.

My favorite argument, though, is – “It doesn’t matter how we got there!  We’re there right now and we have to win or American will be destroyed.”  There are two ways to fight this both of which will, of course, get you branded a faggot.

1) Did the communists destroy America when we pulled out of Vietnam?  Not the last time I looked.  The whole point of Vietnam was to stop the spread of communism.    Pulling out meant that communists would be emboldened and take over the woooooorld!  So, pulling out of the cluster fuck of Iraq is not a guarantee that bin Laden…oh…wait.  I forgot.  We don’t care about him any more, do we.  SORRY!  It’s amazing that the neo-cons demonize the country that they invaded for not following the path we told them to take.  The Iraqi paliament goes on vacation for August and they suck.  bush goes on vacation for August and he’s a strong leader.  Some asshole even brought up the coalition of the willing as proof that we were righ to go in.  Too bad we threaten to cut of aid to some of those countries if they didn’t join.  And, btw, fuck you, Tonga, for withdrawing your 40 troops!

Fun fact!  Out of the 40 orignal countries 18 found something better to do!

Fun fact!  Out of the 40 original countries, 13 committed less then 100 troops!

Fun fact!  Nobody told The Solomon Islands they were on the list and, boy,  were they pissed!

2) Ok, so it doesn’t matter how we got there.  All that matters is that we WIN, goddamn it!  Sooo, that means if you’re daughter comes home from high school knocked up then you don’t really care who was fucking her.  Right?  I mean, what does it matter how she got that way?  You just need to deal with the present situation.  Focusing on the past is just a waste of energy!

Anywho – thanks to the manly named Jihad Killer Hour for the inspiration.

Your faggot, Muslim, liberal, retard, freedom-hating, code pink pamphlet reading, talking points spouting, hypocritical (and, really, you never did explain that), lying, scumbag, douchbag…um… I know I’m leaving a few out but I can’t remember them…friend, Paul.

P.S. – Thanks for fighting to defend your own right to tell me to shut the fuckand for me to keep my mouth shut.