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In Which I’m A Liberal Faggot

May 11th, 2008 3 comments

Ohhh, those neo-cons are so predictable and is so much fun!  I don’t know what’s funnier, that those that claim to defend freedom demand that you SHUT THE FUCK UP or that when you throw a fact at them, like, say, bush admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction, they call you a faggot.

My favorite argument, though, is – “It doesn’t matter how we got there!  We’re there right now and we have to win or American will be destroyed.”  There are two ways to fight this both of which will, of course, get you branded a faggot.

1) Did the communists destroy America when we pulled out of Vietnam?  Not the last time I looked.  The whole point of Vietnam was to stop the spread of communism.    Pulling out meant that communists would be emboldened and take over the woooooorld!  So, pulling out of the cluster fuck of Iraq is not a guarantee that bin Laden…oh…wait.  I forgot.  We don’t care about him any more, do we.  SORRY!  It’s amazing that the neo-cons demonize the country that they invaded for not following the path we told them to take.  The Iraqi paliament goes on vacation for August and they suck.  bush goes on vacation for August and he’s a strong leader.  Some asshole even brought up the coalition of the willing as proof that we were righ to go in.  Too bad we threaten to cut of aid to some of those countries if they didn’t join.  And, btw, fuck you, Tonga, for withdrawing your 40 troops!

Fun fact!  Out of the 40 orignal countries 18 found something better to do!

Fun fact!  Out of the 40 original countries, 13 committed less then 100 troops!

Fun fact!  Nobody told The Solomon Islands they were on the list and, boy,  were they pissed!

2) Ok, so it doesn’t matter how we got there.  All that matters is that we WIN, goddamn it!  Sooo, that means if you’re daughter comes home from high school knocked up then you don’t really care who was fucking her.  Right?  I mean, what does it matter how she got that way?  You just need to deal with the present situation.  Focusing on the past is just a waste of energy!

Anywho – thanks to the manly named Jihad Killer Hour for the inspiration.

Your faggot, Muslim, liberal, retard, freedom-hating, code pink pamphlet reading, talking points spouting, hypocritical (and, really, you never did explain that), lying, scumbag, douchbag…um… I know I’m leaving a few out but I can’t remember them…friend, Paul.

P.S. – Thanks for fighting to defend your own right to tell me to shut the fuckand for me to keep my mouth shut.