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In Which I Find More Digital Crack

May 15th, 2008 1 comment

I blame Dani.

I didn’t know about Bitstrip and I now I do.  It allows you to make your own cartoons.  I can’t draw for shit but I’ve always yearned to do a comic strip and I have the perfect idea for a comic book:  Poreman.

It’s about a guy that’s beaten with in an inch of his life and becomes a parapelegic.  He used to be a go-getter but now he’s lying in the hospital, slowly giving up on himself.  His girlfriend, heartsick by it all, comes up with a plan to get his head back on straight.  She burns a copy of the theme from Xanadu and leaves it on repeat in his room.  He hates that song.  After two days of listening to it, he learns how to manipulate his pores so that he can shoot various bodily liquids with deadly accuracy.  In this way, he short cicuits the CD player, saves his sanity and gets back his self-worth.

Then he starts fighting crime.

Yes, brilliant, I know.  And if I could draw I’d have a bigger home and a larger TV set.

As it stands, I’ve done my first cartoon on Bitstrip.  Who knows?  Maybe I can do Poreman with it.