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Fuck You, Hillary

May 23rd, 2008 4 comments

I’m contemplating blacking this blog out until Clinton withdraws.  I know it wouldn’t mean anything but it would be a sign of my own contempt for a person who consistently shows America that four years of her presidency is Russian Roulette with three bullets in the chamber.

RFK’s assassination?  At long last, have you no shame.  (I’m sure that Olbermann had that in his first draft, btw)

Despite the spin on both of the campaigns, I believe she knew what she was doing.  On many occassions, I, like probably 90% of Americans, said out loud or to themselves, “Obama could get assassinated”.   Some “hard working white person” could snap and rather than pull out of this hell called the bush years, we’re plunged in more confusion and hatred.  I do my best to stuff those thoughts down.  It’s a nightmare scenario.  For Clinton, though, it’s a dream and a good one because it’s the only possible way that she can legimately win the nomination.  As of 4pm today, according to the News Hour Delegate Tracker, Obama need 56 votes to clinch the nomination.  Clinton needs 246.  Killing Obama is just about the only way to stop him and Clinton blind, power-hungry ego isn’t above praying to the God she recently became aquainted with in order to appease the Evangelicals.

Leaving aside her cynical moving of the goalposts to fool herself into thinking she’s got a chance (“John McCain came from behind, why not me?”) think about her responses to her multitude of mistakes – she never apologizes and she never backs down.  It’s not really her fault that she repeated her lies about Bosnia. – she was sleep deprived and anyone could have made that kind of mistake. Now contrast that with bush’s Politco interview where he would apologize for the clusterfuck in Iraq because “some people told [him] there were weapons of mass destruction.”  Has Clinton ever apologized for her role in advancing the Iraq war?  No.  She just blames bush who blames “people”.  Notice any similarities?

When the phone rings at 3am do you really want someone so “sleep deprived” that they cannot understand how incredibly fucking stupid bringing up the RFK assassination was?  Hillary’s not apologizing for it.  No, no, she’s digging herself deeper by half-assing some feeble explanation without even acknowledging that she implicitly wished death on Obama whether she meant to or not.

You probably don’t remember the Rev. Wright issue.  Oh.  Wait.  Hillary still beats that dead horse.  Anyway – what was Obama’s reaction?  Did he spout some kind of double-speak?  Did he blame Michelle because he didn’t really want to go to that church anyway?  No.  At first, he stood up and defended his pastor and used his demi-bully pulpit to address the subject of racial divide in America and in it, apologized to those who were offended.  Can you see Clinton apologizing for anything?  I can’t.  Clinton strikes me as closer to bush in temperment than McCain.  I’ve already had 8 years of that.  I don’t want more.

There’s a theory that Reagan wanted Gobachev to hear the “evil empire” comment.  It was psy-ops.  Clinton’s not stupid.  I don’t believe that kind of thing just slips out.  I believe that, with no June surprise on the horizon, no Obama “fucks puppies stories”, no “Michelle sacrifices Christian babies to Allah” stories, Clinton at last threw the kitchen sink – Someone’s going to kill Obama, the party will be even more fucked up than she made it and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to her back in Iowa!  All of this party strife was so easily avoided by sticking with the candidate that everyone said would be the nominee until Mr. Hopeful showed up with his patriarchal oppression and relying on race instead of substance to carry him through.

She meant to say it.  If she’s putting out 3am scare ads and pictures of bin Laden – she meant to say it.  Pure and simple.

Why hasn’t there been a concerted effort to kick her ass out of the race?  Because she’s a girl.  Every pundit I’ve seen talks about “letting Hillary down easy” like the girl you asked to the prom when your first choice managed to survive an assassination attempt.  “Um, Hillary, I’ve…um…got some bad news…Emily’s going to pull through so…um… I can’t go with you.  Can I have my ring back?”  If Clinton wasn’t relying on gender, she wouldn’t make such a big deal of it.  “The biggest and last glass ceiling”?  Fuck you.  I have never heard Obama make a speech about how proud Harriet Tubman would be of him personallly.  Yes, he talks about race but he keeps it on a national level – AMERICA can accept a black president, any black president.  He de-emphasizes his role.  Clinton can only think about her role.  It’s not that America can accept any woman as a president but that it accepts HER as the first woman president and isn’t she brave to chart these waters.  She’s Sally Fields accepting an award for playing a candidate.

So if you didn’t mean to RFK statement the way it came out – fuck you for not issuing an immediate and heartfelt apology.  I know you couldn’t anyway, because you’re not programmed for apology and Karl Rove has your heart.

If you did mean it – then fuck you for your cynicism in thinking America would vote for you because Obama would probably be killed soon.

I truly hope your political career has ended.  You’ve worked so hard to destroy it.

In Which I Help The HRC Campaign Get Their Message Out

May 21st, 2008 2 comments

If you’re a poor, uneducated white person who doesn’t want to vote for “that kind of person” then HRC wants your vote.  And if you’re planning on voting for HRC simply for that reason – if you’ll pledge to switch parties simply because “that kind of person” isn’t your kind of person then why not tell the rest of the country about it by using the ultimate American power tool – the bumper sticker

I mean, really, if you can go on national television and tell the country you’re a racist then buy a 50 pack and hand them out at church.

Go get some now!

In Which Hillary Courts Poor Uneducated White People

May 20th, 2008 2 comments

Mean?  Cruel?  No.

Look at it this way – If Obama touted the fact that he was courting poor, uneducated black people the press would have a field day with it.  If poor, uneducated black people went on TV and said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she was white, the MSM would bury him.  Instead, they hold proudly racist Clinton supporters as a valid reason for giving Clinton the nomination.

Ask yourself this – as a Democrat, do you really want racists deciding who your nominee is?  Are we really supposed to hold the poor and uneducated of any race as the pinnacle of of what America should stand for?  As a Democrat, does it bother you in the least little bit that Clinton uses the endorsements of scumbags neo-cons like Karl Rove and Richard Melon Scaife as legitimate reasons for her candidcy?

Sweet Jesus, I hope not