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In Which I Post Someone Else’s Letter

March 31st, 2009 No comments

[Note – Newton Wilcox on the Board of Directors of, which is to say he’s a fucking nutcase.  This letter was leaked to me anonymously and is posted without comment.]

Dear Mr. Justice Scalia

It goes without saying that God is the judge of us all, but until Jesus returns to earth to judge the naked and the dead (and if they’re naked it’s pretty much assured that they’re going to Hell) then you, and NOT Barney Frank, are the right man for the job. How dare he call you a homophobe!? This “politically correct” term is used simply to demonize those who hate gay people. I hate broccoli. Does that make me a broccoli-phobe? According to Mr. Barney Frank, I guess that it does. I guess you’d better just ship me off to Barack HUSSIEN Obama’s food re-education camps that he’s setting up even as we speak. What kind of country has America become when you are forced to not only eat but to enjoy hummus? I guess you can call it “change” but I, for one, do not believe in it.

You well know, sir, that God founded America to spread democracy and the English language throughout the rest of the world. If this isn’t true, then why was the Bible written in English?! (And, parenthetically, thanks to President Bush Iraquis are now beginning to put u’s after q’s the way they’re supposed to. Mission accomplished!) As you said so eloquently in your dissent against the decision to let Texas become an openly homosexual state, the “agenda promoted by some homosexual activists [is] directed at eliminating the moral opprobrium that has traditionally attached to homosexual conduct.” If I was a smarter man, I’d understand all of those words but it seems pretty clear that you understand that the homosexual agenda wants nothing more than to make all heterosexuals get divorced and force them to “marry” someone of their own sex. We know this to be true because Dr. Dobson and the Rev. Ted Haggard have told us so.

What’s less known, and the reason for this letter, is that all of this is being driven by the powerful Unitarian Universalist lobby in Congress. How do we know this? All you have to do is follow the money. Who stands to gain from homosexual marriage and the destruction of the moral fabric of our society? Unitarians, that’s who. Besides Satanists, Unitarians are the only other “religion” that performs “same-sex” ceremonies. Thus, the Unitarians stand to gain untold riches from fulfilling Satan’s plan of turning America from a once proud and powerful capitalistic country bursting with nuclear weapon capabilities into a filthy, third world hippie commune overseen by Charles Manson. Was Jesus killed by the Jews for this? I think not.

I’d like to personally thank you for standing up for the American values of traditional marriage and Christianity as laid out in the Constitution of this great country of ours. I’d also like to thank you for helping Justice Thomas get comfortable with a job that seemed to be pretty much over his head. Fortunately, you’ve told him how to vote and everything has worked out for the best.

In closing, let me just say that you are my favorite Supreme Court Justice even though you’re a Catholic and you can look forward to my vote in 2012 to keep you on the court!

Yours in Christ,

Newton Wilcox
Board of Directors

In Which It…Can’t Work!!

January 29th, 2009 1 comment

In Which I Have Excerpts From Blago’s “Closing Argument”

January 29th, 2009 No comments

[Note – Please do NOT ask me for my source.  I will NOT give it up.  I will spend the rest of my life in jail for contempt before I give up Judith Miller.]

Blagojevich:  Ok, motherfuckers, let me start by saying “FUCK YOU”.  Got it?  Was I speaking to quickly?  FUCK YOU.  You cocksuckers think I’m going down here?  You got another motherfucking thing coming to to you.  I am NOT fucking leaving this office until I’m given every fucking goddamn thing I’m fucking owed.  Who the hell do you think you goddamn fucks are, anyway?  The fucking pope?  No fucking way.

Stupid fucks, you can kiss my lily-white fucking Chicago ass…

Suck it.  I’m fucking serious.  Every single one of you fucks.  Form a goddamn line.

I had to beat Rachel Maddow off with a goddamn broomstick just to get out of the fucking building.  THAT’S the kind of badass motherfucker you’re fucking dealing with.  Got it?

I’m assured this will all be on the teleprompter for him.

In Which I Challenge These Idiots To Shut Up

July 6th, 2008 6 comments

Dear sweet jesus.

We have come to a very weird place indeed when the larrytards now turn on the gods and goddesses who rule over the Hell called Fox News.  It goes to show just how far down the rabbit hole they’ve gone and what a undeserved sense of self they have to watch them DEMAND that a national news organization (and I use the term loosely) pay attention to the 56 odd defectives that post on papatard’s web-lie.

First, Wells DEMANDED that Sen. Joseph Biden come clean about his role in the conspiracy to “silence” papatard.  I’m not sure whether this pathetic plea for validity is an upgrade or downgrade from that.

TV news has hit a new low. A news reporter that I once respected, Greta Van Susteren, and a former news show, Fox News, have become major disappointments. Just a few weeks ago my lady and I were watching Greta on Fox and we both remarked at how much she had changed. Greta used to be a hard hitting, no nonsense news seeker. Now she hosts an entertainment show. Well, I have had it!

Greta recently posted the following:

“June 18th, 2008 11:00 AM Eastern
Here is why…
by Greta Van Susteren
Many of you email me asking why I don’t interview Larry Sinclair….here is why (click on the link)

click here…

I assume you now know why I have not interviewed him and no one has…his 27 year criminal record and all sorts of other matters mentioned in the above link tell you short, no credibility.

I urge all of you to look to the issues…and not to the smears. While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people. There are good reasons to be skeptical of what politicians promise you.. challenge them about those promises…question their policies…but let’s skip unsubstantiated smears.”

The click here points to this site:

So, greta is basing her decision to not interview Sinclair based on rumors, smears and one biased blog?

HA!  Uh…yeah.  One biased blog?  Kinda like the way the larrytards cream over which provides no back up for ANYTHING it says? You mean, that kind of biased blog?  It takes a certain specific type of craziness to form those thoughts in your mind and then type them out and publish them.  Just to be clear – there are other larrytard blogs but they mostly copy and paste from papatad’s blog and add something like “THIS THING’S GONNA BLOW ANY DAY NOW”.  Honestly, I haven’t looked that hard but NOBODY seems to be doing any kind of investigation into whether papatard is telling the truth.  Oh, sure, they’ll publish the names and addresses of those who dare to ask for the tiniest morsel of evidence and attempt to shred the reputations of the non-believiers but as to supporting documentation?  Nope.  Sorry.  Judge Judy is on and they can’t miss that.

Rumors and smears?  Again – where’s the proof?  It doesn’t exist.  Both The Mitch and Nan Show and Death By 1000 Paper Cuts have done solid reporting debunking pretty much everything papatard says.  The only thing the larrytards have done is repeat, zombie and cult-like, their fervent belief that papatard must be telling the truth because he’s a criminal.  papatard certianly hasn’t given any.

Even better, Wells continues

So, what is the reason Greta?

It goes to the heart of the matter that even though Greta gives the reason that she’s not reporting on it, Wells refuses to see it.  It’s as if he’s saying, “Until you admit that papatard is telling the truth, I will not trust anything you say.”

Are you drooling over Obama?

Are you more interested in doing an entertainment show?

Are you afraid of being tagged racist?

This is the classic papa/larrytard gambit – ask a bunch of stupid questions.  Why are you afraid?  What are you hiding?  Why won’t you answer these rhetorical questions?  In the larrytard world, not supporting papatard means you support Obama.  I’m not sure that Greta does, although I couldn’t really tell you.  It’s beside the point.  Not believing a career criminal means you hate America and you’re secretly afraid of black people.

Are you afraid to get your hands dirty and do some real work? Some real news reporting?

HEE HEE!  Sounds like she already did her reporting, you stupid fuck.  She dug around and found out that there’s not one shred of evidence to support papatard’s claims and a MOUNTAIN of evidence that shows that taking him at his word is a bad idea.  Seriously – how do you hold a press conference promising to bring forth evidence, NOT bring forth evidence and then still have followers left at the end of the day?  How?  You’re a con artist skilled at keeping the eyes of your marks as far away from the truth as possible.  Almost three weeks after the airlines sent his bags to France (um…no…they didn’t) he still has not produced the evidence that luggage theoretically contained.  Even more shocking – not one larrytard has asked for it.  Do some reporting on THAT, Wells.  Find out where the luggage is and what it contained.  Then you can start bitching about Greta’s lack of reporting.

Greta, and most of the rest of MSM, I and other bloggers and truth seekers have been doing your job. I actually speak to Larry Sinclair. I ask questions without assuming. I do not drink the “kool aid”. In fact, I have researched and written about Dan Shomon, Obama’s former campaign manager and co schemer in getting state grants for Robert Blackwell companies. You see, Greta, the Sinclair story did not happen in a vacuum. If you had been doing your job, you would have been aware of all the crime, curruption and drug connections that make Sinclair’s story more believeable.

OOH!  Wow!  You mean papatard tells you what to say, you believe him unconditionally and call that “reporting”?  Wells, you may ask questions without assuming but I think they sound something like this

Wells: Larry, did you blow Obama while he smoked crack?
papatard:  Yes.  I did.
Wells:  Really?
papatard:  Yes.  Really.
Wells:  Well.  It doesn’t get more definitive than THAT!
papatard:  I’m a truth teller.  That’ll be $200 for the interview.
Wells:  Best money I ever spent!

What do Blackwell and Rezko have to do with papatard?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It’s more smoke and fuel to stoke the fires of Obama-hatred.  But if you collect enough untruths and tie them up with a pretty ignorance-colored ribbon then it doesn’t matter what bullshit scandal you’re talking about – it’s all one great big fake scandal and the specifics don’t matter.  You’ve judged him guilty of one so he’s guilty of everything.  Kinda like the way the Republican primaries work.

And guess what, one of the bloggers that has tried the hardest to discredit Larry Sinclair and anyone else seeking the truth about Obama, has been found out. This person has a recent criminal record. The is the same blogger that lied and took credit for Larry’s arrest. If you had bothered to check, the blogger’s information was incorrect. If you go to my blog, you will find the facts.

HEH!  Even if this is true (and as I recall, it was a conflict with a client, not a “criminal” matter) you’ve shot yourself in foot AGAIN proving what a raging hypocrite you are.  The whole “I believe papatard” movement rests on a single notion – just because he’s a career criminal doesn’t mean he’s not telling the truth.   (Yeah.  I know.  That’s why they’re called larrytards.)  By Wells’ own logic, there is no good reason NOT to believe “one of the bloggers”.  (You’ll note that Wells is too chickenshit to even name said blogger).  If being a “criminal” does not discount papatard from being truthful then why would Wells insist that “one of the bloggers” must be lying because he’s a “criminal”?

I have studied Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair and I can assure you that Mr. Sinclair has more credibility with me.

Soooo…let’s go over this again.  A career criminal with a history of fraud, drug running, human traficking and who has two outstanding warrants, one from late 2007,  has more credibility than a US senator that worked his way up from poverty to become a presidential candidate.

HOW does that work again?

So Greta. I challenge you to do some real reporting.

I also challenge you to contact me. I have facts as the result of hard work that I can provide. That is, if you care.

I love these challenges!  Especially since they only work one way.  On 7/25, I offered my own challenge to Wells.  He has never responded to it, which means he is guilty of raping puppies and feeding them to weavils.  In my opinion, that’s worse than being a career criminal OR a presidential candidate.  Currently, I have a challenge “awaiting moderation” challenging Wells to prove that papatard is telling the truth.

He won’t respond to either, I’m sure.  Why?  Because the first charge 1) is so spurious and unbelievable that to acknowledge it would do more harm than good and 2) he doesn’t give a fuck who I am.  Which is the precise reason that neither Obama, Biden or Greta will acknowledge him or any larrytard.  It’s pointless.

As to the second charge, you’d think that he’d want to clear that up.  Not so much.  He wouldn’t know the truth if it blew him.

In Which They Folded Like A Crumpled Suit

March 9th, 2008 8 comments

First off, my profound apologies to D-Rob for bringing her into the vortex of Larry “I’ll Keep This Up Into Obama’s Second Term” Sinclair.

Secondly (and for those who actually follow the action – you’re gonna love this), I just got a message from what I guesstimate to be the 1037th person Larry is suing.  That’s not the good part.  The good part is that Larry told this person that (waaaaaait for it) he only has a year to live.  Don’t get me wrong – that is NOT cause for celebration.  I wish nothing for Larry except a long life of ridicule.  Speaking of which, I hope Larry’s lawyer knows about this year-to-live thing, otherwise they’re getting screwed out of some legal fees.  No, what’s cause for celebration is that Larry, once again, fucked up and left another clue showing he’s a liar.  To wit….”I have not allowed any Dr. to tell me what they believe is my expiration date.”  Now, I’ll admit that sometimes I’m a little literal and legalistic BUT when it comes to death, for me there’s a fairly large chasm between “don’t know” and “a year to live”.  Especially if you owe me money.

Onto the evening’s entertainment  –

larrytards (and, stylistically, that should always be lower case) are a brave lot.  It takes a fair amount of courage to stand before the entire internet and spew the same talking points day after miserable day.  It’s like an Ironman competiton that consists solely of how long you can hula hoop.  Not only are you horribly sore by the end of it but everybody points and laughs at you because you look really fucking stupid.

Oh.  Shit.  Bad analogy.  larrytards are anonymous.  Duck, Phone Record Nov 1999 and pathetically predictable, outlawales, all hide in the piss-stink shadows of internet anonymity with something I assume is supposed to be humor.  It must be funny to other larrytards or maybe they really  are in fourth grade.  Lots of cock and homo comments such as someone who used the name “Cock-Ass For Obama”.  Get it?  “Caucus”?  “Cock-ass”?  Yeah,  I know.

Actually, outlawales has at least one identifiable alter ego – Paul and the Puppy.  I’m more and more convinced that outlawales may actually be the only existing larrytard.  I woudn’t put it past him.

I’ll admit up front that I post anonymously on on Big Head and I’ll rationalize it by saying that when I do it’s for the increased ridicule effect.  However, when I confront their lies and slander head on, I don’t hide.  As a matter of fact, I put the link to this blog on it.  When Larry threw a hissy fit about anonymous people posting on his YouTube page (which, having just checked, found out that he disabled and deleted ALL comments – a stupid move from a legal standpoint, IMHO) I sent him a message with my full name and email address so he knew who I was.  Okay, so BBN left him a voicemail thanking him for keeping negros out of the White House…what of it?  (Larry also sent BBN a message that included an acknowledgement the supportive voicemail.)

The anonymous larrytards, when their back is against the wall, love to scream about how it’s sooooo easy to make accusations when your hiding behind….an….anonymous……..screen……………………  No.  They don’t get the irony. 

At one point some anonymous  little larrytard quipped, “What’s that?  Do I smell FEAR from you?”

“No,” I responded, “vomit.”

“That’s because you make me sick, Paul.”  ouch.  that hurt.

“No, your fear makes you sick.  You’ve invested so much hate and spite in your little enterprise that with every day that Larry refuses to release actual evidence, that tiny seed of doubt grows bigger and bigger. What’s worse – we could have a black president! Talk about FEAR!!  I don’t have any fear.  You’re the one hiding behind the fake name.  C’mon.  Out yourself!  Be brave, larrytards!  Publish you’re email address!”

The response?  After about 15mins of laughing and name-calling, they mysteriously disappeared.

I’ll give Larry this much – no matter what kind of a deluded, lying bastard he is – he’s upfront and accessible.  I’ve got his numbers if you want them.

In Which Larry Is Proved A Liar By Methods Used To Exculpate Him

March 7th, 2008 3 comments

Reverse Speech Technology is often referred to as a “controversial” method by which to assess innocence or guilt.  The underlying premise is sound – it is impossible for people to truly lie.  They will always , consciously or unconsciously, tell the truth.  Lie detectors and blink analysis are just one in the arsenal of tools that a “truth technologist” can use.

This method has previously been used to assert Larry’s innocence. 

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video. 

I’m not sure why the court has not yet cleared Larry on the basis of this.

Until I started wondering…

Might someone, someone in the past, have had a premonition about Blow-me-gate?  Throughout the past weeks, when I think about Blow-me-gate, one song keeps popping into my head – You Made Me Love You.  I couldn’t figure out why.  Then, it occurred to me that there was a compelling reason to listen to this song….and then listen to it backwards.

Larry, it’s not like I believed you to begin with, but a part of me was willing to wait for your evidence to come out.  Now, however, I can never  believe that you’re telling the truth.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

In Which I Leave A Comment For Larry And A Present For You

March 7th, 2008 No comments

Larry Sinclair, the gift that keeps on giving, posted his current plans which include suing everyone who says bad things about him but NOT bringing forth a witness to back up his claims.  It should also be noted that he’s set up a “legal defense fund” on PayPal even though he’s not a defendant in any lawsuit that I know of.

If you haven’t seen it, go out and rent House of Games.  It’s about a psychiatrist that falls in with a conman.  There’s a great scene in a Western Union Office where the wonderful Joe Montegna shows the wooden and horrible Lindsay (because Mamet has to cast the woman he’s currently fucking, I guess) how a simple con works.  The key, Montegna tells her, is trust.  A true conman never asks money.  Instead, he sets up the situation so that the mark himself comes up with the idea of giving the conman money and proceeds to do so.  This was the first thought that entered my head when Larry very reluctantly and ONLY at the urging of others put up a PayPal link.  Am I implying that Larry is a conman?  No, of course not.  Because, unlike Larry, I’m not about to make charges that I can’t prove.  I’m simply looking at verifiable facts.

The following is a comment (that might as well be a separate post) that I left on Larry’s amusing little blog.  I know I promised some fun info last night about it, but I’m going to let that ferment for a few more days.  Anywho – rather than make the claim that Larry will kill the comment rather than post it and then have egg on my face when it shows up, I’ll post it as a backup.


In addition we (counsel and I) have been extremely busy in documenting the numerous Internet posts which were completely false and were posted for the sole purpose of trying to slander and libel me, and to keep the attention off of the real issue, Barack Obama’s drug use.

Slander and libel! That’s just wonderful, Larry!

Let me make this point AGAIN because you just can’t seem to wrap your little brain around this –

It’s NOT that you made your charges against Obama – IT’S THAT YOU WON’T PROVE THEM. And until you prove them, those your charges are slanderous and libelous.

So the FIRST question a judge should ask, should they not laugh your slander and libel case out of court (as they did with the Federal lawsuit) will sound something like:

Judge: Mr. Sinclair, you allege that the defendant slandered you by calling you a liar. Is that correct?
You: Yes, your honor
Judge: And why did the defendant call you a liar.
You: Because he doesn’t believe that I did drugs with and blew Sen. Barack Obama.
Judge: And did you do drugs with and blow Barack Obama?
You: Yes, your honor.
Judge: If you will present evidence that you did, we’ll lock the defendant up this very moment.
You: Ummmmm…I have a points statement that I was in a hotel outside of Chicago.
Judge: Hm. That’s a start. But what I’m looking for, sir, is someone that can corroborate your claim.
You: I’m waiting for a statement from Cititbank that –
Judge: Was Citibank in the limo with you and Senator Obama?
You: Ummmmm….
Judge: So, you CAN’T actually prove that you blew Barack Obama. So the defendant’s statement is true – you’re a liar.
You: Yes, I can.
Judge: Then, please do.
You: (standing up proud and strong, spoken with conviction) I, Larry Sinclair, do solemnly swear that I blew Barack Obama and that he smoked crack in my presence in front of me.
Judge: And…? What else?
You: Umm…
Judge: Case dismissed. Next up?
Bailiff: Ron Paul who is suing the US Gov’t because 9/11 was an inside job.

I strenuously disagree with those that make threats against you and those that harass you via phone. That is rude. However, it needs to be said that if you publish your phone numbers and address on the web, then you get what you get.

You should NOT be physically threatened or suffer death threats against you. Nobody should. They should simply stick to mocking and ridiculing you for not backing up your charges.

Your charges are lies. If they weren’t you would not be wasting other people’s money suing people – you would be standing in a court of law facing Sen. Obama who then AND ONLY THEN would have to answer to your charges.

I’m assuming this won’t get published. If it does, then perhaps you do have a shred of honor and morality left in you. Either way, I’m publishing this comment on my own blog.

(Note – I saw on one of your YouTube comments that you’re disgusted with people riding the crest of your infamy…much like you ride the popularity of Obama, I suppose)

In Which He Still Keeps Sucking

March 5th, 2008 2 comments

Not that you actually expect a plethora of posts anymore here (and I truly am sorry to the 2.7 people that stop by regularly) but I’d like to explain the gap.  Normally, I’m not posting because of the alter-ego and his various projects but in this case, I fell into a Larry shaped hole.  My wife continues to tell me to let it be and that he’s a “fucking psychopath” and she’s right.  I know I should come up with something other than the car wreck analogy, but some cliches just can’t be improved upon.

If you’re new to the whole Larry Sinclair debacle, let me get you up to speed.  Larry wants to you believe that he blew Barack Obama in 1999 while Obama smoked crack.  Just to believe it.  He won’t do anything to prove it – you just have to take his word for it.  And why shouldn’t you?  If Larry did time in three separate prisons for credit card fraud – what’s that to you?  If Larry sold drugs and coyote’d Mexicans across the US Border, well, in this day and age who hasn’t?  Are you really so shallow that you can’t see beyond someone’s faults and see the good that’s buried deep, deep, deep, deep inside them?  If you answered “yes” to that question then you are EXACTLY the kind of person that Larry is looking for – AKA: a moron.

So for someone of Larry’s caliber to stridently insist that he blew a man who, through hard work, determination and without criminal record, made it to the US Senate, well, you’ll forgive my skepticism.  Pretty much the past week or so found me in the bizarre, disturbing and probably racist world in which a white man with a miserable track record trumps a black man with standing.

I’m not that hot for Obama.  I’ve warmed up to him, sure, and given a choice between him and Clinton – I’ll take him.  I’ll stand by my assertion that Kucinich was the only true liberal in the race and possibly the only real democrat.  I make this qualification because in the world of the larrytards (and I believe I created that moniker) if you speak against Larry then you rabidly support Obama to the point where you will stalk and kill Larry for the simple act of asking Obama to admit that he is a gay crackhead.  “B-b-but that’s CRAZY, ” you sigh with a resignation beyond your years.  Agreed.  Who would bring suit in Federal Court against Obama, David Axelrod (Obama’s campaign manager) AND the entire Democratic National Committee because they continue to (waaaaait for it)

conspire against the rights of citizens in that they are actively engaged in ongoing internet intimidation, claiming to be engaging the the conduction of illegal  investigations into plaintiffs personal life, an actively involved in preventing allegation brought of illegal drug use and sexual activity involving Defendent Obama from becoming public knowledge.

Obviously, you’re thinking that I didn’t proofread the above but I promise that I did. Part of the problem and the puzzle of Larry Sinclair is that he provides no history or biographical information outside of anecdotes he tells to shortwave radio personalities.  Thus much of what you can find is conjecture, rumor or both.  Someone somewhere posited that Larry is schizophrenic.  Given that Obama, Axelrod and the DNC violate the rights of the “citizens”, it sounds like a decent diagnosis.  The lawsuit points to the reason why, like bush, your either for ‘im or agin’ ‘im.  Criticize Larry (or even a larrytard) and you work directly for Obama and not in a casual be-bathrobed blogger, maybe I’ll knock on a few doors today, kind of a way.  They mean directly for Obama.  They mean that you are paid by Obama directly and possibly in cash.  According to the larrytards, anyone posting anti-Larry content gets paid $1/line.  I’m not sure I have it in me at the moment to find some of these accusations in the YouTube comments but Larry’s March 2nd lettermailed in Mondays mail” to Obama and Axelrod should give you a flavor.  The letter, titled “Questions” contain eight questions…well, five questions (four if you don’t count the rhetorical “do you truly believe….that I will go away?”) and three demand for them to prove various things.

2. How can the two of you stand in front of this country talking about bring people together at the same time you both have engaged your supporters in a massive internet smear against me where you are providing knowing false information to your paid bloggers for the purpose trying to keep the truth about you Mr. Obama from coming out?

3. How can you claim to be a uniter at the same time you are encouraging your supporters to threaten to blow my head off, to cut my throat and to set me on fire if I do not recent my statements?

This is a straight copy/paste job.  “Recent” is generally thought, in Larryspeak, to mean “recant”.

The allure of Larry is that he’s like a grapefruit spoon – spoons aren’t thought of as weapons but he’s got these serrations that not only look retarded but might actually hurt if used thoughtlessly.  And thought is the farthest thing from Larry’s mind.  He doesn’t do it and neither should you.  “Thinking” is something that Obama does.  They want to bandy about terms like “logic” and “reason”.  If you step back and start thinking  about the yarn Larry weaves, you’ll find yourself naked in no time.

I’m going to admit that I haven’t listen to every minute of all six radio interviews Larry’s done with such name brands as Jim Sumpter (“22 states on 38 stations”), the Right Perspective which you can hear on…um…shortwave.  The one I’m most familiar with is the “World’s #1 Alternative News Source” – Jeff Rense.

World’s #1 Alternative News Source 
No.  Seriously.  That’s him.

The series of unfortunate non-events starts when Larry, living the high life in a rented limo and staying at the Comfort Inn in Gurnee, IL.  Larry decides to sample the night life of Chicago so he magically appears there.  Did he have the limo pick him up and drive the hour it takes to get to Chicago?  Beats me?  Jeff doesn’t ask because, after all, Larry’s telling the truth, right?  Once in Chicago, Larry is lonely.  He wants someone just to talk to.  He’s not thinking about blowing some guy in the back of his limo.  He likes conversation – meeting people – getting to know the folks in the area.  So he asks the limo driver if he knows anybody he can talk to in Chicago.  The limo driver has a friend whom he calls.  The friend says, sure, it’s a non-specified day at a non-specified time of the night, I’ll be right over.  Great!  Meet us at this “upscale lounge”.  “Shall I meet you inside,” the friend asks.  No, just wait for the limo to pull up outside.  “Okey-doke,” says the friend.

The “friend” is Obama.  Just to make sure you understand – State Senator Barack Obama gets a call from a friend who drives a limo.  The drivers calls and asks if State Senator Barack Obama would come out and hang with the man who’s hired him to drive him around in a limo.  State Senator Barack Obama then gets to the “upscale lounge” and the proceeds to wait on the sidewalk for the limo to arrive.  Wouldn’t you have a few questions about this?  Jeff Rense didn’t really except for a few minor clarifications.  What was the name of the lounge? 

“Well,” said Larry, “I’m 90% sure I remember  the name of it but I’m waiting for Citibank to send me statements from 11/99 so I know for certain.  I really don’t want to make any mistakes, you know?”

Was it on the south side?  West side?

“Like I said, I really don’t want to make any mistakes.”

If Jeff was skeptical he didn’t let that get in the way of his professional interview skills.

Larry, however, feels no need whatsoever to “prove” anything.  He spoke the truth  and Obama needs to answer it.  It’s really that simple.  If you happen to catch Larry on his YouTube page and ask him about why he won’t release the evidence he’ll curtly inform you that he does NOT have to answer to the public.  Yes.  You read that right.  But the odd thing is he says that Obama should be judged in the court of public opinion.  How does the public judge if he won’t give them the evidence?  How the fuck should I know?  This is just one of the many facets of this particular Wonderland.

Another is how logic and profanity get you banned but you can say “nigger” all you want.  BBN started commenting and the larrytard had no problem with him

AMEN, SDMcDonald! Republicans don’t care if a man is a nigger or if he ain’t a nigger. We don’t see that kinda thing. It’s only the dumbocrats that make a big deal out of it.

Thank you kindly, sdm! I believe in calling a spade a spade and not messing around with all these dumbo-crats terms like “african-american” or “black”. A nigger is a nigger. It was good enough for my daddy and my daddy’s daddy and on back until northern lie-berals stuck their big jew noses into our business.

Don’t go RINO on me, sdm. There ain’t nothing wrong with it unless you’re one of those PC republicans like McCainAndAble who wants to let the taco jockeys sell drugs in school and rape our kindergartners. We gotta stand strong and take back America!

lizd, what the heck are you talking about? everybody knows that niggers take crack over cocaine. you ever seen a nigger on COPS busted for cocaine? i ain’t. i think it proves the point beyond a shadow of a doubt! now if larry had said “we did cocaine together and then had sex” well, then i’d wanna a little better look at things. but he said crack so i can’t see how he ain’t telling the truth

That’s right, Robert! I don’t care for faggotry but Larry can always stop putting penises into his mouth while the Obama character will always be a nigger. That’s just the way it is. 

It wasn’t until in a careless moment, BBN wrote to Larry in a decidedly non-larrytard fashion, thereby spoiling the guise.  Only then did BBN get banned from posting.  In contrast, MysticNinjaJay, responding to a larrytard claim that Obama was part Ay-Rab and therefore a Muslim, had his posts continually deleted by Larry.

The one thing that drives them COMPLETELY up the wall is all the cowardly anonymous posters.  Sadly, you can’t post anonymously on YouTube.  You must have an account to post.  What they mean is that you never know who you’re talking to because every time we get banned we have to create a new account.  I’ve lost track but I think there are 17 gmail accounts that will never, ever get used again.  Of course, this is a point of attack for larrytards. 

Here is a typical exchange with a larrytard.  NOTE – The following is paraphrased so call off your lawyers, Larry.

larrytard:  All you snotty little probama supporters always hide your identities because you’re cowards
Me v.17:  Not true.  We’re forced to change because Larry always bans us because he’s so invested in making sure the truth gets out.
larrytard:  USE YOUR REAL NAME
Me v.17:  I’d love to.  Tell Larry to un-ban it and I will
larrytard:  how much does obama pay you to harrass us?
Me v.17: $13,482 a line.  I’m not even kidding.
larrytard: you’re going to look like such an asshole when this story breaks into the MSM
Me v.17:  I’m waiting.  I’ll apologize the moment that Larry produces a human being that saw Larry with Obama’s cock in his mouth.  I promise.
larrytard:  ohhhhh, you’re going to be sorry.
Me v.17:  I’m sure I will.  I’ve been waiting for three weeks now and Larry hasn’t produced shit.
larrytard:  he’s going to be putting something out soon
Me v.17:  Great!  I can’t wait to see it!  Why wait!  Put it out NOW.
larrytard:  i bet you blow barack obama
Me v.17: noooo…that would be Larry.  Look – why do you trust an ex-con drug dealer who refuses to release evidence to back up his claims?
larrytard:  no matter what happens, we’ll always believe larry (note – that’s a verbatim quote)
Me v.17:  So if Jesus comes down, shoves a gun in Larry’s mouth, calls him a liar and pulls the trigger, you’ll still believe Larry

At this point, you get banned again.

– More Fun With Larry Later –

In Which Larry Sinclair Was…Lying?

February 24th, 2008 5 comments

Wow.  My faith in humanity is shattered.  Broken.  Busted.  Lying in a smoldering heap at my feet dampened by my bitter tears of disillusionment.  Put another way – I’m really fucking sad.

I hereby pledge to everyone who reads this blog that next time I’m not going to be taken in.  The next time a criminal who spent time in jail for credit card fraud and admits to trafficking in drugs and people accuses a sitting US Senator and presidential candidate of drug use and gay sex, I’m going to side with the Senator.  I know I’ve said that before, but this time I really, really, really mean it.  PINKIE SWEAR!

Larry Sinclair, I’m afraid, led us ALL down the garden path to Hell.

It’s not JUST the Globe article that trashed his credibility,  (Not the Boston Globe…The Globe Magazine…no, not the Boston Globe Magazine – THE GLOBE MAGAZINE…the one at the checkout counter…yes, that one), but that goes a long, long way.  I mean, think about it.  If  a tabloid that believes Bigfoot exists won’t believe Larry Sinclair then you’re talking a fairly insurmountable image problem.  I can’t accurately categorize the socio-economic bracket to which most of Sinclair’s followers belong but I can’t help but posit that many of them buy the The Globe and, perhaps, even have subscriptions. released the preliminary results of his polygraph today and it came back with “deception indicated”.  Polygraphs aren’t admissible in a court of law.  In fact, they may simply not work.  G. Gordon Liddy, I believe, can beat it at will.  Also, if you’re dealing with a truly mentally ill person then they honestly believe that they, say, blew Barack Obama in a limo outside an “upscale” club.  Sadly, the Larry-Trash didn’t think about this before they began screaming about how the polygraph would clear Larry’s name.  It didn’t.  Game over.  Shut the fuck up and go back to your trailers, m’k.

The question that remains is – why did people who should theoretically hate gays and criminals believe a gay criminal over an accomplished black man?

In Which The Swiftboating Begins

February 21st, 2008 1 comment

It’s interesting that McCain’s alledged affair with a lobbyist comes on the heels of an attempted Barack Obama scandal.  What Barack Obama scandal?  Y-you didn’t hear about it?  OMG – Some guy in Minnesota came forward and said Obama bought coke and crack then got into the back of his limosine and the guy blew him!  Oh, yah.  Totally credible.  He’ll even take a polygraph test.  HOW CAN HE BE LYING?

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video. 

WorldNetDaily, another fine truth-telling organization with no social, political or religious axe to grind jumped on the story with the following headline – “Sleaze charge: ‘I took drugs, had homo sex with Obama'”.  Yes, you read that correctly – homo sex.  Just like the New York Times would write.

Of course, there is the slight possibility that Larry Sinclair is either an attention whore OR this elections Paula Jones with a twist.  In which case, his video should be more like this –

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