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In Which This Is How We Lose

January 6th, 2009 No comments

Before the election, my friend Roy Zimmerman wrote a song called “How Can We Lose” with the lyrics – “Everybody’s asking/how can we lose?/No – I’m serious – how?”

As with the Red Sox, I was one of the doubters who felt certain that the Democrats would find some ingenious way to shoot themselves in the foot.  And they came pretty close a few times.  Somehow, though, they managed to scrape by.  Theoretically, it should have been an actual landslide, but, whatever.

Now that we’ve won, let the losing begin!  Really, party unity is TOTALLY over-rated and we’re just going to let the Republicans walk all over us anyway, right?  So, fellow Democrats, pick up your pitchfork and jump on the bandwagon and join in the Alternate Invocation!  Nevermind that Obama just picked an openly gay for director of the Office and Management and Budget.  THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Again, I don’t like Rick Warren and I think Christianity is pretty silly in general but until such time as the non-religious form an actual voting block then we’re just going to have to cope with the fact that there are plenty of bible-thumpers out there and, sad to say, we should allow them to be under our big tent.

Democrats love talking about having dialogues.  I’m going to admit that I don’t always mean it.  Some people are just assholes.  Rick Warren is an asshole – there’s no doubt about it.  But ask yourself what the real significance of Warren giving the invocation.  Without googling it, who gave the last bush invocation?  Or the first one.  Did [name of preacher] who gave Clinton’s invocation stop him from getting a blow job?  Or instituting don’t-ask-don’t-tell?  bush didn’t really give a shit about the religious right.  Why would you believe that this means that Obama is a homophobe and he sold out his base?

Stop sniping.  Please.  Stop screaming about how YOUR cause has not gotten it’s perk because you didn’t vote for McCain.  There were plenty of other candidates you could have voted for.  It’s just plain passive-aggression.  Sorry.

We have the majority.  Let’s act like it and stop fracturing ourselves into infinite, almost indistinguishable sects…like the christians do.

In Which You Can Change Your Mind About A Girl

December 28th, 2008 1 comment

Via Right Wing Watch’s post about the WSJ’s piece about Sarah “16 Minute” Palin you can find out about bush as “The Dark Knight” but, even more amusing, Palin is actually Margaret Thatcher!


Level 1 Funny: The title of the piece is “Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Palin”.  Given that true Buckley conservative power brokers (you know, the ones that would get her into the White House) wouldn’t be caught dead drinking domestic beer or living in Alaska, the title truly sounds like…well…putting lipstick on a pig.

Level 2 Funny: John O’Sullivan makes a big deal quoting these “snobs” as saying Palin is “no Margaret Thatcher”.  I don’t pretend to be totally jacked into the political grid but this was a new one on me.  So, off to Google where a search of palin “no Margaret Thatcher” netted a paltry 959 hits.  By contrast, bush “the dark knight” nets 2.8m+.  Nothing like using an example that no one cared about to begin with.

Level 3 Funny: I’d like to posit that sexism is a form of snobbery.  By denigrating a woman with terms like “sweetie”, “baby” and “puppy lips” a man effectively negates a woman’s power.  Oh, and using the term “girl” does the same thing.

Second, Margaret Thatcher was not yet Margaret Thatcher. She had not won the 1979 election, recovered the Falklands, reformed trade union law, defeated the miners, and helped destroy Soviet communism peacefully.

Things like that change your mind about a girl….

Really?  A “girl”?  The head of Great Britain should be referred to as a “girl”?  A vice presidential candidate should be refered to as a “girl”?  HI-larious!

Level 4 Funny – Faulkland War!!

Leve 5 Funny –

Though regularly pronounced sick, dying, dead, cremated and scattered at sea, Mrs. Palin is still amazingly around. She has survived more media assassination attempts than Fidel Castro has survived real ones (Cuban official figure: 638).

Wait – let’s keep our heroes and villains straight here.  Palin=Castro?  BWHAHAHAHA!

Level 6 Funny:  Admitting defeat

But she has plenty of time, probably eight years, to analyze America’s problems, recruit her own expert advice, and develop conservative solutions to them. She has obvious intelligence, drive, serious moral character, and a Reaganesque likability. Her likely Republican rivals such as Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney, not to mention Barack Obama, have most of these same qualities too. But she shares with Mrs. Thatcher a very rare charisma. As Ronnie Millar, the latter’s speechwriter and a successful playwright, used to say in theatrical tones: She may be depressed, ill-dressed and having a bad hair day, but when the curtain rises, out onto the stage she steps looking like a billion dollars. That’s the mark of a star, dear boy. They rise to the big occasions.

WHOA!  Back up!

“But she has plenty of time, probably eight years…”  Eight years?  So, you’re ceding that Obama is a two-term president and you’re screwed for 2012?  NICE!  Obama hasn’t even been sworn in and you’ve given up.

That’s kind of snobby, isn’t it?

In Which Sarah’s Plain And Small

September 12th, 2008 1 comment

I’ve watched the two clips that ABC released of the [sarcasm] monumental [/sarcasm] interview with Sarah Palin and, gosh, maybe it’s my liberal bias but I don’t see anything that makes me think that (unlike Jamie’s mom) she’s got it going on.  In fact, it’s pretty goddamn scary.

One scary part is how ABC News parcels out the interview, making it next to impossible to quickly and easily find all the parts on their website.  Or why they’d want to cut it up to begin with.  Perhaps the McCain Cabal felt that by restricting her appearances to 2-3 minute clips, the full weight of what a cynical choice they made might be blunted.  That said, I’ve finally found a 9min clip dated 9/12.  I’m not going to link to it just so you can have the fun of finding it yourself.  As it stands, the fuzzy placard at the end of each of the…um…minisode announcing that Charley did an interview with Palin and be on the lookout for more, strikes me as almost sub-YouTube.

Palin’s answer to “are you ready to be the president” really should send chills up and down the spine of every American.

I answered him yes because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can’t blink.So I didn’t blink then even when asked to run as his running mate.

Wow.  Let’s do a little metaphorical skit.  Sarah Palin applies for a job at Cirque du Soleil

CDS: So, Governor Palin, have you ever done any tightrope walking before?

Palin:  No.  No, you betcha I haven’t.

CDS:  So, why would you be a good tightrope walker?

Palin:  I would be a good tightrope walker because I am confident that once I get up there, I’m not gonna fall down.

CDS: But, you have no real qualifications.

Palin: The local middle school put on a circus and I went to go see that.  I’m confident that I can do it.

CDS:  You’re hired.

That wouldn’t happen.  And yet, the ‘Licans are more than happy to have a VP that recently said that she hasn’t been following Iraq.  How do they get away with this stuff?  If Biden said something like that, the so-called “liberal media” would have him for breakfast.  Palin, though, gets Charley Gibson sitting across and pretending to ask Hard Questions (TM).

On the God question, she quickly and clunkily pivots her position right before our very eyes.  When asked about the performance at church in which is called The War (TM) a task from God, she hems and haws until Gibson asks her if, by deploying to Iraq, her son is embarking on a task from God.  “I don’t know if the task if from God, Charley.”  Let’s remember that the church video wasn’t years and years ago – it was three months ago.  That’s a pretty short time to turn your back on a task from God.

There are plenty more nuggets to mine, but the day job beckons.  I’ll leave off with a chipper lil fun fact courtesy of Sarah.  Did you know that Alaska is “the only arctic state in our union”?  IT’S TRUE!

Be very afraid.

In Which I Couldn’t Stop Laughing

June 25th, 2008 5 comments

Ok.  It should be known that I do a lot of trolling meaning that I like stirring shit up.  There are a lot of ways to do it but the easiest way is through comments on the target’s blog.  The hardest is an out and out troll blog and, yes, I have a couple of them.  One of which got linked to as an authoritative source for information on papatard.  THAT was a score of epic proportions and thank you sooo much to the anonymous asshole in Chicago that linked to it.

You’d think that trolls should be able to spot other trolls at the drop of a hat.  It’s not so.  At heart, most trolls do it to advance their political and/or social agenda.  Unless their just psychopaths.  Thus, I’ve fallen for troll sites hook line and sinker.  One of the “whitey” videos I found particularly horrendous, turned out to be a joke.  I wrote back to the guy and congratulated him.  It’s only right.

Thus, as you wend your way through tardville (which encompasses the larrytad sites as well as papatard’s web-lie) you start to ask yourself, could all of this be one big elablorate joke?  Could this be the prank of all pranks?  Can people actually be this blindly stupid to believe this textbook case of the ultimate loser?  And just when you’ve convinced yourself that it’s a joke, you remind yourself that almost nobody can fake a prison record or an arrest warrant and the next thing you know your curled up under the covers in your bed in fetal position, rocking slowly back and forth, wondering if America can survive until at least your great-grandkids are dead.

But just in the depths of your despair, the universe gives you another gift that makes the whole thing absolutely fucking hysterical, so THANK YOU, CITIZEN WELLS!

A brief recap – papatard had his press conference at the end of which he was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Delaware.  He spent a couple of days in…well…let’s call it a hotel that the larrytards didn’t have to pay for.  Apparetnly, the…um…hotel staff didn’t get the message that papatard is in constant chronic pain and frequently can feel certain parts of his body, whatever sounds most pathetic in the moment.  (papatard, as you remember, can’t eat because of an ulcer and, instead, claims he drinks 36 pepsis a day “to keep his weight up”.)

Anywho, he finally got sprung and I’m too lazy to find out how much it set the larrytards back if, in fact, they had to pay for it.  He’s currently stay with “a host” who I pray to GOD has a Sam’s club membership because 36 Pepsis a day runs into a nice chunk of change and papatard’s broke because his Social Security benefits got cut off for BEING A FUCKING CRIMINAL.  Ooops.  Sorry about that.

To continue – we all know that the entire world is against papatard’s valiant struggle to someday present the evidence that he blew Obama while blah blah blah.  HOWEVER – Citizen Wells recently discovered the chink in the armor of papatard’s persecutors – SEN. JOSEPH BIDEN!  You heard that right.  Biden is the key to the whole thing because Biden’s SON is the Attorney General of Delaware and TWO DAYS before papatard’s press conference, guess who submitted legislation to “encourage States to enter new and outstanding felony warrants into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database”?


Game!  Set!  Match!



That’s really stupid.

Why the FUCK would a US Senator 1) even know about papatard and 2) care enough about him to push forward a bill that would have no effect on papatard’s press conference?  He introduced the bill.  No one voted on it.  Is Citizen Wells suggesting that the federal government tried to push through legislation in two days simply to arrest some three-time loser after his press conference?

Why, yes, he is!

Is that not one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen in your whole life?

Why, yes, it is!

Seriously, I’m glad that no one was home when I read Well’s blog.  I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops.

OH SHIT!  I almost forgot the punchline!  Not content with acting like a papatard wannabe, accusing Senators of malfeasance, Wells ends this post with what could be called “The papatard Credo”

Senator Biden, are you, your son, the Attorney General Of Delaware, or any member of your staff, responsible for any of these attacks and smears on Larry Sinclair?

Senator Biden Or Attorney General Biden,  I suggest that you
investigate what has happened to Larry Sinclair and respond on
this blog or with a public statement. No response will be
considered an admission of guilt.

a-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  “No response will be considered an admission of guilt”!

Ok – how’s this then

Citizen Wells – Is it true that you rape puppies and then feed them to weevils?  Is it true that you are nothing but an opportunistic hack with absolutely no sense of morality whatsoever?  Is it true that you actively ignore the blatant lies that papatard has told in order to boost your own pathetic sense of self?

No response will be considered an admission of guilt!!!


UPDATE 7pm – Wells has not yet responded.  He is guilty.

UPDATE 7:30pm – Wells has not yet responded.  He is guiltier than he was a half hour ago.

UPDATE 2:00am – Wells has not yet responded.  I have been hoping that he would because I like to think the best of people.  But he looks more and more guilty.  My stomach is tied up in knots over this.

UPDATE 8:30am – Wells has not yet responded. You really have to ask yourself – why wouldn’t he clear his name?

Fuck You, Hillary

May 23rd, 2008 4 comments

I’m contemplating blacking this blog out until Clinton withdraws.  I know it wouldn’t mean anything but it would be a sign of my own contempt for a person who consistently shows America that four years of her presidency is Russian Roulette with three bullets in the chamber.

RFK’s assassination?  At long last, have you no shame.  (I’m sure that Olbermann had that in his first draft, btw)

Despite the spin on both of the campaigns, I believe she knew what she was doing.  On many occassions, I, like probably 90% of Americans, said out loud or to themselves, “Obama could get assassinated”.   Some “hard working white person” could snap and rather than pull out of this hell called the bush years, we’re plunged in more confusion and hatred.  I do my best to stuff those thoughts down.  It’s a nightmare scenario.  For Clinton, though, it’s a dream and a good one because it’s the only possible way that she can legimately win the nomination.  As of 4pm today, according to the News Hour Delegate Tracker, Obama need 56 votes to clinch the nomination.  Clinton needs 246.  Killing Obama is just about the only way to stop him and Clinton blind, power-hungry ego isn’t above praying to the God she recently became aquainted with in order to appease the Evangelicals.

Leaving aside her cynical moving of the goalposts to fool herself into thinking she’s got a chance (“John McCain came from behind, why not me?”) think about her responses to her multitude of mistakes – she never apologizes and she never backs down.  It’s not really her fault that she repeated her lies about Bosnia. – she was sleep deprived and anyone could have made that kind of mistake. Now contrast that with bush’s Politco interview where he would apologize for the clusterfuck in Iraq because “some people told [him] there were weapons of mass destruction.”  Has Clinton ever apologized for her role in advancing the Iraq war?  No.  She just blames bush who blames “people”.  Notice any similarities?

When the phone rings at 3am do you really want someone so “sleep deprived” that they cannot understand how incredibly fucking stupid bringing up the RFK assassination was?  Hillary’s not apologizing for it.  No, no, she’s digging herself deeper by half-assing some feeble explanation without even acknowledging that she implicitly wished death on Obama whether she meant to or not.

You probably don’t remember the Rev. Wright issue.  Oh.  Wait.  Hillary still beats that dead horse.  Anyway – what was Obama’s reaction?  Did he spout some kind of double-speak?  Did he blame Michelle because he didn’t really want to go to that church anyway?  No.  At first, he stood up and defended his pastor and used his demi-bully pulpit to address the subject of racial divide in America and in it, apologized to those who were offended.  Can you see Clinton apologizing for anything?  I can’t.  Clinton strikes me as closer to bush in temperment than McCain.  I’ve already had 8 years of that.  I don’t want more.

There’s a theory that Reagan wanted Gobachev to hear the “evil empire” comment.  It was psy-ops.  Clinton’s not stupid.  I don’t believe that kind of thing just slips out.  I believe that, with no June surprise on the horizon, no Obama “fucks puppies stories”, no “Michelle sacrifices Christian babies to Allah” stories, Clinton at last threw the kitchen sink – Someone’s going to kill Obama, the party will be even more fucked up than she made it and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to her back in Iowa!  All of this party strife was so easily avoided by sticking with the candidate that everyone said would be the nominee until Mr. Hopeful showed up with his patriarchal oppression and relying on race instead of substance to carry him through.

She meant to say it.  If she’s putting out 3am scare ads and pictures of bin Laden – she meant to say it.  Pure and simple.

Why hasn’t there been a concerted effort to kick her ass out of the race?  Because she’s a girl.  Every pundit I’ve seen talks about “letting Hillary down easy” like the girl you asked to the prom when your first choice managed to survive an assassination attempt.  “Um, Hillary, I’ve…um…got some bad news…Emily’s going to pull through so…um… I can’t go with you.  Can I have my ring back?”  If Clinton wasn’t relying on gender, she wouldn’t make such a big deal of it.  “The biggest and last glass ceiling”?  Fuck you.  I have never heard Obama make a speech about how proud Harriet Tubman would be of him personallly.  Yes, he talks about race but he keeps it on a national level – AMERICA can accept a black president, any black president.  He de-emphasizes his role.  Clinton can only think about her role.  It’s not that America can accept any woman as a president but that it accepts HER as the first woman president and isn’t she brave to chart these waters.  She’s Sally Fields accepting an award for playing a candidate.

So if you didn’t mean to RFK statement the way it came out – fuck you for not issuing an immediate and heartfelt apology.  I know you couldn’t anyway, because you’re not programmed for apology and Karl Rove has your heart.

If you did mean it – then fuck you for your cynicism in thinking America would vote for you because Obama would probably be killed soon.

I truly hope your political career has ended.  You’ve worked so hard to destroy it.

In Which I Help The HRC Campaign Get Their Message Out

May 21st, 2008 2 comments

If you’re a poor, uneducated white person who doesn’t want to vote for “that kind of person” then HRC wants your vote.  And if you’re planning on voting for HRC simply for that reason – if you’ll pledge to switch parties simply because “that kind of person” isn’t your kind of person then why not tell the rest of the country about it by using the ultimate American power tool – the bumper sticker

I mean, really, if you can go on national television and tell the country you’re a racist then buy a 50 pack and hand them out at church.

Go get some now!

In Which I Explain, By Example, Why They Are Called “larrytards”

May 21st, 2008 7 comments

via The Mitch and Nan Show

papatard is running a probably illegal lottery to raise money for a “press conference” in DC.  B-b-b-but, WTF, says this little larrytard –

Jude Says:
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 12:35 pm
I looked at the Nat’l Press Club Calander and didn’t see Larry listed. When will the press conference be??

And THAT, ladies and germs, is why they are called “larrytards”.

UPDATE – I feel compelled to add on to this a little for those who may not understand the concept of “press conference”.  I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination so I could be spewing shit myself.  However, I have gone to a couple of them.

A “press conference” can be held anywhere – the WH briefing room, a function room at a Hojos or even outside the crack house you may call home.  The trick is to get the press there by sending out a press release.  My favorite was a “press conference” held by Randall Terry, formerly of the hardcore anti-abortion outfit, Operation Rescue and currently of Operation Rescue 2.0.  I subscribe to so I see a lot of what comes across.

A while ago, while Guiliani was still in the race, Terry sent out a press release telling everyone that he would be conducting a press conference at that Boston of the Republican National Committee to shame them into dropping Guiliani.  Feeling that the RNC really wouldn’t host this kind of press conference, I sent an email to the head.  He replied that this was the first he’d heard about it and thanked me for the heads-up.

The day of the press conference, I jumped in the car and drove downtown.  I was about 15 minutes early so I circled around the the building that housed the RNC.  I saw four men and a seven year old boy holding signs calling Guiliani “the devil” and “satan”.  I passed one news van from the local Fox affiliate but no cameras could be seen.   One of the things I learned is that, when going to one of these things, make sure you can visually identify who you’re going to see.  It turned out that one of the men was Terry and that the boy belong to him.  Mind you, I was fifteen minutes early.

I parked and asked the group where the RNC was.  They pointed to the building and I walked in.

“Hi,” I said to the woman in the completely empty office, “I’m here for the Randall Terry press conference.  She stared at me blankly.  “Um,” I continued, “I saw a press release that Randall Terry would be holding a press conference here to denounce Rudy Guiliani’s candidacy for president.”

“Um,” she mirrored back, “he was here but there wasn’t a press conference.  I think he’s downstairs holding a sign or something.”

And, that, was Randall Terry’s big press conference.

The End.

PS – Ok.  Here’s the only footage of the “press conference” that I’m aware of

In Which It Bears Comment

May 21st, 2008 6 comments

Yes, yes, I know that I wasn’t going to soil this thing with any more papatard excrement but, honestly – what a fucking sociopath.

The name Fred Fischer probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone.  Honestly, I had to look it up.  Fischer worked for Joseph Welch whose law firm represented the Army in the Army-McCarthy hearings that ultimately brought down Tail Gunner Joe (who, ironically, was also heavily medicated).  McCarthy accused the Army of harboring commies and, not really finding any and getting a good ass-kicking, began to flail about.  Is any of this sounding familiar?  In what was meant to be a coup de grace, McCarthy accused Welch of harboring commies in his law firm – Fred Fischer.

Fischer was supposed to help Welch out during the hearings.  However, after Fischer told Welch that he had belonged to the National Lawyers Guild, during, and a little while after, law school (a supposed commie front organization), Welch thought it prudent to bring someone else.  McCarthy, to prove the full extent of his scumbaggery and despite an agreement not to bring Fischer up…brought Fischer up.  That’s where the immortal “at long last, have you no shame” line comes from.

papatard never had any shame to begin with, so that line has no power over his a-morality.  He’s now so scared and desparate that any remotely negative mention of him results in the inclusion of not only your name on his blog but now your full address.  His latest victim knows only the bare bones of the story and played no part in the succesful debunking his central lie or any of the multitude of subplots that came to papatard in a morphine induced haze.  Not only that, but like some kind of autistic child, once he fixates on you, he won’t let go – even if you posted a few comments on his web-lie and then threw up your hands in disgust.  I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about my shoulder angel/devil Denise.  Denise, too, did no debunking but simply and proper told papatard that he was full of shit.  More?  Ok.  My friend, Derek Gerry, to the best of my knowledge, has never even visisted papatard’s web-lie and yet, simply because he knows me and we did a radio show together, papatard dragged him into his fever dream by posting a picture of Derek and I, labelling him as “Mr. Gerry”.


papatard’s whole raison d’etre (and Mitch gets NO credit for that phrase) is convincing the larrytards that he’s serious.  Not that he’s RIGHT, mind you, but just that he’s serious.  The only action he knows is attack.  larrytards, like vampires, must have new blood.  They’re easily bored since Jerry Springer only plays a few times a day.  This means fresh meat.  He knows that if he stops attacking, the larrytards might start asking for evidence of his original charge.  Several already left the fold.  I guess five months of “you vill beleef me or be banish-t” wore thin.  You can’t spend that kind of time asking Obama to prove a negative without offering proof that it actually happened. Statements like this

In these documents and affidavits Mr. Levy makes statements he knows to be outright LIES and I believe Mr. Levy should back them up at once or face legal action

are bound to make even Lenny say, “Geooorge – how come he tell man to back up lies when he no back up lies himself?  He sound like he mean to rabbits.”

From the start, I believe, this has had nothing to do with Obama.  This has been about winding up the noise machine so the central issue gets lost.  The most recent defector said what I predicted a while ago

I stood for you and I blogged for you but when I see that “baking” cookies and fighting other website is the only thing left here, then I must part too. Good luck. I will once and awhile see how you are doing and hope the best for you, son.

And that’s all it is.  Bickering and lawsuits that make him and his “donators” money.  It’s a ponzi scheme, pure and simple – give me $25 and I’ll magically turn it into $75…after I win my lawsuit.  Could he really be bilking old folks?  It’s audacious and retarded all at the same time.

papatard, I know you’re reading this so I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  You’ve called me the boss of the Mitch gang.  I’m not really.  I did have my own plan, though.  I might have told people about it but, honestly, I don’t remember.  I’m probably not the only one that came up with it.  But, I’m going to tell you because you’re in your death throes.  Before I do, though, I want you to remember that you’ve almost always followed my advice.  I’ve been more right than wrong.  That said, I now give to you my master plan –

Keep you talking

Simple as that.  You can’t shut up.  The more you talk, the more you make mistakes.    The more mistakes you make, the more fucked you get.  At some point, and that point is rapidly approaching, your mistakes catch up to you and your poorly constructed house of cards comes a-tumbling down.  Had you kept your mouth shut – had you stayed on topic – had you produced any substantial evidence you would, as my YouTube video said, be eating lobster and gobbling oxycontin with Rush Limbaugh and Obama would be politically dead instead of talking to an audience of 75,000.  You, papatard, would have been personally responsible for insuring a black man would not be president for 100 years.  You would have been in history books and, yes, maybe attained the martydom you crave at the hands of an assassin.

But you couldn’t shut up.  You dug yourself deeper.  And I don’t believe you actually blew Obama with or without drugs.  There is no fat lady.  There is no singing.  There is only a chorus of larrytards in an echo chamber.  Frankly, I’m not even sure it was about money.  I think you’re just a sad, lonely man who got tired of being branded a loser.

That hasn’t changed nor will it.

In Which Hillary Courts Poor Uneducated White People

May 20th, 2008 2 comments

Mean?  Cruel?  No.

Look at it this way – If Obama touted the fact that he was courting poor, uneducated black people the press would have a field day with it.  If poor, uneducated black people went on TV and said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she was white, the MSM would bury him.  Instead, they hold proudly racist Clinton supporters as a valid reason for giving Clinton the nomination.

Ask yourself this – as a Democrat, do you really want racists deciding who your nominee is?  Are we really supposed to hold the poor and uneducated of any race as the pinnacle of of what America should stand for?  As a Democrat, does it bother you in the least little bit that Clinton uses the endorsements of scumbags neo-cons like Karl Rove and Richard Melon Scaife as legitimate reasons for her candidcy?

Sweet Jesus, I hope not

In Which Matthews Does The Right Thing

May 15th, 2008 5 comments

Chris Matthews isn’t the most consistent of people.  He’s happy to play lap dog just as much as attack dog.  Personally, I’m somewhat surprised that Ann Coulter gave him his balls back.

And yet, when uber-asshole Kevin James starts in on talking points that he knows nothing about, Matthews allows him to prove to the nation that the three brain cells he has left have atrophied.  Watch the clip first with the sound off.  Like any sociopath worth his weight dead kittens, James never once backs off from his bullshit.  He’s the same screaming asshole at the end that he was when the interview started.

A Lovely And Sustained Bitch Slap