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In Which I Send Some Letters To The Editor

January 26th, 2010 No comments

The founding of America came from a very simple question – Why should we pay unfair taxes? From the seed of that seemingly innocuous question sprung the greatest country on the face of the earth, her trunk strong and her branches wide enough to protect the entire world.
And all from a very simple question.

Today, in 2010, another very simple question pops up here in the state of Massachusetts. It’s a question so trivial that some find themselves shocked at the mere asking of it. It’s a question that hurts no one. It’s a question that takes no time to answer. It’s a question that those of us who have nothing to hide would, if not welcome it, at least not run from. After all, who of us would not want to proudly and loudly proclaim that “I am a natural born citizen of the United States of America”?

Yet, some do.  And, since he has not produced his long form birth certificate, Senator-Elect , Scott Brown (R-MA) appears to be one of those people.

One must wonder why. Is it out of arrogance and a sense of entitlement?  Does he believe that such questions are below him?  Is it out of contempt for the electorate of our great state of Massachusetts? After all, he ran on a platform of making the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat “The People’s Seat” and now that “The People” ask a very simple question, “Where is your long form birth certificate?” suddenly “The People” don’t seem to matter as much.

There is no proof that Scott Brown is a light skinned Cuban national that underwent cosmetic surgery and years of voice training to “pass” as an American?  Yet. As of this writing, there is no proof that he is a deep cover Russian agent sent to infiltrate the US Senate from the inside? Is Scott Brown actually Canadian? We don’t know. We have not seen his long form birth certificate.

Many Brown defenders and apologists point out that you do not need to be a natural born US citizen to take your place on the Senate floor and, of course, they are right. But you do need to be a citizen. Scott Brown, for reasons unknown, refuses to produce any documentation to the general public to resolve the status of his citizenship. Doing so should take less than an hour. Even if he kept the original copy in one of his other homes, UPS ships anywhere in the world overnight.

We Americans are a generous and trusting people. We welcome our legally-processed and green-carded immigrants with open arms, doing everything in our power to make them feel comfortable and give them not a hand-out but a hand-up. If Scott Brown turns out turns out to be one of the fortunate few to live out the American Dream he need only look to his truck for confirmation that we accept him as one of our own.

Leadership in this great country of ours comes with great responsibility. Massachusetts put its trust in Scott Brown to do what’s best for our state. Scott Brown needs to earn that trust. And the simplest way to do that is to answer a very simple question – Where is your birth certificate?

Paul Day is founder of the  non-partisan website,

Speak Out – A Supermarket

March 10th, 2007 No comments

In regards to the Town Council Meeting aired on our local channel March 6. The comment regarding Target possibly opening up near Lowe’s, would it be possible that a nice supermarket could open in the mall where Target’s is. Like Market Basket maybe.

We have nothing in the line of a supermarket in this town to shop in. We have to go out of town to shop. I hope some of the Council Members will read and look into that. If Target moves from the mall, that will be vacant and a supermarket should come there.

Speak Out – A Supermarket


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In Which Success Means Sequel

March 2nd, 2007 No comments

Since the Tab hasn’t posted the text of this and I am FAR too lazy to type the whole thing out, which, given my typing skills could take a day and a half, you’re on your own in deciphering it.  I read it into a microphone and I still could decipher it.

The caller makes a good point though – why must the local newspaper cover so much politics and always talk about people doing things?  I agree – don’t give them anymore press!

Why Must We Always Hear About Politicians?

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In Which I Offer A Service

February 25th, 2007 2 comments

I’d like to work on the Watertown Tab if only to have the job of listening to the phone messages that make up the Speak Out section.

Fridays are always a happy time in my house since my wife loves to hear me read select items from that week’s Speak Out.  On a few occassions she’s asked me to repeat the performance for friends and it never fails to amuse.  So, as a service to those who’d rather be read to than read, here is my first public reading.  I’ll do my best to pick and record one a week, but no promises.

“Hi there, I was just reading the TAB and what right does anybody have to call Devaney a gangster. She doesn’t know what a gangster is. And as for her saying the Senior Citizens thinks she’s unfit, well I don’t think Devaney is unfit. At least she does her homework more than most people on the Government Council does, or for that matter on the Watertown Council, which is just a laugh. And as far as our Town Manager we should go back to having a Selectmen or vote to have a mayor and have him thrown out.”

Devaney Is No Gangster

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