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In Which Xmas Is The Time For Being Judgmental

December 17th, 2009 No comments

Round 5 of The Last Temptation of Christmas ended in yet another tie, ensuring that round 6 must take place.

For those not in the know, The Last Temptation of Christmas is a battle of the Christmas songs. It works like this

Derek Gerry plays some crappy Christmas song

I play a better one

Robby Roadsteamer and Tony Moschetto decide which song is better.

Given the fact that we’ve tied for three years running, obviously they are not the best judges.

Still – it’s a helluva a lot of fun!

The Last Temptation of Christmas Round 5

In Which I Found A Few Old Podcasts

May 13th, 2008 1 comment

I was looking through an old hard drive and stumbled across the five old music podcasts that are almost three years old.  It’s just messing around and I seriously didn’t really know what I was doing but I still think they’re pretty amusing.  And, no, that’s not really my voice


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In Which I Offer Some Help

March 31st, 2007 2 comments

Have you ever felt badly about over-generalizing over how foul and filthy all Republicans are?  Or how all hardcore Christian Evangelicals can’t help but spew hate every time they open their mouths?  I used to.  My liberal guilt kicked in something fierce and frequently when I over spoke. 

“It’s wrong”, my shoulder angel chided me, “to say that just because some nutjob killed an abortionist in the name of God that all Christians want to kill abortionists. You know that.  All people are different and to lump them together helps no one.  Judge people on their own merits and not on the groups that they belong to.”

Then I’d back off and try to take a more charitable view of foul and filthy Republican and bat-shit crazy Evangelicals.

I’m pretty much done with that now.  And if you’re looking for a compelling reason over-generalize without guilt about Christian Conservatives as the greatest threat to mankind, period, then take a listen to this edition of CrossTalk America.

Daycare Social Failures

You’ll get to hear such full-out scare tatics as “college campuses are one of the few places left in the world where communism thrives” and a section that applauds a bill in the House (put forth by Republicans – duh) which exempts airline passengers from getting sued by a Muslim because the passenger reported said Muslim as a possible terrorist (“Right now, if I see a group of Muslims talking in high, squeaky language I have to figure out if I want to die or get sued”)

Most importantly, you’ll hear Frau Ingrid Schlueter claim that daycare is responsible for a breed of “new barbarians” that will most likely destroy the United States.  Yes, children have become barbarians to the Evangelical movement.  America turned away from the “bastion of Christianity” that it once was (I’m assuming this was the 1600’s she’s thinking about) and because of this parents no longer teach their children morals.  This leads to our current sitution where a group of three hundred middle school children terrorized her sister and children spit off the second floor of shopping malls.  Ok.  Chances are pretty good that not all three hundred kids swore at her “beautiful Christian sister”, stole her car keys (which were suspiciously turned into the school office but let’s not consider that someone might have thought they’d been lost) and stole her children’s toys, but the rhetoric in the retelling strongly suggests that every single child in the school was involved.

The only solution, of course, is home schooling and giving your life over to Jesus Christ.  That’s it.  If you’re not Evangelical then you’re destroying society.  End of story.  The irony is that on a recent Crosstalk they spent time talking about how 75% of kids raised Evangelical leave the church by the time they’re 25.  So, obviously, there are a couple of logical flaws to work out.

I hope this helps.  And if you need just a little kick over the cliff, consider this statement of fact by another host, Vic Eliason – “If the homosexual agenda had their way there’d be no people left on this earth.”  Take a couple of minutes to parse that statement.  Then send them an email.

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In Which I Offer New(t) Information

March 9th, 2007 No comments

Part 1 of the Dobson/Gingrich something-awfully-similar-to-gay-marriage broadcast starts off with…

YES!  An audio clip of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington! Are the American people that stupid to fall for that Gingrich-as-Spotless-Hero?  The boundless cynicism of such a move should be a wake-up call to Evangelicals.  Not only is Saint Dobson backing thrice-married, non child supporter paying adulterer (whose mother, remember, is a potty mouth) but he’s telling the flock that he’s actually Jimmy Stewart.  How funny is that?!

Very, very few people could right that as fiction let alone have the balls to try to sell it to the American public.

Perhaps Dobson’s enter the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s.