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In Which A Part Of Her Will Always Be In Aruba

May 29th, 2007 No comments

Happy Second Anniversary of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance!

Please remember to drink responsibly when you celebrate tonight.

Also, consider signing the Petition to turn Natalee’s Aruban hotel room into a memorial.  BUT – since nobody visits then you shouldn’t either.

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In Which The Best Way To Win An Argument Is Not To Respond

February 17th, 2007 2 comments

[NOTE – I’d like to thank Linda right off the top for her thoughtful response to the question posed at the end of this post.  I’d also urge any others who stop by to offer their thoughts.  Or to tell me I’m an asshole.  Either way.] 

Remember how the Tasmanian Devil used to whiz about and cut holes in trees?  That’s about where I am right now.  I’m completely Godfather III’d.

The DSM IV really should get updated to include BHT Syndrome.  BHT Syndrome manifests itself in the patient rabidly buying into whatever Beth Holloway Twitty says and reducing the world’s problems down to a dead prom queen.

Why do they do it?  Um.  Because…well…it’s got something to do with…it’s kinda like –


I don’t know.  Nobody will tell me.  Do they not know?  Have the BHT crowd gone so far down the fucking rabbit hole that they can’t conceive of a place that’s NOT Wonderland?  Where is the disconnect?  She wasn’t the fucking Limburgh baby? 

“This is NOT about just one missing girl.”  Really?  What’s it about, then?  I readily admit that I could knowingly be blind to all the good things that BHT does for other missing and exploited children.  But when I ask, like Ross Perot, all I hear is a giant sucking sound.

And I get an annuerism when that question is met with something like

This is beyond ridiculous….see you later.

Ridiculous?  What’s ridiculous is that you fail to see how this poor, probably dead girl’s memory is used to sell tampons at 8pm Monday through Friday on CNN.  That because of Natalee Holloway, you cannot watch the headlines on Headline News.  Wait.  That deserves it’s own line so that you can really try to wrap your mind around this concept

That because of Natalee Holloway, you cannot watch the headlines on Headline News. 

Perhaps I’m in my own little myopic world, but that is a profound statement.  The shocking part is not that Americans prefer lurid teen murder/rape stories over…say…learning that Iraq had no links to al Qaeda – that’s status quo.  What’s profound is that the Fourth Estate (or more properly, the new owners of the Fourth Estate) cares more about ratings than reporting actual news.

Anyway – at 6:50 I asked the following question on a pro-BHT site

Could someone (and, honestly, I’m serious) point me to some post or position paper as to why the disappearance of Natalee Holloway deserves the media attention that it has gotten. This does not mean something that tells me I’m wrong to ask the question, a rundown of the case or why the VDSs are guilty.

I want to know why I and the rest of America should care and why the cable new networks should still cover it.

Let’s see if the mystery gets solved.

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In Which We ALL Want Them Dead, Don’t We?

February 15th, 2007 No comments

Despite comments to the contrary, I am staunchly anti-death, whether it’s my own or somebody else’s.  Yes, it seems kind of like a no-brainer and yet, given this email from…well…as they say – don’t telegraph your punchline.

i hope you two faggots get your heads bashed in with baseball bats and your throats ripped out…i hope your mom dad, and satish get cut down by gunfire as you head out to go to the supermarket.

DAMN, you might say to yourself (or at least I hope you are saying to yourself) that’s just a little bit over the line.  What kind of heinous act could elicit such blind, pro-death hatred?  Here’s another clue:

you lying little disgusting fucking piece of shit.

you know what is coming your way for the lies you have told, don’t you?

do you have any idea of how many americans want to murder you?

you are probably going to get your mother, father, sister, and brother killed for being such a fucking lying little dick sucking…

YOWZA!  Could this be from the ghost of Charles Bronson?  An anti-war demonstrator gone bad?  Dick Cheney?  It’s over-generalizing to say that this kind of email could only come from an American, but not by much.   After all, Americans told King George to “haveth repeated and painful intercourse with thine own personage” where as Canadians waited until 1982 to formally split from England.  Plus, I’m unaware of any other culture that believes in the teaching of Jesus and supports professional wrestlers bearing John 3:16.

The question remains coyly unanswered – who wants who dead?  Let’s go to the full quote

i hope you two faggots get your heads bashed in with baseball bats and your throats ripped out for murdering natalee holloway.  [emphasis added]

AH!  Of course!  Wait.  You don’t know who Natalle Holloway is?  B-b-but so many Americans want her uncaught, untried and unconvicted murder(s) dead!  How could you have missed one of THE MOST IMPORTANT STORIES EVER?

How can you be more interested in thousands of dead American soldiers sent to Iraq on false pretenses than one dead prom queen?  You selfish, heartless bastard.

If any of the pro-Natalee forces that stop by here on occasion to wish death upon me and my family (all with the full blessing of Christ, I’m sure) would like to step up to the plate and denounce this kind of email, please, be my guest.  My sense is that no one will.

It’s not George Bush or Hillary Clinton or democrats or republicans or God or Not-God that harm America,  it’s these non-issue androids that keep Nancy Grace and Greta van Sustern on the air to spread non-information death porn for these useless, myopic skidmarks to jerk off to.  These are the people that write letters to People Magazine protesting the voting on American Idol but can’t get up off of their asses to go to the polls. 

I’m gonna give this one more shot –

Dear Natalee Holloway Death Groupies –

Instead of threatening the lives of people you’ve never met over the death of a girl you’ve never met, why not gather your vast millions into a new political party – The Natalee Nation.  Your new party can easily sweep the House, the Senate and the Presidency in 2008.  Once this is done, you can pass the Prom Queen Protection Act which allows you to kill ANYONE suspected of murdering a white, upper-middle class girl without benefit of due process.  Only then can we all feel safe.

I’m am more than willing to host on my server.  Please contact me.

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In Which We’ll Go Over It One More Time

July 6th, 2006 9 comments

BROOKE left a well-reasoned refutation of my disgust over the whole Natalee thing.

You are one selfish, cold, heartless bastard and I hope you burn in hell with whoever did murder or abduct NATALEE HOLLOWAY!!!!  Dont worry if I ever see your name on TV as being abducted or murdered I will feel glad that you got your PAYBACK you sick son of a bitch…….Karma comes around and i hope it rapes your ass for being so cold hearted…….FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!  HOW WOLD YOU FEEL IF THAT WAS YOUR CHILD!!!!!??????? I hope your realize one day that life is more than just about YOU, you fucking cocksucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done, BROOKE.

One word and one phrase leap out immediately.  “Selfish” and “life is more than just about YOU.”  Which is kind of the point.  I’m happy that BROOKE and her buddies found a nice hobby in Natalee.  And it is a hobby for most of them.  Once cable news finally tires of the story (and this could be years), most of the Blogs For Natalee crew will fall away and take up quilting or boycotting gay-friendly businesses.  Very few of them (and, admittedly, I have no proof of this) will make the leap from obsessing about the fate of one, specific child to working tirelessly toward the protection of all children.

BROOKE, if my child went missing (and I’d done nothing to make you call me a “fucking cocksucker”) would you honestly care?  How many children go missing in your community each year?  How many of their parents have you lent your support to?  Since I don’t know you, this is an honest question and maybe you do help everyone you can.  If so, then I hope your community appreciates your efforts.

However, the sense I get from reading the Blogs For Natalee forum is that there are a whole lot of people looking to fill a hole in their lives that, when abstracted, has nothing to do with Natalee.  They get a thrill in involving themselves in a real life soap opera.  They don’t have to watch CSI: Buttfuck, Alabama, because they live it.  It’s as if all the people who couldn’t get taken seriously by the Lady Di devotees decided to create their own cult of personality from scratch and give it a southern accent.

Beth Holloway-Twitty, through some alchemy of luck and cunning, figured out the secret formula to guilt-trip the cable new networks into keeping the American public informed of all the missing and abused children in United – OOPS!  Did I write “All the missing and abused children”?  That was a mistake.  She only interested in one very specific missing child.  Her own.  That, you might say, is selfish.  You might say to that person “life is more than just about YOU.” 

Last I checked (and since I stopped drinking and no longer black out, I say this with a high degree of certainty) I haven’t taken out a personal vendetta on a country because I didn’t get immediate results from their police force.  The Vanity Fair article on this whole mess has the parents showing up in Aruba and metaphorically pissing on the police because they hadn’t given the case top priority.  Back-asswards Aruban police (aka: incompetent “cocksuckers”) didn’t take bow down to the much smarter Holloway-Twittys who could have wrapped up the case in a heartbeat. 

Nor do I think that I’d have the ego, money and power (not to say “selfishness”) to insist that the governor of my state call for a boycott on travel to a country simply because fate conspired to take my child away from me.

Beth Hollowy-Twitty demands that the entire country step up to the plate and devote their full efforts to finding Natalee and bringing about resolution to her own personal tragedy.  The entire country.  BROOKE, just step back from your rabid hatred of me for a minute and think about that.

Done?  Good.

Now, let’s talk about what the word “selfish” means.

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In Which The Time Flies By So Quickly

May 31st, 2006 No comments

D sent me an email reminding me and I couldn’t believe it.  Has it really been a whole year?  A full calendar year since Natalee Holloway drunkenly stumbled out of an Aruban bar and into the hearts of the cable news industry?  It seems like only yesterday that future Dr. 90210 patient, Beth Holloway Twitty, lit into the American public for not doing enough to find her daughter and/or made pleas to bring the killer(s) to justice.

Oh.  Wait.  It was yesterday.  And the day before.  And the day before that.  And the day before…well, you get the idea.

How many pleas has she made?  Here’s a quick formula – (Number of days missing * 3 cable networks) + (Number of days missing * .5 [for rebroadcasts and local appearance]) = Total pleas. 

The overarching question, though, is what we have we learned?








I’m thinking!!











Um.  We’ve learned that America cares about the richest and prettiest girls?  Well, ok, we’ve learned that, but what else?  We’ve learned that a good PR firm can do just about anything?  Yeah, there’s that, too.  But, most importantly, we learned that there are enough people in the world looking for something to distract them from their own miserable lives that they’ll bring down the Blogs For Natalee website to grieve someone who mostly likely wouldn’t spit on them if they came face to face.  I picture something like this

Well, my husband and sons died over in Iraq to make sure that Saddam Hussien couldn’t bring down anymore of our buildings and since we couldn’t make ends meet, they all borrowed against their paychecks at 35% interest and now the collection agency wants the money and is trying to reposess my trailer and my job just got outsourced to China and my daughter just had her fourth child because she can’t find an abortion clinic but that ain’t nothing to what poor Beth Holloway Twitty must be going through.  I sure hope that President bush does something to help her out because she, above everyone else, really needs it.

Something like that.

Two other quick thoughts on Natalee and then my commemorative gift.

1)  I’m shocked that there is no podcast devoted soley to Natalee.  I guess some people are just ill-weather friends.

2)  Google Natalee Holloway with or without quotes.  My God, you’re lazy.  Ok.  I’ll provide the link for you.

And now for your very special gift (and again, you can thank D).  Loretta posted a sly, satirical swipe at the van der Sloots, whose son, Joran, undoubtedly killed Natalee and if the Aruban police are too stupid, buffoonish and corrupt to figure this out then we should invade Aruba.  Sadly, though, Loretta could only write the words.  I’m not sure if she doesn’t have sound editing software or if she doesn’t do a good Kermit.  Like Jack Bailey in Queen For A Day, I’m here to make her dreams come true!

Enojy The Aruban Connection!

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In Which I Post The Headlines

April 27th, 2006 No comments

I guess there’s an upside to having to lay in bed waiting to pass kidney stones in that I’m actually ahead of schedule.

Kenneth Lay told a jury on Tuesday that the problems at Enron affected him “as deeply as the loss of a family member”. To prove this, his lawyers called his mother to the stand shot her in the head as Lay watched. Weeping and spattered with blood, Lay told the jury that he had no prior knowledge of the shooting of his mother, a claim his lawyers denied. Lay will face conspiracy to commit murder changes at the end of the Enron trial.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice cut short their Administrative and Professional day celebrations to pay a surprise visit to Iraq on Wednesday and welcome new Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Malaki. Said Rumsfeld “We stand here as a clear sign to the world that Iraq is not a puppet of the United States government and I’m sure the Prime Minister will tell you exactly that in his own eloquent words as soon as we’re done translating it for him”. As they left Iraq, Rice reportedly reminded al-Malaki there were to be “no parties” until they returned.

Fox News commentator, Tony Snow, will become the new White House Spokesweasal replacing former spokesweasal, Scott McClellan. The White House cited Snow’s experience in the previous bush administration as the deciding factor in the appointment. However, an anonymous high ranking official whose name rhymes with Got-to-Hell-an told Hbee Inc Radio that, as an employee of Fox, the White House required no further paperwork for Snow to start the new job.

The Supreme Court will hear the case of a Florida death row inmate to decide whether death by lethal injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. The three stage process includes the introduction of a chemical that veterinarians have banned in killing animals on death row. This will be the second time the court has visited this issue. In 2005, the court ruled unanimously that death by listening to Derek Gerry drone on about the genius of Nick Kershaw was, indeed, cruel and unusual.

In yet another sign that the end times are upon us, someone actually thought that a ten million dollar Broadway musical based on Anne Rice’s The Vampire Trilogy with music and lyrics by Elton John and Bernie Taupin would be a sure fire success. When contacted, Jesus H. Christ said “Even I couldn’t forgive this and I’m now pro-abortion”.

Münchhausen by proxy candidate, Beth Holloway Twitty, who still can’t understand how her sexually repressed cheerleader daughter went missing after a night of bong hits and belly shots in an Aruban bar, decided to file civil suit against Joran van der Sloot, the first person she laid eyes on when she deplaned in Aruba. The Alabama woman filed suit against the Aruban in the most natural of all places – New York. Explaining the choice, a spokesweasal for the family cited a dearth of Jewish lawyers in Alabama and faster access to the media.

In Which I Post The Headlines

March 25th, 2006 No comments

Like Tom Cruise, its tiny human counterpart, tiny North Korea jumped the couch in a desperate bid to have somebody pay attention to it by releasing a statement reading “ Pre-emptive strike is not the monopoly of the United States “. UN Ambassador, John Bolton, was unable to comment on the threat as he kept breaking into uncontrollable giggles, muttering “they’re so cute” and making vague references to dwarf bowling.

President bush kicked of the forth year of the Iraq War with a new campaign entitled “The Blankman Project” which will urge Americans to refrain watching, reading or listening to news until after the 2008 elections. In announcing the new campaign, bush said “the media– it’s – the news – the – they – media – not telling the whole – the media “, until Helen Thomas faked a heart attack to spare her fellow reporters further embarrassment.

Scandal rocked Natalee Holloway Industries when a rumor leaked out that 95% of the posts on the Blogs For Natalee forum were written by Beth Holloway Twitty and two members of her high school chess club who had a crush on her.

Major L. Tammy Duckworth, a paraplegic Iraqi war veteran, won the Illinois Democratic nomination to go up against Henry Hyde for his seat in the House of Representatives. Duckworth lost both legs in an accident where hordes of Iraqi children who were eager to enter the school she was building for them crushed her under their brand new
American sneakers that they couldn’t stop thanking American soldiers for. The Illinois Republican party issued a statement which read in part “We thank Major Duckworth for her service to this country. We have every confidence that she is not a cheap, slutty, drug taking, sadistic, chain smoking whore like other female soldiers such as Lynndie England.“

This just in, Ethel Frokopsian, a member of the Illinois National guard who served in Iraq, will soon issue a statement in which she claims that she was Major L. Tammy Duckworth’s lover during their tour in Iraq. Frokopsian claims that Duckworth is “a cheap, slutty, drug taking, sadistic, chain smoking whore like other female soldiers such as Lynndie England.“

In a break with tradition, Mitt Romney declined to acknowledge the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling which graciously allowed adult Americans to use birth control without getting arrested. Romney, who told voters he was pro-choice during his gubernatorial campaign, had a well-timed change of heart as he considers running for president.

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In Which It Doesn’t Take A Close Reading

March 15th, 2006 5 comments

Yes, Blogs For Natalee has removed one of my email addresses from their database, but not the other one as the associated user behaved his or her self.  Oddly (and without prompting) Hotmail flags Blogs for Natalee as spam.  Can you spot the unintended humor from their most recent email?


If you have been emailed from someone named “Jerry” about a “newsletter”, please block the email address it came from. “Jerry” joined Blogs for Natalee to gather email addresses to spam you. If you choose to let your email be publicly shown on the forum then he most likely has your email. “Jerry” had no intention of being a productive member of the Blogs for Natalee forum, he only joined to spam about his lame website. Here at Blogs for Natalee we welcome any one who is interested in interacting, not using us for means as traffic to your personal website. At this time, we request that you change your profile so that your email address in private to prevent any further messages from this “Jerry”.

Thank you,

The Blogs For Natalee Team

If you guessed the phrase “a productive member of the Blogs for Natalee forum” then you’re a winner! 

What, exactly, does a productive member of the Blog for Natalee forum do?  Write a poem about how much you miss the drunken high school student you never met?  Hate the Dutch?  Offer prayers to the patron saint of body shots that Natalee hasn’t “gone native”?

I don’t know, either.  I haven’t really looked into it, but I’ve got a feeling that Beth Holloway Twitty worked out some kind of deal with Dell so that forum members get a good discount on laptops and wireless networking allowing them to sit on their asses eating pork rinds and drinking Diet Coke in front of the TV and hang on every word Nancy and Greta utter.  Maybe you comb websites for information that nobody (even Americans) give a shit about your Boycott Aruba campaign?

according to (it was in dutch so I tranlated this, please don’t shoot the messenger please), Nancy Grace was on the radioshow of Don Imus on MSNBC and said that the number of tourists visiting Aruba had actually grown by 7 percent since the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. She indicated that she didn’t understand how it is possible because 70% of this 7% are statistically seen americans and that she cannot comprehend that her countrymen and women still are going to Aruba even though she wants them to stay off the island untill the case is solved. [Emphasis added]

Oh, well, if NANCY says to stay out of Aruba…

Naturally, as a productive forum member, you have to dispute the tourism findings.  In this way, it’s like a microcosm of the bush administration.

Oh, and bonus points if you caught the post-modern meta reference to “lame website”.

Thanks for playing!

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In Which They Keep Trying To Pull Me BACK IN

December 18th, 2005 No comments

Yes, I am Al Pacino in the The Godfather III – Maybe She Can Direct, Instead.

Really. I tried to leave all the Natalee Holloway stuff behind. After Blogs For Natalee (as if the topic could sustain more than one) blocked my IP address, I jumped right back on via anonymous proxy and began typing a reponse sharper than the teeth of a shark chomping down on a coed’s torso. But then, something happened. As the keyboard clacked away, I head a voice. The voice of my mother. (She’s not dead or anything…nothing mystical like that.) And her voice said to me, as it so often did during my childhood, “Paul, honey, how many times must I tell you this? Never make fun of the retarded unless there’s a HUGE payoff at the end of it. You won’t change their minds because they’re incapable of understanding it. You’re only doing this for your own self-gratification so you might as well jerk off instead. And don’t look at me like. I do your laundry.”

And, after much self-examination and a vague, Freudian sense of shame, I closed my web broswer and went to bed, resolved to let it go once and for all. Sure, it came up every now and again. I rented Jaws, Jaws II and Jaws III 3D and laughed all the way through them. For a few days I mispelled -ly words with -lee. I listened to a lot of Sterling Holloway and Conway Twitty records. Bit by bit, the whole thing slowly digested inside of me, absorbing into my blood stream and eventually expelling from my body.

And then just as my life got back on track THIS shows up in my inbox.

Please copy and paste the below message into your email and send to all in your address book.
This mass email was written by Forum member Aristotle. Please sign the bottom of the petition before you send it on. Be sure to copy the addresses to the cc: addresses before you forward….
Thank You… Debbie 


We are writing as concerned citizens, from many countries, to DEMAND a proper investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the Arubian Government’s handling of her case. She could have been any one of us, our daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, or children. NO family should be denied a proper investigation into the disappearance of a loved one. Aruba proclaimed that it had “no crime” early on, so it is clear they do not possess the capabilities to properly investigate this case. Yet, despite these proclamations, it refused to accept the helping hands of the FBI and other investigative teams. This is NOT just about Justice for an American, this is about INJUSTICE to ANY tourists and their families.

We DEMAND to know WHY. What is it that Aruba has to hide? Now they state that Aruba will STOP the investigation in January if there is no new evidence, while stating that police stopped looking after Karin Janssen was investigated. So how will they find this new evidence if they are not looking? And what are the test results on the evidence that has been handed over but is sitting on a shelf at the police department. Rumors on the island state that the police are corrupt and know what happened. Who is going to investigate them? WHEN, will Vanderstraaten be questioned? When will the boys and Paulus be interrogated by trained investigators who know how to ask follow up questions? When will Steve Croes be asked to tell the truth?


WHEN will the other states in the United States follow suit and join the boycott to show support for a missing girl who could have been from ANY state? When will other countries follow in suit to show support? HEAR US NOW, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

You can sit and do NOTHING or you can affix your name to this email and forward it on so that one day YOU can vacation and have confidence in knowing that if YOU were MISSING we’d look for YOU too. Let our governments demand answers or boycott.

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, we the people whom you represent command you to reach within your souls and further our cause. DEMAND ANSWERS OR BOYCOTT.

Please sign below by typing your name and forward this to ALL of your friends and family who you would hate to see have to experience this horrific display of INJUSTICE. At the same time, please cc this HOOFDOFFICER@OMARUBA.AW and and so that the Aruban government and US government, (add your own country’s government) will hear our plea.

We thank you for your support and urge you to DEMAND TRUTH and RESPECT.

Luckily, anonymous proxies are a dime a dozen.

Administratively, banning someone’s IP address only does half the job. You should also delete their account AND their email address from your database. Otherwise, you wind up sending the cutest emails (HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO GO MISSING BEFORE SOMEONE REALIZES THERE MAY BE A PROBLEM? – as if millions of other weathly, drunken prom queens go missing in Aruba every month) to the wrong people. And then they get cranky and find an anonymous proxy server that allows them to post snarky, though non-profanity laced, comments such as this one. 

“This is NOT just about Justice for an American, this is about INJUSTICE to ANY tourists and their families.”
YES! For God’s sake! Too many Americans stay at home, pale and frightened, afraid to take a vacation to Aruba! Americans have a right to drink umbrella drinks delivered by cheerfull smiling colored people and not feel afraid! Dear God, please help us solve this case so that Americans can once again send their children on drunken, sex-filled vacation without fear!

Sorry. I honestly never meant to come back.

Gotta run. The US Military is spying on me without my knowledge. Compared to the Natalee thing, I know that’s pretty unimportant. I’m selfish that way.

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November 9th, 2005 2 comments


This country’s media deserves death for even thinking about some rich, dead white girl on Election Day let alone giving front page credence to her. And, yet, the Holloway-Twitty media machine rolls on managing to snag front page web headlines on CNN, Fox News and CBS News. Perhaps it’s a small mercy that each of the articles consists of a cut and paste job from the AP, but WHY FUCKING BOTHER.

Does the Holloway-Twitty industrial complex have pictures of Ted Turner in bed with boys? Do they keep the video of Roger Ailes and a llama in a secure box in Iron Mountian? I understand the Lindberg baby. I understand Patty Hearst. I can even understand Chandra Levy. But I cannot understand why the US media obesses about an anonymous 17-year old who died partying in Aruba. Or why the governor of the Alabama considers it a good use of his time to not only call for a boycott of Aruba but to insist that the entire US join in simply because a girl and her parents made some very bad choices.

My sense is this is all about guilt. How better to absolve yourself of the worst decision of your life then to become the world’s greatest mom? Beth Holloway-Twitty will not rest until her child’s murder is solved! She is so brave! So strong! So determined! With the caveat that all parents parent differently – Perhaps she might have used that strength, bravery and determination to invoke her parental power to say no to an adventure in Aruba where the adult to child ratio stood at 1:17. That, from my parent perspective, is a recipie for disaster. Unless, of course, you’re trying to make up for a divorce.

I really wanted to know how the Holloway-Twitty media empire grew to size it is so – hello, Google! Since the Adderall wore off shortly after I started, I got stuck at the Blogs For Natalee forum. It’s ironic that given the complaint that the Aruban police have not been transparent enough in the investigation that you have to register even to look at the forum. In the Holloway/Twitty Family Appearances section, you’ll note that on 11/8/05 there were six TV appearences with two on Fox and two on MSNBC. Not bad! As matter of fact, from 9/16, barely a day goes by when they don’t manage to hit one of the big three cable news outlets.

Naturally, I gravitated to the Beth, Ala. Gov. To Call for Aruba Boycott (VIDEO) 11/07/05 thread which I couldn’t help joining.

Me: This is a great lesson for the youth of America! One person [i]can[/i] make a difference! All you need is a well co-ordinated media campaign and the money to run it! If we can stop one person from going to Aruba then Natalee’s death was not in vain! [i]This is really the most pressing isssue in America today[/i]! I’m really grateful to Natalee’s family for using their power to make a real difference in this world! 

I was pretty sure that I’d get booted immediately, but someone replied

Are you being factecious or what?? Sarcastic or serious??….

Followed by 

the Whole U.S.should join the boycott

I posted the only logical response to something like that

The US? The World should boycott Aruba! We should figure out how to get a UN resolution condemning Aruba’s heinous behavior! That would be a great legacy! 

And yet, still, my account remains.

Perhpas more later.

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