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In Which Lou Reed Turned To Rust

March 30th, 2010 No comments

“i’m/waiting for my man/i got 26 dollars/in my hand”
Lou Reed 1967

“i’m/waiting for my man/i got 26 purchase orders/in my hand”
Lou Reed 2010

I’m pretty stunned right now. When I saw a headline that read Lou Reed Has An iPhone App, I got pretty excited. Lou Reed + Laurie Anderson + iPhone? How could that not be a win? Brian Eno’s Bloom app blows me away and holds a prominent position on my iPhone (did I tell you I got the real deal, finally?). It’s worth every penny you pay for it – gorgeous, fun, relaxing, creative. It’s just about perfect. So what might Lou and Laurie come up with? Maybe some game where you buy heroin? Or a Lou Reed lyric generator? Or maybe defacing the Statue of Liberty?  What, what, WHAT could it be?

Of course, he did a YouTube video for it. So I clicked play and…

Ol’ Lou is literally “Old Lou”. It’s hard for him to read the contacts on his iPhone so he had some college student build him an app.  So he could read his contacts.  On his iPhone. And then sell the app.

It’s called LouZoom.

And I feel like weeping.
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