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In Which xtians Are Delusional Cowards

March 5th, 2010 No comments

You know, I’m sitting here casting around for some kind of framework to talk about this press release from Concerned Women For America and my head is just reeling.

Penny Nance, CEO for Concerned Women for America, said, “CWA seeks to protect the individuals who signed the petition from having their support of Referendum 71, their personal information, and the address of their family’s home globally publicized on the Internet by groups with a history of harassment and intimidation against those opposed to the homosexual viewpoint.”

Maureen Richardson, State Director for CWA of Washington, said, “Privacy is a big issue.  The people’s right to ‘exercise the legislative power’ through referenda and initiatives will be severely hampered by publicizing names through Internet listings, etc. In a perfect world where others do not wish us harm, public disclosure of citizens’ personal information made available on a referendum or initiative might be acceptable, but in a world where advocates are threatened as I have been, making it easier for predators to access their victims is not necessarily in the public interest and certainly not in the victim’s.”

[/me scratches head and sighs]

We still live in America, right? What I got taught in Civics class was that America meant making your voice heard; about standing up for what you believe in. According to Concerned Women for America, it means shouting “FAGGOT!” from the safety of the shadows so that the rest of country can’t know what an absolute fucking ASSHOLE you are.

It wouldn’t piss me off half as much if CWA didn’t spend its time screaming about traitorous, America-hating liberals who don’t support our brave boys overseas fighting to protect our freedoms.  Freedoms? Guess what (he said, ratcheting up the irony) FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. Freedom, or so I’ve been told by people like CWA, means pain and sacrifice. It means doing what’s right no matter how hard it is. It’s about raising your hand and proclaiming, “this, I do believe” and taking the consequences and accepting the responsibility of your actions. It’s not about a bunch of over-privileged white, xtian conservatives cowering before the word “gay” like it was Kyser Soze. We know how prone to violence “teh gays” are.  How they go on rampages through Grosse Point and Scarsdale slaughtering all the straight people and having sex with anyone left standing.

Aren’t the greatest Christians the ones who endured the worst torture and persecution? Didn’t Jesus promise that Christians would be hated and reviled. Then fucking step up to the plate, boys and girls. You are pathetic pieces of cowardly shit to turn your back on both Country AND God. Hate gays and blacks and Mexicans and anyone else not like you all you want. Be my guest. But show us your face when you do. Let us see just how bitter, hypocritical and shameful the face of xtianity is. Let us see the face of those who play God while admonishing everyone with in earshot about the hubris and sin of playing God.

If you don’t trust that God will protect you, maybe you should rethink about whether God actually exists.